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bad service is their standard 1.00 11/04/2015 Mr. Charles Feit CEO OnForce Alex Yackery To: Mr. Charles Feit I WISH the purpose of this letter was to praise your company on an outstanding job during the whole business process of acquiring my solar system from your company, but I regret to inform you that the fact of the matter is entirely different. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware, how dissatisfied and appalled I am at the whole service I have received from your company thus far. Below is a chronological series of events that took place between your company and myself from the inception of the project (beginning of January 2015) to our current day. 1. 1/25/2015 – Initial business deals took place with Alex Yackery. During the meeting I explained to Mr. Yackery what I was looking for in a system? (Energy requirement, size of the system, location of panel installation and brand of inverters for the project). I made him aware that I am an Aerospace Engineer and that I am extremely proficient at what I do (blue prints, installation, design, building codes, etc.). I told him that if we go into business, Onforce MUST be on point since I was going to be checking all aspects of the project with a critical eye. 2. 2/25/2015 – After ironing it out the details of the system the contract was signed. 3. 3/27/2015 – Made contact with Mr. Yackery to get a time frame for the system design and submissions of permit. From this point on it became increasingly difficult to get a hold of Mr. Yackery for updates on my project. I have emails and text messages that can corroborate this. 4. 4/21/2015 – I received my first set of plans for the project and the amount of errors and mistakes was appalling (it was evident this was a rush job) I made contact with Mr. Yackery and explained the number of errors that had to be corrected before we could proceed. 5. 6/02/2015 – I received an email stating that the architectural plans and structural plans were submitted for permitting. (I didn’t approve those plans, the plans were wrong and got rejected by the building department. Once again a rush job) 6. 6/09/2015 – I received another set of plans via letter mail. I called Mr. Yackery because the plans were still wrong and I offered to go to the central office and re-work the plans for this project for free since it was evident your engineering team was having difficulty getting a simple task done. Mr. Yackery then arranged a conference call with one of your engineers to resolve the issues on the plans. I spoke on the phone with him and pointed out some of the obvious problems to him in the hopes that he will get the point and really look carefully and make all the necessary corrections. 7. 6/15/2015 – received an email from Mr. Yackery saying the latest plans submitted were approved and that they had the permits. However I never received the updated plans he was referring to. I also asked for a schedule date of installation and I never received it. 8. 6/17/2015 – I contacted Mr. Yackery once again for a date of installation. His response was, “I am working with my team to schedule now” 9. 6/22/2015 – I sent a text message to Mr. Yackery to express my concern on the length of time it is taking to get any info or time frames on my project. • 6/22/2015 - I felt that Mr. Yackery was increasingly avoiding me for answers; I, thus contacted your central office in the Bronx for updates and left voice messages (still no answers or any info.) 10. 6/29/2015 – Text message sent to Alex by me: “Alex is now Monday and I still haven’t heard from you as to when are we going to get this project going. I’m concerned that this is never going to happen. Please give me a call back and let me know. Like I stated before time is ticking. Very concerned customer over here!” No response to my text by Mr. Yackery. 11. JULY – I contacted your office in the Bronx several times through the month and left voice mails, sent text messages and received no responses back or any type of follow up for the entire month. 12. 8/5/2015 – DCU contacted me to do another HARD PULL on my credit to renew the loan application. I declined because I felt like the project was not going to happen and that I was most likely going to cancel the contract with Onforce. I told the DCU rep., that it was not fair for the customer to keep getting points deducted from their credit score every time a hard pull is done and nothing to show for. 13. 8/6/2015 – Text message sent to Mr. Yackery by me: “Alex, I will be cancelling the contract due to the inability to get the system installed by your company. If I don’t hear from you or your company with an installation date by tomorrow, consider our business deal terminated. The Bank called me to do another hard pull on my credit and I told them no because my credit score goes down and I still have not seen any results. It’s not fair for my credit to get hurt and guys don’t do anything”. 14. 8/6/2015 – Text received from Mr. Yackery: “Equipment is being delivered tomorrow”. 15. 8/7/2015 – I took off from work on short notice to meet with the installers. Only the panels were delivered but not inverters, conduit or racks rails for the panels. Please be aware that your whole team of installers and electricians were at my house all day Friday and virtually did nothing since they didn’t have the necessary material on site to do the job. Your roof installers did panel layout in the morning and then they had no more work since they didn’t have any material to continue working. Your whole crew of electricians did 0% work for the day. (First day of lost work for me) Please be advised, that no permits were posted at the work site and I have yet to see the work permits. 