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Supposed to offer 24hr tutor support. This is a lie. Never get a reply, their quick enough to take your money then you don't get the help. Just found out the the 'qualifications' mean nothing, same as the certificates. It's a ***.

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I have purchased a few Online Academies courses, all vastly discounted, which take some ploughing through. I am interested in the subjects,and wanted some evidence of knowledge in those areas. Subjects are covered in some depth, using professional jargon in small print, and no videos or anything interesting, but many people would have given up early for these reasons. No problems logging in once my password was sorted. Proprofs questions, where... Read more

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I also purchased a course with Online Academies through Groupon early June and I am Still trying with no avail to make any contact with them regarding my log in details / reedeeming my voucher / starting the course - its a total farce! There are No contact details, no telephone number and no tutor responds to your email either - steer clear people, its a full on waste of money! not a lot of money but its a water of money none the less. Groupon... Read more

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Hi I am so p***ed off and disappointed with this so called company. A lot of the examples and answers were incorrect and the tables which they said to use to work out the answer didn't make any sense. They do not answer emails and i couldn't even find a phone number or address for them. Does anyone know who we can report them to?

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Hi purchased course in cbt it was never delivered ,they didnt answer phones after thirty minute wait,groupon were also not interested in helping me access the course.groupon also never answered phone after thirty minute wait Read more

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A lot of money is charged for information that you can find on the internet and / or in books. The courses are supposed to stretch the intelligence of the learner, yet it appears that whoever has "written" these courses should in fact get qualified themselves, and perhaps a teaching qualification too would not go a miss. They certainly are not professionals in the areas in which they supposedly specialise in. Terrible spellings and grammar.... Read more

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I have enrolled for a cursus with Online Academies via GROUPON and sinds two weeks am I trying to have my results imported in their application. I have tried with 3 differents browser but at the end of the test my results aren't processed and therefor I can't go further in the program even worst I will never have the possibility to get the accreditation. I have tried to contact the company several times via mail and via their websites interface... Read more

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I have been trying to log in for my assignments with no luck. it doesn't allow me to put in my name and e-mail adress so the test can be recpgnised. It let you do the assignment but without recognising it. I have sent several e-mails without answer. They even don't have a phone number so I can talk to one of the tutors. I trully believe that this is one of those scams. The first two assignment were so succesful but after that they vanished.... Read more

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1 they don't respond to emails/phone calls/or contact via website 2 the website course/assessments do not function correctly preventing students logging their work and preventing us accessing the final assessment and also the completion certificate 3 points 1 and 2 above constitute breach of contract and they should put things right and/or refund and or compensate but they just don't respond 4 I don't know who they are - there is no address and... Read more

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I purchased four courses from Online Academies, and with three of them, I had no problem whatsoever. However, with the 4th course, they don't answer emails, I cannot find a number to contact them, they don't update the customer's main page, and I'm really getting disgusted. I figured out a way to progress in the course, but my dashboard still hasn't been updated, despite many attempts to contact. I hate to think I've wasted my hard-earned money... Read more

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