Useless sales peoples .no training .only talk

i recently went there for lease chevy volt.lot of incentives federal and state tax credit.they try to steal from customers. i went another dealer they know how to use these rebates.first when you go there they will need social,driving lic,all details,no need your permission to check your credit.i have good credit above 850.this *** guy says 525 for 2015 fully loaded with 4000 down.if you need 2014 used for 463 with 2000 down.i got 2015 with most option with below 400.please train these fox with chevy newest programme. these *** peoples have all times in only one in stock.chevy president or chairman please look on these issues specially in bowie.
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Poor customer service
Devantae Mqd
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Ourisman Chevy of Bowie, MD

I purchased a 2011 Chevy Traverse from Ourisman Chevy on 7/18/2011 and on 6/20/13 I traded in that Traverse when I purchased a new vehicle. On 6/24/13 I contacted Ourisman in regaurds to getting reimbursed for time left on Service Contract and Road Hazard Warranties. I spoke with on gentleman who told me what documents I needed to send him so I asked for an email address so that I could scan the documents and email them to him. He stated that he was busy and couldnt give me his email address and to fax them to him which I did on 6/24/13 @ 11:49am and received confirmation that the fax was complete. I then attempted to call several times leaving messages with no retun call for 2 days. Finally I spoke with them and he confirmed that he received my fax and that he would fax over the documents I needed to sign in order to be refunded. After hours and days of them saying they faxed it and the fax never coming through (problem with Ourisman's fax) I finally asked them to mail them to me. I was told that after they recieve the signed documents back it would take 3-4 weeks for us to receive the refund. After a week of not receivng the mailed documents I left a message with the general manager at Ourisman who returned my call the next day and stated she would have them mail it out right away. After another week of not receiveng the mailed documents I contacted Chevy Customer Assistant Center via chat on chevys website and filed a claim, the Customer Assistance than contacted the dealer and spoke with The finance mgr and the GM and they told him that they put it in the mail that day. Finally on 7/13/13 we received the documents needed and my husband and I signed them and mailed them back certifed mail wich Ourisman received on 7/15/13 and signed by an Ourisman employee. Assuming everything was fine we just waited. Then on 8/1/13, 16 days after all documentation needed by me was received, I recived a call from the finance mgr at 17:20pm stating that the faxed documents were not legible by the Warranty company and that he wanted me to refax fax them, inturn I again asked for an email address which he gave me. On 8/2/13 All documents again were emailed to the finance manger and the GM. I received an email back From the finance mgr saying "thank you" Here it is 8/7/13 and still nothing, no word on the progress or anything. I contacted Chevy Customer Assistant Center on 8/2/13 and chatted with a different customer assistance rep who was going to forward our conversation that day to the original rep who helped me. Then I contacted Chevy Customer Assistant Center again today 8/7/13 and chatted with the original rep to make sure he received the conversation from 8/2/13 and to express my dissatisfaction with Ourisman Chevy. The original customer assitance rep was going to attempt to reach the finance mgr that day 8/7/13 and call me back with any updates. This process has been going on for close to 2 months and I dont understand why it is such a hard task to complete. I would think it would be as easy as sending our documents to the warranty place and cutting us a check. But it seems we have been jumping through hoops trying to get this accomplished. Fianlly on 8/8/13 I received a message and an email from teh customer assistance rep that the Ourisman processed all documents on 8/5/13 and it would take 2-3 weeks for our refund and that Ourisman stated "they are sorry for what happened". Really thats it. The GM or finance mgr cant call me to let me know things were taken care of?? I would think if a dealer received a complaint to the cusomer assistance center that the GM would want to call the customer to try and rectify the situation. I feel that this is all on Ourisman and their poor customer service and that we should be refunded in FULL for the warrenties for all the hassles and inconveniences that Ourisman has put me through. And I feel that Ourisman should make this happen sooner rather then later. I have had issues with Ourisman ever since I drove off the lot back in 2011 after I signed the contract for the Traverse I purchased. Ourisman came highly reccommended to us that is why we drove 45 minutes to an hour from our home in Baltimore to Bowie to purchase from them. This is why my when I purchased my Chevy Sonic in 2012 I went to a different dealer and then when I was looking to Purchase a truck I didnt even think of Chevy. I would not reccomend Ourisman to anyone I know and will never buy from them or any of their associated dealers again. So again on 8/8/13 I left a voicemail for the Customer Assistance Rep stating I was not happy with the outcome and received no return call. On 8/13/13 I went back on the website to chat with a customer assistance rep and it so happened that I was connected with the original rep that stated he did receive my message and that the paperwork was processed the previous monday and that I will receive my refund in 2-3 weeks. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the outcome and how I felt that Ourisman should have cut me a check and overnighted it. The rep basically said this is how it is and there is nothing they can do for us and if I am un happy with outcome to contact the dealer. Really I contracted the customer assistance becuase I was getting nowhere with the dealer. I cant believe this is how a company as big as GM has no pull on their dealerships and that nothing can be done and that their customer assistance would treat their customers so poorly. I am in the process of trying to contact GM directly someone higher then the Customer Assistance Center. Now I am worried if something goes wrong with my Chevy Sonic (which I hope nothing does)that I am going to have more problems with GM. I am thinking of trading it in so that I can be done with Chevy and GM
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Decietful Meet or Beat Price Policy and Inconsistent Management

