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I bought a house and unfortunately inherited Osterman's propane tank. They consistently overcharge by almost a dollar compared to others in the area. I HATE that I am strapped to them until I can buy my own tank! When I called a few months ago and spoke to a manager complaining of their pricing I was told if I can get a better rate in writing they would beat it. Cause, you know, every other supplier out there wants to waste their time writing...
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Osterman Ombudsman

Osterman Ombudsman We use the gauge as an indicator, but our drivers also use the liquid spitter on the tank when filling. The spitter will emit a tiny amount of liquid propane when the tank is ...

I didn't like
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Osterman recently filled my tank and gave me a bill for $6.199 per gallon of Propane! The current average price in NH is $2.39 according to the NH office of energy and planning. 1, I called to complain - - no results 2, I got another dealer to put in his tank and he filled it for the introductory rate of $1.30 per gal - - current normal price is $1.80 he says. 3, I told Osterman to come get your tank and refund me for the gas in the tank and...
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