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OSI International Shipping - Review in Shipping category from Managua, Managua

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Sean Alford has opened another company Global Shipping in Coral Springs Florida. He is doing the same stuff, just took us for 15 k.

Let's file a class action lawsuit on him to start. I think this worm needs to be taken care of.

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Just realized this review is for OSI and not Global Direct which is who i was referring to.


Literally the worst and most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. A flat out con artist.

Pay the guy, then he doesn't do his job and makes up charges. 100% if they looked into his bills and books it would take about 5 minutes to see half the charges are always made up.

Had to use a different company to finish and cost me more money. My story is too long to type on here but wow this guy should not be in business.


Sean Alford has absolutely nothing to do with OSI. He was an ex-employee of the company and whatever scam he is running it has nothing to do with OSI.

Please make sure you review the right company instead of making the careless mistake of slandering the wrong company. His company is Global Direct Shipping LLC

OSI has been in business since 2008 and handles thousands of moves and shipments each year.

Chaze Zsc

Sean Alford's new company Global Shipping to rip people off with. You can change company names but we will find you.

You worthless *** bag scam artist, you will be in prison soon, and company again closed. No worries whatever you do we all will be watching and waiting so we can let everyone know.

Enjoy your new fame.

Direct Global Shipping LLC

10891 NW 34th Place

Coral Springs, FL 33065

FMC License # 025261NF

954-906-**** ext. 101 sean@***.com

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Caeden Qdo
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The worst company

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The worst company i ever did business with. They are total thieves & liars.

They never response to emails or telephone calls. Run away from them.Left our container stranded in Panama.Delivered our documents to a company that charge us crazy absurd amount They kick back money to Ocean Star.. In which we tried contacting Ocean Star with no response. Had enormous problems getting bill of laden sent.

Also the express release.

At the end they said we owe them money in which this is a complete lie. Held the paper work hostage until we paid extra money to these liars & thieves, Please run away fro this Ocean Star.

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  • There lies
Reason of review:
thieves & liars

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Quote Review

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My original quote was for $3636. I ended up paying an additional $1672 gor a bogus charge about US Customs inspection for which I never received a receipt.

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Reason of review:
Problems with payment






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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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They took my Deposit, promised a container within a time frame . Told me I would get a full refund if they couldn't do the job.

I was assured by Sean " Don't worry Buddy Just give us a 25% Deposit"

Once They received the deposit I was at a disadvantage. They never showed up on time causing me to lose everything I had in the warehouse. They screwed up and just kept giving excuses day after day. The order got cancelled.

Not only did I lose my product because it was never picked up. But They kept my deposit and told me to read the contract.

THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS . They need to be prosecuted

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  • Promising a pick up time and lying
  • Taking my deposit
Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker Manila, Manila

Ocean star shipping a bad company to do business with

Thanks to OCEAN STAR ShippingFROM $4557.00 DOLLARS To $8857.00 DOLLARS and $3000 pesos and my goods are broken and missing. If you do business with them be prepared for extra charges missing and broken items that's what happened to me.

Lie number 1. I was told that Ocean Star would ship my household goods from southern California to Dumaguete in the Philippines for $4557.00 dollars. This was supposed to be door to door with no extra charges. Here is their email.

Thank you for giving Ocean Star International, Inc. the opportunity to quote you for your international shipment. OSI if a fully licensed and Bonded NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) License# 021051NF with many years experience in household goods, commercial freight and auto transportation. We are accredited by the FMC, IAM, AMSA, and FIATA. We will match or beat any rate as long as all services are comparable. Please find the rate below for your international relocation.

Door to doorFull Container Load serviceContainer will be delivered to residence or warehouse for loadingSelf packing and loading by shipperIntermodal trucking and/or rail transportTransportation to the port of departureTolls/mileageFile processing for U.S CustomsShippers Export Declaration (SED/AES)THC at origin and destination portOcean Freight chargesBAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)Destination household goods customs clearanceDoor delivery/Self unloading by shipperReturn of container to port of departure Cost: $4,557.00

Lie number 2. Because my wife is a Philippine citizen we were to pay no taxes or duties as long as she was in the Philippines 60 days prior to the arrival of our household goods. Sean at Ocean Star said he personally talked to his people in Manila. I was told by "his people" Helen in Manila he never made this inquiry. So now we were leaving for the Philippines I had to pay $2000 dollars for storage to his friend so we could be in the Philippines 60 days prior to the container arrival.(which was unnecessary) they would load my container later.

We are in the Philippines and the shipping people in manila say in order to be exempt from taxes and duties the shipment will have to be in my name not my wife's. As a retiree I am also entitled to a one-time exemption but it has to be within 60 days not after 60 days so now I have only one day to gather all information to make this happen or it will be past the 60-day limit. I cannot possible afford to pay and will lose everything. The taxes and duties are extremely high here.

