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    • Mattress quality 12
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Buyer Beware this place is a total ripoff. We bought a brand new latex bed top of the line bed. The brand new bed was delivered and set up. But one thing the bed was defective it was cut wrong at the factory. The matress hung 4 inches over on both sides of the box spring . there tech admitted it was cut wrong and the core was bad in the matress.So we asked for a new one they said no they wanted to fix the defected one.But i bought a brand new... Read more

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BAIT & SWITCH! NO ETHICS We purchased 3 beds (1 queen: orthopedic luxury & 2 full: orthopedic luxury, and classic luxury) from Lynn at the Sandlake store. She was patient and polite. We have experience purchasing mattresses so we were aware of mark up, warranty, guarantee, etc- so we came prepared with lots of questions... she took the time to explain the difference between their quality & their competitors- they give you a tour with swing out... Read more

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We've had the same issue with them delivering a rock hard mattress not like the one in the store. If they sent me what I tried in the store I'd be happy but they did bait and switch. I can't switch to another mattress they seek without paying another 700+$. Why would I do that when no matter what I choose in the store they will send something different. I want my money back and they won't even listen to me - said I chose the wrong mattress. I... Read more

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Could not return unopened box with mattress pad!!!!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Approximately six months ago, my house was condemned because it was struck by a tree which caused severe water damage. Prior to this, we had purchased three new mattresses and box springs from the original mattress factory. We went back to the original mattress factory to replace all mattresses that were ruined at our house, and purchased 4 new mattresses and... Read more

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they sell defective mattresses primarily to women. they have a clause in the buyers agreement that if there is a problem that the buyer will need to pay to have it repaired. They intentionally do not put the proper batting and filling in the mattress. They do not stand behind their advertised "quality product". It is a joke. Contact your attorney general and get a new mattress. they sell defective mattresses primarily to women. they have a... Read more

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Artamon ORIGINAL MATTRESS FACTORY! Worst customer service including manager! After you purchased item they no longer care about you! If only i could return everything, i will be glad to return everything i've purchased! Two thumbs down 0 out of 10! I bought 6 mattress protectors and wanted to return two but they don't offer return policy and it was never explained when we bought it!

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I brought in a box spring only 2 months old as one side was partly caved-in. I talked to a sales associate that sold me a Twin Mattress about a week prior and was told that there was nobody that could look at the box spring today suggesting that I should take it home and bring it back another day. I do understand that it is the day after Christmas but if you are going to open the store, then you should be staffed to manage issues as well. They... Read more

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I have purchased no less than 9 mattresses from Original Mattress Factory over the years. Their customer service is next to none. Love the "no pressure" sales approach. I can take my time and lounge on every bed on the floor if I choose without a commission salesperson hounding me. I had a twin mattress for 10 years, a little stitching came undone, they fixed it, no charge. Another time the box springs in a queen set started squeaking about 4... Read more

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I bought there medium feel "grand Royale" because I have a dodgey back (bone spurs, slight deformation) and I have had nothing but problems with it. the very first night I woke up with shoulder pain, but my lower back seemed a little better. so I thought I'd wait the 2 weeks they recommended to see if it got better, it didn't, only worse. mean while I started to notice issues with body impressions, lumpiness and a whole host of other things,... Read more

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We just bought their top of the line king double sided pillow top and after sleeping on it for only 2 months it already has huge indentions on both sides and a ridge in the middle. They gave us their dog and pony show of picking it up and examining it then to only say that there is nothing wrong with it (funny how other mattresses I've had only do this after 8+ years). Of course they offer you the exchange for 25% more of your money, which will... Read more

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