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Do NOT rent in Orangewood Gardens Apartments!

Bad customer service, the new landlord doesn't attend requests of people, she doesn't care about the needs of the tenants, she's a very prepotent person. Also, the new personnel of maintenance are very peevish and they don't do their job correctly, they delay days to go fix whatever is broken. The apartments are small and very old, pipelines are constantly breaking causing floods in the apartments, pools are closed for "maintenance" but they last about one month like that, and so on. Montly rent is really expensive, almost $1500 and raising each six months, is not worth it. Don't come to rent here, really, my family and I are looking for a new place because we don't want to be here anymore, many neighbors are also leaving this place.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Price reduction

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You prefer a price reduction as a solution when housing in OC is average $1800?

If you didn't like the place then move or buy your own house.

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