While all this is going on I find out that U.S. customs has pulled my container for an off site inspection which they did. If it had not been in storage for 2 months there was a good chance this would not have happened. But because of wrong information from Ocean Star I had put my goods in storage instead of shipping them right away. Now my container gets flagged by U.S. Customs. But Ocean Star does not have to worry because they charged me an extra $2000 DOLLARS they said U.S. customs charged them for the inspection. Since when does the government charge you to inspect your goods? The inspection took less than one day. Gee it's good you don't have to pay for an inspection when you get on a plane at the airport. Now the shipment comes into manila and clears customs. I am charged $300 dollars for cleaning the container. When I called Sean about the extra charge (I am still reeling from the $2000 I just sent them for the U.S. customs inspection) He says just pay it. Keeping in mind anytime they hold your shipment you will be charged storage fees. This is what I was told by "his people" in manila. Remember way back the $4557.00 dollars door to door. Bait and switch seems to be their policy. Here are 2 emails regarding this part of the nightmare.

Dear Tim,

The shipment arrived this morning. We are now filing the documents at the shipping line for their endorsementso we can forward your tax exemption request at the Bureau of Customs. We have an instruction from OceanStar to collect from you ff. charges (see attached)

- Consolidation fee per Vanguard Logistics - PhP 2,016.00- THC/docs fee & container cleaning - 7,291.70- Arrastre/wharfage 4,211.59PhP13,519.29Pls. deposit to our account, as follows :

BDO, washington branchSen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Account Name : Classic Movers & Forwarders, Inc.

Account Number : 265-800****Then when I told them that I was not supposed to pay anymore this is what I gotHi Tim,

I have no control over if the container gets cleaned or not. This is something they do at the port. My logistics manager is still waiting one customs about the $400.00. The best thing will be to pay the cleaning fee and have everything delivered.

Sean Alford

The shipment finally comes to Dumaguete and I'm charged $3000 pesos to bring it to the house where I live. So much for Door to Door another extra charge. I was supposed to get a $400 reimbursement after the U.S. customs charge but I have never received it. I am not surprised. If this were the old days these guys would be like the barkers on the old carnivals. Promising you wonderful things and taking your money instead.

There are so many little and big things missing and broken it will probably be months before we know all the damage that has occurred. Ocean Star won't pay for or reimburse for any missing or damaged items. Sean who was the agent in charge of my shipment talked me out of buying insurance he said and I quote we have never had a problem. I am glad they don't because I sure do.

I have put this web page up once before and Ocean Star said if I take it down they would negotiate a settlement after many emails this was their idea of a settlement for a loss of

$2000 for unnecessary storage

$300 dollars for cleaning of a container which I found was a made up charge

3000 pesos so they would deliver the goods to my house

$7000 dollars for missing and broken items

TOTAL $9300 dollars and 3000 pesos


Michael Jacobs cs@***.comAug 7 (2 days ago) to me Rec'd your email and got an approval for $600 + the $400 so it would total $1000. I'm waiting on a document from management and will email it to you tomorrow so you can sign it and we will credit your card. I will be available all day tomorrow to speak if needed. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Michael JacobsGovernment Affairs/Project LogisticsOcean Star International, Inc (OSI)"¨Licensed & Bonded International shipperP:954-753-****/F. 954-337-****For queries, please or 855-OSI-SHIP

_______________________________________________________________________"¨"¨Proud Members: FMC, IAM, AMSA, ERC, FIATA, RIM"¨ "¨CONFIDENTIALITY AND DISCLAIMER NOTICE"¨This e-mail is intended only for the addressee named above and the contents should not be disclosed, forwarded or posted online or disclosed to any other person nor copies taken. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the sender and do not necessarily represent those of Ocean Star International, Inc. unless otherwise specifically stated. As internet communications are not secure we do not accept legal responsibility for the contents of this message nor responsibility for any change made to this message after it was sent by the original sender."¨P Ocean Star International is going green - please consider the environment before printing this email. SO FOR OVER 9000 DOLLARS IN DAMAGE AND MISSING GOODS THEY WANT TO GIVE ME $600 DOLLARS AND THE $400 THEY ALREADY OWE MEIf you do business with them at least you have been warned and there are so many other companies that are in the business of shipping at least with them you have a chance of good results. With Ocean Star you can see what my results were. Broken and missing items with no recourse or reimbursement.Should you have any questions email me atFilmguy695@***.com

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OSI took a deposit for me and gave me a quote --- then completely failed to answer calls or emails and shipped my goods WITHOUT a final reciept -- i.e. based on size of shipment --- then substantially over-charged me for a much higher volume.

