Kathy H Rbo

Poor point system

l.... tried to use my master card for a large purchase.... would not allow me to use points so obviously did not link.... all my bonus points were lost and was told...hey...you did not use your card. ???? another time....was shopping for another due to covid... they were not allowed their bonus points... I was supposed to use their mastercard???? someone purchased for me....I was not allowed the points as did not let them use my mastercard???? what?????
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: verify every time you get your points.... if you don't seem to be able to access your points on a purchase...don't bother buying the items with bonus points

map-marker Norwich, New York


Tried calling the disconnecting service department ever since we switch to Verizon but optimum disconnecting department will put you on hold for 20 mins or more before someone will even pick up the phone. I have the call register on my cell phone. Who has 20 minutes to spare to get a hold of someone just to disconnect a service? Well according to them I would still get a bill for the 10 days I am already with Verizon no matter what... I don't think that is fair to always try to get a hold of them to just disconnect your service. So consumer be aware of optimum always bad mouthing Verizon when then it is them not giving great service to their consumer. Will never go back to them..........
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map-marker Hagerstown, Maryland

Maybe if she was *** she would get what she needs

My daughter (age 20) has asymmetry ***. She is a size DDD on her right and barely a C on her left. We have had to fight tooth and nail to get a prosthetic and bras from 2 different health insurances. After fighting for 5 years we were finally able to convince our health insurance this was needed. Now she has her own insurance and is in need of another prosthetic (hers has torn apart and the inside stuff is coming out) and bras. 4 years have passed since she was able to get the insurance we had to cover this need. Now she has her own insurance and has to go through the same *** she did in the past. She is not asking for a major surgery (which she should be allowed to get) but at the most a claim of $400.00. The most recent letter from her insurance company said it is a self esteem issue. Who are these idiots that decide these matters and mail out the letters saying it's a self esteem issue even after seeing the photos? I wonder if it would be worth a trip to the lawyer. Maybe then she will get not just a prosthetic but surgery to even out this major difference in breast size. It's just RIDICULOUS! Maybe she should have put in for a sex change. I'm sure with all the *** rights they would have given her that. Past fed up! Past pissed!
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Insurance Expert Talks

Insurance Claims Tips: What Red Flags to Watch Out

Apr 23, 2021

Insurance claims, insurance fraud & why you might need a public adjuster. Watch our video interview with Vince Perri, CEO of Commercial Claims Show, get expert tips on how to file insurance claims and get the settlement.

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Vince Perri
Vince Perri

Vince Perri is a Expert Claims Adjuster and CEO of Commercial Claims Advocate. He has over 14 years of experience in handling large commercial losses and complex residential insurance claims.