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I pay a yearly fee to Amazon for 2 day shipping, yet when Amazon chooses to use OnTrac, I don't get my items at all or they are extremely late. I wish Amazon would stop using them already. Even USPS is better at delivery, and they're known for being terrible. I just want the items I order to be delivered when they say it will be. Is that really so hard? Amazon should stick with FedEx and UPS for all 2 day delivery shipments. Also, why does my...
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First time Amazon used OnTrac, my 2nd day delivery took 6 days. Their tracking system indicated that my order was returned to their depot 2 or 3 time for "next business day delivery". They just didn't feel like delivering it. This time, their tracking system says it was delivered at 4:40PM today. During that time (and from about 3PM to 6PM) I was gardening in my front yard and NOBODY came by to deliver anything. It's quite obvious that...
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tarbaby Yes, I just posted my complaint about this so-called "delivery" company, ONTRAC. I cannot believe Amazon is using them!! I had the exact same experience, thanks to ONTRAC's ...


Manchu Yes I was just scammed out of $753.29 by Ontrac and amazon prime.