They failed to match written quote and were thoroughly dishonest. Don't deal with them: better to pick a shipper with integrity.


were at 15,000 from a 6000 quote - he's at a different company now - Global shipping


Sean Alford with now Global Shipping did the same to us. His Agnew company and address are as follows:

Sean Alford

Direct Global Shipping LLC

10891 NW 34th Place

Coral Springs, FL 33065

FMC License # 025261NF 954-906-**** ext. 101 sean@***.com Let take him to court...Better Business Bureau...consumer fraud


They are absolutely Criminals!!

Please be aware of them, they will bother and harass you for your business and than when you finally when you agrees he will rip you off.


OMG i am in the same situation, this is criminal!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-837289

Contact the Consumer Affairs & Dispute Resolution Services:

Phone: 202-523-****

Email: complaints@***.gov


OSI continues to run this same scam over and over again. Anyone interested in a Class Action Lawsuit??

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-549502

Please Contact the Consumer Affairs & Dispute Resolution Services:

Phone: 202-523-****

Email: complaints@***.gov



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Phares Fxa
map-marker Burbank, California

Where was this website when I was looking at OSI?


I did a lot of research before choosing a moving company. My husband and I are relocating to Chile and needed to ship less than a container load. Every company has their own bad stories, which is perfectly normal in the course of business. OSI has a better business bureau rating, was the cheapest, and wasn't involved in any lawsuits like other moving companies. All good signs.

When receiving a quote, I talked with Kevin to go over all the charges that the quote said it did not include to find out when (not if) we were going to be charged more. Seriously, we went through every line item. Initial quote was $665, when we wanted to add a couple more cubic feet, I had Kevin revise the quote to the proper amount which he said was $693. This quote includes 40 cubic feet.

My final invoice, which I have yet to pay, is $2,693 for 90 cubic feet. Huh? That's right we are being charged for 90 cubic feet when we are shipping 40 cubic feet. All the extra charges are for overage charges, which Kevin would assure me I would not be subject to. To OSI's credit, Jennifer, in invoicing, is looking over the measurements and asking for pictures of the pallet. But this is a pretty classic moving company scam. I used to work in shipping myself so I know how it goes. Hopefully, I can update this post with a mutually beneficial solution, but just goes to show you even when you CYA and ask for all the facts companies leave things out and try to charge you what ever you want.

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After going over my paper work with the company, it looks like I am not allowed to post all these communications online because they are privileged information So I will most likely not be able to sue them if any thing goes wrong. AAHHHHH.

looks like they CYA waaaaay better than I do.

I'm trying to get this post removed, but I am screwed. If there is a favorable resolution or a worse one, I'll let y'all know, but until then don't read any of this.

HighAltitude W
map-marker Buenos Aires, Capital District

OSI Shipping will do anything to make a buck!!!

4 months ago, I moved to Argentina.

N0, I did not know the exact weight, I said 15 boxes and their exact measurements, contents, and a futon bed. Final price- $635, arrival in 20/ 30 days, includes paperwork at pick-up.

After they received my boxes, I received final invoice- additional charge= $980. I was in Arg. and had no choice. At end, shipped 21 boxes. Shipped 5 addt'l boxes more than quoted. Doing the logical equations, added 25% more, and 25% of $635 is around $160,NOT $980 MORE. Shipment went from $795 to $1,615.30.

2 months later, had no reply from them after emailing Josh 2x. I called and the boxes arrived 10 days ago! I met with the receiving co. rep, now I owe her $360 more for the paperwork and $400 for a month's worth of storage because I was not at the port on arrival all due to OSI's deficiency! Josh had told me he would contact me 2 days prior to arrival.

On a scam website, after 10 minutes of posting my experience, immediately started receiving phone calls from OSI in middle of night, 3/ 4 am. Employees started calling me nonstop 10x within the first 24 hrs, leaving messages wanting to talk to me to find a solution. First message was calm but became aggressive and threatening. 25 phone calls in a short amount of time, begging for me to stop posting negative comments to the public. Josh said I was ruining his rep. and that all the other negative posts from other people were false. Josh had actually told me from beginning that he had never encountered anyone having to paying any fees when shipping to Argentina! Of course now, he says he never said that and claims he said the opposite. hmmm... First, they sent me a offer of $500 settlement and then 20 minutes later, I receive another email with an offer of only $250 settlement with an apology for sending the first one as a mistake! What is going on there??? I then sent them an email with a counter offer and then they counter offered me but then when I wrote them back to finally accept it, I never heard from them again!! Very Sketchy and Extremely Unprofessional company... if you want a more detailed explanation of what happened, I can send to you... this is only a abbreviation... shocking way of conducting business!!

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I moved from USA to UK with OSI they quoted me a price and after they had picked all my goods up and had them at a port they said I owed another $1000 or I would have to pay to have my good returned if I didnt except. I paid the extra when my goods arrived my hallway table had all four legs pulled out of its metal joints, the legs obviously didnt come off but they didnt give up after the first one they just kept trying to pull all them off. Now ive read all these complaints I realise I was scammed for extra money!!



