Leliana Xaf
map-marker Orlando, Florida

Information about rides in the airport for people who don't walk good

I did everything I was asked to do on the recordings and still got nowhere. I just wanted to find out if there are carts to give people who need assistance walking a ride to where they need to go and if they will pick you up from the car return center.
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User's recommendation: Ignore the customer service site

map-marker Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Baggage cost computersight breakdown not my fauylt

I had a vacation at Rosen Pointe Inn and went to go online to get boarding pass with baggage submit and the sight would not let me do this. I kept trying because I knew it would be more costly at the airport. The airport charged me 50.00 when I should have paid only 16.00. Your sight made the error not me. I hope you can mail me the difference of 34.00. This was not my fault. This was flight 610 and the acct billed was Q555286. My master card was billed. I hope you understand your sight would not cooperate like I told you and the Rosen Pointe Inn. that the computer was not letting me do this. Please respond as soon as possible.
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Pricing issue

Travel Expert Talks

How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

Apr 2, 2021

Do you plan a trip? Uncover top travel tips during the pandemic. In this video interview, Latifah Al-Hazza, a co-founder of Femscape Sojourns and a travel journalist, explains how to safely book a trip online, how to avoid unexpected situations during travel, and what to do if your trip was canceled.

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Latifah Al-Hazza
Latifah Al-Hazza

Latifah Al-Hazza is a travel expert who visited over 50 countries. She is also a co-founder of Women's Travel Company and an Emmy Award-Winning travel journalist.