Ralph C Gsn

Cost is extremely high and internet is fairly good

My internet just stopped working for the majority of the day and into the next day. I unplugged and rebooted the system. It would start back to working for about 10-15 minutes and go back off. I restarted all the boxes, restarted & rebooted the router. No device. This continued for over 8 hours: the following morning it is still out. I chatted with Noel & he scheduled an appointment
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Preferred solution: A refund for the time there was no service

User's recommendation: I would recommend you

Rhonda B Afx

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Volusion to Shopify Migration

10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. I hired Optimum7 with the expectation that the work done would be done correctly and efficiently. The entire project turned into a complete mess and left me and staff with tons more work to do and fix, money lost and customers lost. When I confronted them about this (with a 7 point long winded email), all I got was excuses and finger pointing. If you want the full details: 1. I was told that the project would take 30-45 days. If you are not counting weekends, it took closer to 75 (give or take). I would never receive updates unless I asked, and even then it was never a clear answer on how things were going or if any work was even being done. Communication was EXTREMELY lacking. On top of this, when the time came close, I was given the date of June 20 to go live. I rearranged staff, got all my last minute things I needed to transfer over done, woke up at 3 am on that day ready to go, only to be told we were not going live that day and sorry for not updating me. We ended up going live on June 26. As you know, when I sent an email to you concerned if even that date was going to happen or not. 2. Importing of orders. When orders began to be imported, a rewards app that was installed on Shopify began sending emails out to every single person saying that they received reward points on these orders. Almost 5,000 of these emails got sent out, until I learned it was happening and was able to shut it down. I hired your company because you have experience and knowledge in transferring Volusion to Shopify. This should have been something that was checked across the board before importing orders. I had absolutely zero idea that importing old orders would mean other apps will take that as new orders and possibly send notifications to customers. This is something I would imagine you know about and it was neglected. 3. On that same note, one of the things I paid for was to set up the tax system. I do see in the contract that if a third part is used, Ill be responsible for app set up. Philippe actually did try to do this anyway (it's TaxJar) but long story short, I ended up setting up the tax system and installed the app. Philippe knew when I installed it properly. When the old orders got imported, the tax app took them as new as well and completely messed up my tax system. I ended up having to guess on my state tax returns, which meant I went over the amount estimated to ensure that I was paying each state properly. On top of this, they charged me $450.00 for going over the order limit on their app. Again, I was never warned that importing old orders would go through these apps as new orders. It would have been a simple click to turn these off. 4. Customers. I was told that all customers would simply have to reset their password to get into their accounts on the new site. Once we went live, customers began calling and emailing saying that when they do this, they receive an error that no account exists. I contacted Shopify, and was told that the third party I used imported customers incorrectly. Majority of our customers now have to create an account to connect it to their old one. This has caused a huge mess for me, staff and customers as you can imagine. There is a notice of this on the website, but they dont read it (I dont blame them) and many customers are older and struggle. This is something I have to continually deal with multiple times a day for who knows how long. 5. Redirects. I have yet to go through them all, but there are so many redirects that do not point to the correct spot. They instead just point to our home page. I understand that some would be this way if there was no where on the new site to point, but Ive had many that are products or pages on both old and new sites that dont redirect correctly. On top of this, the most important point is that my sales are extremely down, and after looking into the google search console, I have 6,757 broken links that have not been redirected at all. You can see on the graph where as soon as we turned Shopify on, traffic to the site literally plummeted. I am going through and redirecting these myself instead of asking it to be fixed by your staff because I cannot trust it to be done correctly. 6. Emails. I had the DNS set to point to google workspace. After a couple of weeks I began to get calls that customers never received my emails and thought I was ignoring them. I reached out and Serhat (by the way hes the only one that responds promptly) said I needed to set up DMARC and DKIM for it to work properly. Why wasnt that set up in the first place? If its not in the scope, why wasnt I told in the first place?? 7. Discounts. There are tons of missing coupons in the discount section on Shopify that were not transferred over from Volusion. 8. I did some changes in Shopify a week before we went live, nothing related to the code. Out of nowhere when you searched on the site, it did not populate the results correctly. I finally got Shopify to confirm that this was something that your staff changed in the code (it was done at like 5am my time when Im not up) and got your staff to fix it. Great, its fixed. Well all those changes I made in Shopify the week before were gone. Its like they reverted it back to the way it was a week before and I lost all those changes.
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Camila Ysr
map-marker Doylestown, Pennsylvania


call by accident didnt know it was market so i hung up to find the actual number for customerservice
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map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Refund for returned equipment

I returned equipment and was never refunded the $370 I paid in order to not have my service disconnected.
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Roosevelt Zzy
map-marker Livingston, Texas

Service outage yet again