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I bought a package of the white fudge covered Oreos for the first time to try them out and upon getting a huge craving for them I opened the box up, expecting a full box of them. Which should have been twelve of them and was rather shocked to find one missing. Mind you, the box was unopened and the plastic sealed wrapper was undid turned prior to me opening it. I'm really pissed off that I spent so much money for twelve cookies only to be jipped... Read more

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I've been eating oreo's for over 30 years. Today I bought a pack from the vending machine. I swear someone switched the original oreo for a knock off cookie. The look , the smell, the size and the taste were appalling. The cookie has been reduced in size noticeably. It no longer has that rich chocolaty smell. The smell is indescribably. The cookie was harder. It had a hard crunch compared to the softer original crunch. Last but not least the... Read more

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Nabisco has done it again. Went to Publix and noticed that the pricing was the same, but the size of the packaging was noticeable smaller... if you pay attention. Originally Oreos packaging contained 16 oz, then it went to 15.25 oz. Now it is down to 14.3 ozs. If you don't pay attention, you may not realize the change in size, as the pricing is still the same. Once again an example of slipping in less product for the same price (which in my... Read more

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Oreo Cookies Review
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I have been an Oreo fanatic my entire life. I'm 68 years old. But i was never so disappointed when i opened this package of Oreo's expecting to get what the package shows but received alot less. (See attached photos). I'm a retired engineer and know the area of circle decreases rapidly as the diameter gets less. But this is disheartening to think your accountants want to make a few more pennies per package while short changing the consumer of... Read more

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Oreo - Review about Cookies from Atlanta, Georgia
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I too found bugs in mine this past month. Class action suit ? I sent the cookies in and thinking about s lawsuit Read more

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Oreo - Review in Food Manufacturers category from Buffalo, Minnesota
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Hi my name is Tyler and I have a peanut allergy. I was always safe with Oreos my whole life then and I trusted your brand but then I bought a pack of Oreos with peanut butter smeared on to one I was wondering WHY THE *** is peanut butter on a cookie i trusted my whole life now I can't trust them, so I'm VERY upset about it I was wondering what you can do for me and other people around the world to help ur Buisness and my food allergy thank you. Read more

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Review about Double Stuffed Oreo from Lynnwood, Washington
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I bought 2 packs of Double Stuf Oreos and BOTH packs had the same problem. One half of the cookie was broken in pieces and not attached to the cream filling. Nearly every single cookie had this problem. Read more

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Oreo - Review about Upside Down Cookies from Orlando, Florida
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I opened a 36 package of oreos and found a cookie that was incorrectly put together where one side of the cookie was upside down instead of showing the oreo logo and carvings. Read more

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Every other week for years- I would rip open a package of fresh Double Stuf OREOS, fill my 1LB glass jar, seal the rubber lid clasp... and eat the poor victims that didn't fit. Over the past few months I've dumped a few jars due to bland stale flavor assuming maybe I didn't notice expired dates? In addition to the taste change, I am also NOW realizing I have been missing the fun of enjoying the 'unfit' extras because there haven't been any!!!... Read more

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Review about Missing Oreos
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To whom it may concern, I opened a pack of Oreos and a strange thing happened. The seal popped like normal but then a strange note that said "I was here! Yum!" was also inside. A few Oreos were missing and the note was written on a bin location paper. We just thought this was very strange and we thought you should know. We feel unsafe eating these Oreos and we believe the note may have come from your factory. We would just like an answer. Thank... Read more

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