16. 8/10/2015 – Racking system was delivered and roof crew was able to start working on panel installation. Electricians still had no material; 0% work done (2nd day of missed work for me). 17. 8/11/2015 – Roof installers continued with the installation and made the necessary layout modifications your engineers weren’t able to do. Main roof racking system installed; secondary roof untouched. Electricians received partial delivery of material at 1:32 PM. Electricians started installation of electrical components in the basement. Roof crew and electricians was observed working without harnesses from this point forward and for the remainder of the installation) (3rd day of missed work for me) 18. 8/12/2015 – Roof crew started installing panels on the main roof and started installing the racking system on the secondary roof. Electricians continued working on the basement equipment installation. (I spoke to your roof crew in regards to cleaning the job site after every day of work due to hazards being left behind that could potentially harm my two toddler kids. Ex. Roof nails. (4th day of missed work for me) • Electricians started to borrow my tools due to a lack of tools of their own to effectively do the job. (Some tools were never returned) • I took a look at the electrical drawings the electricians were using and unsurprisingly plans were wrong. • A member of your engineering team came by the job site and he was surprised at the level or errors the plans had. 19. 8/13/2015 – Roof crew started and finished the installation of secondary roof panels and racks. Electrician crew continued working on basement and attic. I noticed that Electrician James was making racist remarks towards his crew members and myself. (5th day of missed work for me) 20. 8/14/2015 – Electricians completed the electrical installation with the exception of the installation of the ground rod at considerable damage to my home walls and floors. Electrician James continued with his racist comments and shows of frustrations towards his job and team mates. Towards the end of the day it was clear to me that an outburst of violence was eminent by James. In an effort to diffuse the situation I started to do some of his job duties towards the end of the day. Ex. pick up garbage, clean up around my house and help put away their tools. I was concerned for the well-being of my family and wanted to calm him down. (6th day of missed work for me) 21. 8/15/2015, Saturday – I went to check on the newly installed system and noticed a fault on one of the inverters (ground fault – code 25) 22. 8/17/2015 – I contacted your main office in regards the ground fault and to inquire when they would be able to return to trouble shoot and finish the ground rod installation. I was told by Ms. Roshane that she will contact me as soon as the missing parts arrive at your shop to schedule the crew to come back. 23. 8/18/2015 – I called your main office for an update on the parts and Ms. Roshane said that the parts had arrived and if I was available the following day (8/19/2015) for the crew to come over and finish the installation. I told her that I will schedule myself to be there and *** from work again. 24. 8/19/2015 – I called your Bronx office to confirm that the crew was on their way since it was already 10:45 am and the repair crew was not here yet. • 11:05 am. – I get a call back and Ms. Roshane and she said that the crew was sent to a different location and that they will be at my house tomorrow. I told her that was unacceptable because she scheduled the crew to come to my home and I had scheduled myself to be home (not fair to me to keep missing days of work due to no fault by me). • 11:30 am. – I get a call from Ms. Latoya stating that it was not cost efficient to have the crew come to my house today. I asked her if it was cost efficient for me to miss work for so many days and to have your crew of installers sitting on my driveway for days doing nothing due to the lack of parts? She had no response and said that she will try to do her best to get a crew over. • 11:55 am. – Mr. John Clasby called me and said that it was impossible to get a crew to my home to get the repairs done and finalize the ground rod installation. We got into a lengthy conversation in regards to all the things that had gone wrong with my installation and agreed that he along with one of his right hand electricians will be on site on 8/20/2015 to complete the installation and trouble shoot the system. • (7th day of missed work for me) 25. 8/20/2015 – The electrician came in and installed the missing pieces of the system installation and corrected the ground fault condition on the system. Mr. Clasby and I had a conversation of all the things that had gone wrong with my installation and at the end of the conversation he said that he wanted to make thing right. He was going to follow up with an email to get my wife’s flowers compensated and perhaps a dinner. I told him it was not necessary and that all I wanted was to get this system installed and to move forward with our lives and not ever have to deal with Onforce ever. He said that never the less he would make contact with me to try to turn my negative experience towards the positive. (I never got any follow up email) (8th day of missed work for me) 26. 