beware that this individual is now doing business under these other names: opera fashion group inc opera fashion group llc opera by sueli costa llc gabikini bossa beach AMONG MANY OTHERS. this individual is a liar who "cons" unsuspecting people by bragging out being a reliable manufacturer and having many years of experience when in fact she has no experience producing lines for anybody. THE MANY LIES OF SUELI COSTA IN HER OWN WORDS! CLAIMED...
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Jesus Son You go we need more motivated as you to stop all internet scams especailly the corporations here in the USA who charge us a fortune for what they paid a penny.
But shame ...

I hired Sueli Costa and her company Opera Fashion Group i thought they were a legitimate company in new york, it turned out they were not registered i placed an order for over $30,000 Dollars and they failed to deliver to the specifications of the order. Sueli Costa and her company Opera Fashion Group, refused to take returns, return my money. After a trial in Civil Court New York, the judge awarded me $25,000 plus damages having found Sueli...
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Mariana In re to \"4. Written by WHEN YOU HAVE A COURT JUDGMENT on March 2, 2011 AGAINST YOU, YOU NO LONGER HAVE A REPUTATION! \" What about those individuals/scammers who sue ...


Opera Fashion Group Response To view Opera Fashion Group\'s response to these malicious attacks, please go to:

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Headquarters Address:
Opera Fashion Group Inc
P.O. Box 612617
Miami, FL 33261
(212) 202-1627

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