Shipping Old Orders with the story that items were on Backorder

I just received a charge on an old credit card for a past order with Orvis products at the same time as a legitimate order i had just placed on a new card. When calling Customer Service I was ensured this was a charge for an item from over 4 months ago that had been on Backorder. I have received all prior orders in full with no complaints. After fighting back and forth with customer service I am returning all items ordered and getting replacement cards for both credit cards I have used with Orvis. The fact that they can duplicate and ship old orders on a whim is terrifying to me. Who knows when they might decide to ship me another order? Stay Away!!! A
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Orvis Awful Customer Service when complaining

I agree that the stock control is horrid, 3 times online i have purchased items only to receive a letter a few weeks later to say sorry out of stock here is 10% discount which is useless because i had used the last 10% on buying the item that was out of stock. I then complained to Orvis regarding this and was totally ignored so I followed up with an email to Perk Perkins who also ignored the complaint, probably why their complaints are so low they don't log them and ignore them. I have recently retired as group purchasing manager for 10 shops and we would not get away with such awful customer service.
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  • Most of their clothing
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ORVIS Clothing, or not in their case!

Has anyone tried to order clothing from Orvis? I registered with this company a couple of years ago now and have only managed to get one item out of their catalogue. Apparently, their clothing catalogues are printed months ahead and by the time the consumer receives them, most of the items are not available. If this is how American companies do business, is it any wonder you are going down the toilet. I thought the idea about trading online was that you need to, at least, have some of the items available some of the time. Orvis have scored gold in my book; they have had nil items available 100% of the time in the last 15 months. I received their latest catalogue 3 days ago. Out of curiosity, I logged on to check availability of one of the items and, Yes, not available. I've tried to unsubscribe from their catalogues on 3 occasions now and, once again, they are not available to receive requests. What useless company.
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After several orders, I realize just how much this company can find ways to extract extra dollars from you. I was mailed a small 2 oz bracelet... after adding over $30 for "freight" (hah) and other amounts, the bracelet cost over $35 more than the advertised amount. I noted this on previous orders for two shirts. One for $79 and one for $139. They found a way to add $60 more to my order for mailing and handling.

Each time ordering, I am put on hold, thus forced to listen to their promotions and sales pressure.

And truth be known? The quality of each item (most of which I've returned because the price was greater than the value of the item. (look and feel the fabrics carefully and compare them with other truly higher end clothing that charge the same price (e.g. Tommy Bahama for example) The quality while advertised as high, is nowhere near that. You are better off shopping at a good local store than being charged ridiculous amounts for mailing and shipping.This has been becoming worse with time.


Absolutely right pogue; you could say that UK started and the US followed their lead - fortunately, I don't live on the mainland. :zzz


Similar experience with Orvis UK. Even when their website confirms availability and accepts the order, items subsequently prove to be unavailable.

Of my last two orders, only one of five items could actually be delivered.

Why should you bother ?


Orvis has terrible customer service, items on their website are generally either back ordered or no longer in stock. When one is lucky enough to actually purchase an item, god forbid if you have to return it as they take forever to credit your card.

Regarding America going down the toilet, as usual the UK is right behind us. Customer service in the UK is as dreadful.

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