8/24/2015 – While cleaning after your install crew, I discovered additional damage to my home. DCU contacted me that same day asking to conduct another HARD PULL on my credit. I told them NO since I still can’t monitor my system over the web and the damage to my house is more extensive than I had previously thought. • Mr. Yackery called me that same day and left me a voice mail to call him back. 27. 8/26/2015 – Mr. Yackery sent me a text message to call him back. • I called him back and explain to him that I was not going to run my credit again for the loan until all the damage to my home is repaired and the system installation finalized (web monitoring not done yet). He said that they can’t complete the installation until I get my loan credit checked again and get paid. I told him it wasn’t fair to get my credit score impacted TWICE due to your company’s inability to get this whole project off the ground on a timely basis. I should not have my credit impacted TWICE and still end up with a bill on my end for the damage done to my home by your company during the installation of the solar system at my house. • At my request Mr. Yackery and Mr. Clasby agreed to send me a document stating that repairs to the house will be done in an effort to get me to agree to get the credit recheck and the loan renewed. 28. 8/27/15 – I received a document from Mr. Yackery stating that OnForce will cover the repair cost for damages to my floor during the system installation. (What about the rest of the items that were damaged at my house?). As you can see Mr. Feit, my experience as a customer was undermined from the initial stages. My faith and trust in your company is virtually nonexistent. My only option in order to protect myself is to hold on the loan renewal until all issues brought up to your knowledge are corrected. Should you want to schedule a meeting to discuss this matter further, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be sure to make the necessary time to meet with you in person at a time that is convenient for the two of us. At this moment I am considering, but have not done so; forwarding all the pertinent information regarding my experiences with your company to the following agencies and any other offices I see fit in the hopes of protecting other customers from this type of unfair and unprofessional business conducts. I have however forwarded this information to my legal advisor in order to better protect my interest regarding this matter. • NYC Better Business Bureau • Middletown Better Business Bureau • Dept. of Consumer Affairs • NYSERDA I have attached a small power point presentation with some of the damage done to my house during the installation. As stated before. I was told by Mr. Yackery to get an estimate on the repair cost of the damage done to my house in order for your company to get these issues taken care. I made contact with a local contractor to get estimates. He stated that he will be available to come to my house on Friday and that he should have a proposal by mid-week next week. I sincerely hope Mr. Feit, that my case is an isolated incident and not the typical way your company is conducting business with other customers. Looking forward to meeting and discussing this matter in more detail should you see the need. What type of installation was this?Residential ElectricWhat year was your system installed?
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New Rochelle, New York
Onforce Solar Solar Power System
  • Lies lies lies
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Bad quality
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Full refund

Failed inspection (Inspector said worst job he ever saw)

From the time the start of work everything when downhill. They damaged roof, damaged gutters, electrical work very bad. Mix match fittings, no proper grounds, Panel wiring shorted or grounded. Inspected said worst job he ever saw. Looks like there going out of business. 2-3 electrical contractors. Looks like they were conducting a school on my roof. Panels went on and off the roof 5 times. On top of all that the bank called looking for the first payment. Installation failed inspection and not one inverter is running, all fault lights are blinking. According to the bank On force Solar stated job was complete. Customer service very bad, sales person was very nice but found out he quit.
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Queens, New York
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At least 5 issues above
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We will remove all equipment hire a company to fix all the damaged caused by on-force solar and hire a attorney.


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OnForce Solar is a large alternative energy company. It was founded in 2007. Its headquarters is based in Bronx, New York, United States. OnForce Solar offers cost effective energy systems. The company installs photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale consumers. It specializes in designing, engineering, financing, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems. Commercial OnForce Solar services include the following: solar photovoltaic, ashrae energy audit, immediate demand response, energy management, and consulting assistance. A number of finance and lease options are available at the company. There are OnForce Solar regional offices in Staten Island, Framingham (MA), Stamford (CT), and Fort Lee (NJ).

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