I purchased some bikinis from their new brand Maylana and they are seriously really great. I am impressed because the price is really low for the excellent quality the product have. The fit is great too but what I recommend is going a size up since this brand tend to run small. I ordered the Jess One piece in black and didn't know it was reversible to stripes! I love the fact I have two different looks for the price of one. The products came...
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I purchased a one piece from Agua Bendita I needed for a vacation to Mexico. I dind't notice the availability message and though it wasn't going to arrive on time. I called the customer service line and tell them I needed it to be shipped asap. They told me the suit was going to be shipped the exact same day of the trip and you know what they did? They brought the suit to the airport!! One of their representatives drove from Margate to Miami...
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Just call me Web Camim. I'm so frustrated by the lack of professionalism this so called legitimate online shopping company has shown me. The service I received was horrible. I ordered a swimsuit. The first problem is it arrived late. The second problem, it was nothing like the picture. It was a cheap looking rip off of the swimsuit I thought I was buying. My situation got worse when I tried it on. The swimsuit didn't fit. I called customer...
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I was doing some online browsing for nice swimwear for my girlfriend and saw a good deal on Orchid Boutique with free shipping so figured I would give it a shot. I ordered a couple items (bikini and a one piece suit) from Orchid Boutique and they never arrived at my house. I called to inform them of it and they claimed they shipped the item even though I was never given a tracking number. I asked for a refund or at the very least they re send me...
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I bought a suit from this company thinking that I was getting free shipping, and could send it back if it didn't fit. I knew that I would have to pay return shipping (which normally is a deal breaker for me when internet shopping, but was having a hard time finding a suit and willing to accept the risk.) Of course, the suit doesn't fit, and it isn't until I go to return the suit that I see a note indicating that i will be charged for the free...
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I bought a defective swimsuit from The Orchid Boutique, Miami, Florida on-line. I mailed the swimsuit back for a refund, and the only thing they will offer is to refund me for the top only $125 and return the bottom (no good that does me), or replace the top and return the original bottom. I wore the swimsuit once, the beading fell off and the material frayed. I do not want another swimsuit that has this potential. I spent $209 on the...
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Pissed Consumer is not a strong enough description of how I feel about Orchid Boutique... I am a returning customer, second time only (thank god) and will never order from them again, even if my order meant a cure for cancer...and i am quite the humanitarian! They have the worst customer service. They lie about Fedex claims. They will not refund your money even if you did not receive your initial shipment and reordered from them for the same...
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I urge you not to use the swimwear online site- The Orchid Boutique. Their customer service and policies are horrible! They are only open from 9-5:30 which is odd for a retailer, their return policy is teh worst I've seen for a mail order/internet company at 15 days. You have to pay for your own shipping of a return and then they wont even do refunds, only exchanges, but they wont give you a FULL credit for your purchase even its its...
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Mayra Jimenez - Owner, The Orc Dear Client, We deeply regret any inconvenience we may have caused you, and would like to kindly clarify some points with you. Our hours of operation are M-F from 9-7pm EST...

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