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Fact of the matter is that OneClickCash violates the law to scam people into these B.S. loans. The FTC has already ruled that the practices of OneClickCash are deceiving and fraudulent. A contract is valid in the state it is signed, so despite what all their e-mails have told me about B.S. signing of an agreement with an Independent Indian Nation, that contract has to be binding in the state it was signed. And since OneClickCash violates... Read more

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If this Company is approving loans and not following thru. They need to be shut down!! When you try calling some *** wont answer why the money they promised isn't there. Obviously there is something fishy going on. This has been going on for at least three weeks. They withdrew my prior loan with no notice and told me to call back in a week. I waited two weeks then tried to call. The wait time was like 33 calls ahead of me. This should have... Read more

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I have been using oneclickcash for years since 2009, I have always paid them back in full the following month, and never had any late charges. So today 9/3/13, I called to get a loan, I was told they could not give me a loan, they had no reason why, said I had to write a letter asking why to this address 52946 Nebraska 12 #3 Niobrara, NE 68760, and wait 30 days to know why. LOL. WTF. That's not right at all. I have given them so much money and... Read more

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I need money for an emergency and decided against my better judgement to call Oneclickcash since I had gotten tons of offers from them. I borrowed $600 and thought that each pay period I was paying $150 on the balance of the loan. I called and asked why isn't the principal decreasing but increasing with each payment then I realized the HUGE! Mistake I had made once I realized what I had done my next paycheck I paid the entire balance of 1,200.... Read more

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I recently had a $200 loan with One Clic Cash. I paid the loan off. I got confirmation that rvrything had cleared and that I coukd aply for $350 loan. I did got approved, signed the agreement like I did the first time I got the $200 loan printed out my paper work and waited the alloted time for the transfere into my account. Well 4 days went by, and nothng. So I went on line and and it said my application had been withdrawn with no notice from... Read more

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I was late on a payment and this company just kept running the transaction through each time my bank is billing me $32.50 I called and tried to make arrangements with this company and i was told the collections department would contact me which never happened finally i talked to someone in collections and asked that the two transactions that were outstanding be cancelled and they told me there was nothing they could do. that is utter nonsense... Read more

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I have been trying to contact the company about my repayment but this is not.the site I went on to apply for the loan. what is the customer service number or correct website....I am also accruing bank fees as what can we do about this? How are we to solve this problem. I was thinking about calling my bank to stop all ach transactions from this company. is this feasible to do. so if anyone can help me out with this, you can email me... Read more

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I got a loan of 300.00 dollars from oneclickcash back in November of 2012. You people have been taking 155.00 dollars out of my banking account since December 2012 and are still taking money out of my account. You people have taken at least $775.00 out of my account and I want it to stop NOW!!!! If this doesn't stop I am going to contact my attorney and get it taken care of. There should have only been money taken out of my banking account 3... Read more

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I took a loan out for 250 and was charged 765.00 total this is the worst intrest charges/ scams. I'm sure you guys dont care but never again will I ver trust loan companies such as these and willpass the word on to the consumers. I called customer service and was told that the agreement I signed is clear on how this loan is payed back but it is not. The information given to me has nothing but fine print and the payback disclosure is not... Read more

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Today is 03/20/13,Looked at my bank statement and I see money has been paid to one click cash? What the heck is this? So I call my bank and come to find out that I have an account with this loan company since July of 2012.So I looked at my statements and sure enough a deposit of 200.00$ was made and one click cash has been taking money out of my account since then.Now if it was only 200 then I should have been squared up with them by November... Read more

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