My complaint to the dealership (from which I got no written reponse) follows: In summary, I provided a valid, documented, offer on a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu from a competitor to your sales department on Friday, January 21st. My understanding is that your team recognized the price as a "loser deal" and tried the best they could to avoid the email advertisement I had received a week earlier from Andrew Williams promising to beat any competitor's offer. Not only would your dealership not beat the offer in hand, they also contacted the other dealership the very same day to let them know I had passed along their offer, and in doing so, nullified the deal at both dealerships. The details of my experience are as follows: - Throughout the month of December (2011), I had been contacting various local Chevrolet dealerships about their Malibu inventories as well as their advertised prices and which costs were or were not included in those advertised prices. - On Monday, January 16th, I visited your dealership and was treated very well by Ozzie Turner, one of your sales consultants. He helped me check out a 2012 Malibu and a 2012 Cruze. At the conclusion of that visit, he provided me a written offer on the Malibu with a total "out-the-door" price. At that time, I told him I would consider the offer but that price was my clear driver in the deal and I was not willing to close the deal. - Over the next two days, I emailed a counter offer to Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie. I also emailed my offer to other local Chevrolet dealerships. From those inquiries, I received my best offer from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet. - Their offer was $362 higher than my personal budget for a new vehicle so I inquired further about lowering their cost. At that time, Richard Cunningham made it clear that the vehicle (2012 Chevrolet Malibu LS) was already being offered at a loss to their dealership and that they would not reduce the price any further. - In an effort to close the gap between the total vehicle price and my budget, I inquired with Andrew Williams (on Friday January 20th) to see if he would be able to beat an offer from Ourisman Chevrolet Rockmont. I inquired with Andrew because he had sent me an email blast approximately one week earlier stating Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie would beat any competitor's offer. Hours after I sent the email to Andrew, Ozzie gave me a call and asked me to forward the email offer to Meredith Dotson. - Ozzie than called me back after Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie had received my offer from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet and said Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie would not be able to match this offer. - When I pressed him further, he rechecked with his management and then called me again to tell me Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie would match the offer if I traded in my old vehicle (which had initially been assessed by Ozzie on Monday at a value of $250). - When I reminded him that the trade vehicle was not part of the standing offer from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet, he again rechecked with management and called me back to tell me they would make me the deal if I financed through you guys. At this point, he was giving me an "out-the-door" price around $18,035. Again, I pressed further because this was clearly not matching the comparable price from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet at $17,035. Again, Ozzie said he would check with management and this time did not call me back. - Meanwhile, sometime during this exchange, someone from your dealership contacted Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet because Richard Cunningham emailed me twice offering to increase the value that Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie was offering on my trade (which was still not part of the deal with either dealership in my mind). - On Saturday, January 21st, I called Ozzie at Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie to inquire about the status since he had not called me back as promised. During this conversation, I was told that Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet was a sister store and therefore not considered a competitor. When I asked to speak to Meredith or a manager, Ozzie told me Meredith was off and that you and Lew Gilinksy were unavailable, but would return my call at the number I left. - Approximately a half hour later, Ozzie called me back and stated that I would need to bring in a signed "Buyer's Order" from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet and then Ourisman of Chevrolet would beat the offer. - Following that exchange, I checked my email and read a message from Regina Matthews (Internet Sales at Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet) stating that both dealerships would not be doing my deal for a new Malibu. My concerns with the advertising and business practices of Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie are as follows: 1) Over the two day period from Friday January 20th through Saturday January 21st I spoke with Ozzie on the phone four or five times, each time essentially being provided a different reasoning/excuse as to why Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie could not beat the offer. It was clear after the first two excuses that your dealership would have beaten the offer had it not been considered a "loser deal" to start. 2) Upon requesting to speak with management, I received a call back from Ozzie, essentially a middle man who had to listen to my complaints. Ozzie was professional and courteous in all of our interactions, but to improve the customer service/process, I believe a manager should have been calling me by this point. 3) When I provided your dealership my offer from a competitor, someone alerted the other dealership that I was trying to obtain a matching offer from your dealership. Your dealership offered to beat any competitor's offer, not call the other guy and tell them that I was trying to get a better price, thereby nullifying my relationship with both dealers. In my mind that defeats the purpose of advertising to beat your competitor's. As a consumer, I believe it is perfectly acceptable (and expected) to perform research and shop around for the best deal. In this case, I believe I did this to the point that my best offer (from Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet) really was an unbelievable offer. When I returned to Ourisman Chevrolet of Bowie to cash in on your advertisement to beat any competitor, you did not follow through on your own advertisement. As I pressed further for a management response, I did not get hear from any managers and your dealership reached out to Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet to negate the deal with them as well.
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buying a vehicle should be a fun experience, you wasted weeks and a bunch of hard working salespeoples time to save yourself a few bucks and wound up getting ***. U DESERVE IT, get a live u cheap ***

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