Well, we moved from the US to the Carribean. Same story as above...weeks passed and the original quote for a container for 600 cubit feet changed and increased to being shipped loose on pallets!

A couple more weeks and we finally receive our household goods. 75% of our furniture was DESTROYED and 35% of our household goods were missing. OSI tried to track the outfit they sub-contracted with to pick up our goods at our house and bring to the warehouse...they are "MIA." How do you hire sub-contractors without doing background checks? They came in a Budget Rental Truck and probably stole our stuff.

We have had to subscribe to LifeLock since our computer, hard drives, paperwork were "lost." Not to mention irreplaceable family heirlooms, military memorabilia, pictures, etc. In total $10,000 in lost household items and over $5000 in damaged furniture. All OSI is willing to do is let us sign a confidentiality "hush" agreement and refund PARTIAL shipping costs. Because the cost inceased so greatly with our car, then the insurance on the car to ship, then their increase on the shipping quote for our household goods to over $4500 they wanted $2700 in insurance.

Needless to say we did not have it to pay them. It cost about $8000 already, so now they refuse to accept responsibility for hiring *** poor sub-contractors who lost and or stole $10,000 in household goods from us, negligently wrapped and packaged (in some cases the furniture was not even wrapped), and as a consolation prize we get $1000 back. OSI are scammers and in my opinion criminally negligent. DO NOT USE THEM.

It is no wonder their rating with the BBB is a C. Pay more and go with a more reputable company, because OSI will ***.


My household goods were shipped from the Boston area to Hungary by OSI. The total cost of the shipment was 25% higher than the original quota.

The salesman of OSI provided to me misleading and manipulative price information. The customer service of OSI was ignorant, when I asked them to fix the price issue.


O S I actually stands for OVER THE TOP SCAMS INTERNATIONAL . Their idea of doing business is to trap trusting customers with seemingly low rates and get agreements signed with a lot of small print and conditions they can interpret anyway they want to scam themout of every hard earned penny .

Staff performs ACT 1 when handling a new customer . They are always prompt in responding to calls and extremely polite . ACT - II follows once goods are picked up and agreements signed

and all these people vanish . Ones replacing them are now rude , difficult and trained to deal with customers who are angry at what has been done.

They send threatening emails to destroy the Cargo unless you pay enhanced charges .

I will gladly join any class action suit against these crooks . I have all paper work to prove every word said here.

Don F Wgz

Ocean Star International repeats the same scam over and over again! My original quote was for $2863.00 (for 350 cf)and now it's $4700.00 ......for you non math people that is a 67% increase!

Go to the BBB site in Fla that covers Coral Springs, and you will see 16 more complaints. Go to and see more! I am in the process of a Class Action Lawsuit against OSI. Care to join me?

Contact me! don.foster@***.com :(


OSI International Shipping are indeed criminals. We moved from California to France and our container was sitting at port in Marseilles accumulating fees without our knowledge.

They made us pay the 900 Euro/$1200 storage fees in order to get our furniture back. We left CA on Oct.1, finally got the 1st container on Dec.11 but didn't get the 2nd container until February (our beds and baby crib, etc.) HORRIBLE customer service and VERY DISHONEST.

Tried to file with the FMC, but they are no help. We feel robbed.


With respect to Thompson above, I am having a similar situation. I managed to box all of my things to be a total of 35 cubic feet and to fit inside my quote of 1212.00 for a shipment from California to China.

I departed less than a week after they picked up my boxes. It was after I had arrived in China that they sent me a final invoice for an amount of space nearly doubling what I actually have. I can appreciate a margin of error that might account for 10-20% more space being required, but 75% more space than my belongings actually occupy is a bit ridiculous.

Add to that, I am now in China and cannot get through to anyone because of the time difference, and they say that payment must be made within 5 days (does that include weekends?) or I will be charged for storage... Has anyone been able to resolve an issue with Ocean Star International, or am I just "out" the extra money I need to pay in order to get my things?



OSI quoted $1300 for a shipment to China. They picked up our goods and now are asking for over $2600.

We measured and double checked to make sure that everything was within 35cf. Now that they have our things, they are claiming the shipment it is nearly twice what we measured and checked a million times, though. IT IS NOT and they will not return our calls.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I'm afraid, though, that all shipping companies are pretty awful.


Just got our 3 little packages, a month late (I know that's not so bad) BUT the total cost was DOUBLE there original quote...Tried contacting them after the initial charges were growing rapidly. No response, no response, finally a secretary e-mailed us with some bs excuses.

Basically once they have your shipment they don't care as they know you will basically pay anything to get it back...This was our 3rd shipment from North America to Australia.

No surprises with the other shipments. But OSI was terrible, never ever ever use them.


HOLY.**** :eek

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