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It never ceases to amaze me that the people that uses

It never ceases to amaze me that people who use utilities claim they didn't use them.The meter doesn't lie regardless of what you think.If you consume it pay for it and stop the unfounded ***.do you think the Utility dept can just say " OH " I'm sure you didn't use it so don't bother to pay? How long would they be in business if this were the case? 99% of the people who use utilities know they use the product and pay for it without complaint but you have the 1% who absolutely refuse to live in the real world
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map-marker Opp, Alabama

Opp alabama utility board overstating bills

Well to start off in the little town of Opp Alabama there is only one place to pay eletricty, gas, cable, internet services. That in it self is unusual to me moving from california. They have been sending my mom month after month $300.00 to $400.00 bills so she stopped using central air; she begin only washing laundry once a week and so on this has done nothing she still hasn't received a lowered bill she only lives on a fixed income she has brought this to the Utility board but they haven't done anything. They argue that she has to pay my sisters bill from a previous address she has been paying it with the help of me and my family but the bill still has not went down. Now to all of you why would a bill be so high even after all energy saving implementation i don't see how a two bedroom trailer is using so much energy that doesn't make much since at all but all they can say at the company is sorry that is what you used.
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Also the price of the Internet which Opp Utilities charges is outrageous. My Brother lives in Vernon, Alabama and he has cable internet and pays $29.00 for 35 Megs.

In Opp I have to pay $50 for 8 Megs. And that is the max amount you can get in Opp. Something wrong with that picture don't you think?

I own a Business here in Opp and the Utilities Board is forcing me to have a trash barrel for $12 per month.

I have asked them 3 times to come pick it up and told them I do not need it as I already pay for one at home and the little amount of trash which I have at my business I can place in the trash at my house. I think this my be illegal.


I noticed that my 2012 utilities month by month almost matched the same months for 2011. We had even gone away for a month which means there should have been a small bill for the next months payment since we was not home for the month before.

Yet we still got a very high bill.

I think they just use the former years average to base the bills and don't actually do any readings. Shady :( Government in Action.


Ya im from opp al and i stay in a one bedroom app and my bill is 250 to 300 and i no for a fact that our bill should not b that hi i never run my aor in the day and the water n sewage always match n i dnt c how wen i wash my car 2 times a week and water my flowers hows that going in the sewer can u tell me that


I'm from Opp,born and raised. And yes, there are lots of folks that get screwed by Opp utilities.

My mother also deals with astronomical utility bills. The town is run by a select group of corrupt rednecks that are crooked and greedy. These same men and women have their hands in every pie. The citizens get the short end of the stick in this one horse town.

They should take some of the money from utilities that they're overcharging the townspeople and clean up the city, it's a mess. I now live in CA and wouldn't live there again for all the cows in TX.


I lose my job in Birmingham, AL the last day of June of this year. So I started to move back to the house I own in Connecticut.

I turned off all utilitys and call to shut down all billing on July 12th. And what I mean by shut off the electrical at the circuit box were turned off, the gas valves were shut and the water all the valves under the sink were shut off incluging the toilet.

To leave the apartment I had to pay for july and up to 24th of August before leaving and of course turn in my keys.So I get my bills for July and pay the bills. So how and why do I get a electric bill for August for $191.84 and a sewer bill for 1500 gallons used?The ghost in the apartment were \"Gettteen Dooown\" all night long.Then I get September bills.So I do some checking----The apartment was rented out on August 28th.Alabama power ***!And the Sewer people---well the world know how foolish that joke is even in Connecticut people use them as a joke.I moved to Alabama for a new start----can we kick them out of the Union and not have them be the joke of the county.


Jim you sound like a back woods in bred *** you made such a *** comment when no one cares about your opinion you are not being helpful , just an *** and why don't all you redneckskins ride a bus off a cliff you have no idea what you are talking about UNLESS YOU WORK FOR OPP UTILITY BOARD?


What a cop out,forget about heating and cooling in a thin wall poorly insulated mobile home? about 1% of those who use utilities claim they didn't use them.The meters are very accurate and reflect actual use. The first clue to me is the words "from California",why don't you all load up and go the *** back there.

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A meter could be broke and spin when it isn't being used it happens to my sister and they had come replace the meter

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