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One Stop Solar Altamonte Springs Florida

I found this company to have questionable bussiness tactics. The central Florida better Bussiness Bureau has a rating of C- for this company. Attached is an e-mail from Richard Woodall of One Stop Solar in Altamonte Springs that was send to me. I reviewed this company going is as a potential Sales person and was amazed at what I saw and what I heard. Consumers Beware. You can read this and see if you trust doing business with this company. It is located at 151 Wymore Rd Suite 6888 on the 6th Floor, Altamonte Springs Florida 32714. The First clue of the lack of credibility with this company was that it is not listed on the directory of companies in that building. The listed company is Emerald Financial Network LLC. There was information about Solar Technologies in the offfice also. There are lingering questions that exist about this company. -----Original Message----- From: Richard Woodall [mailto:doworkgetmoney@***.com] Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 9:55 PM To: jcholloway@***.com Subject: "solar scam" Hey Joe, I'm sorry u don't like our company, but we are not a scam. We have only been open for 8 months and definetly don't have the appearence of the multi-million dollar, 3rd largest solar domestic hot water sales company in the U.S. That we are. We may be slightly unproffesional in some aspects, but we are not a scam. You see we don't really care what we look like Joe, that's our thing. That's why were so successful. We market to people that dont want this product and tell us so, it doesnt matter if anyone knows who we are. We own this company and this is America, if we follow the law we can do whatever we want, and we want to talk to people that don't want to buy anything. That's why other companies that have been successful for decades are crumbling in these down economic times, because they rely on these stereotypical business practices that just arnt that profitable in a recession. We are an independent sales company for one stop solar, we do not own it. One stop solar's father company has been in the plumbing business for 25 years, keep in mind, we do sell solar water heaters. That's why it doesn't say one stop solar on our door, because were not. We are an independent sales company that has been given sole Permission to represent one stop solar in the in home sales business, we have been in the in home sales business for 15 years and are very good at what we do. It sounds like you read the article the digruntled former sales rep in training that is bashing our company wrote. He fails to mention he was here for less than a week a didn't even finish training. Joe, we offer people jobs, we tell them what we will pay them and what is expected of them for that pay, and if they do what is expected of them we pay them, If they don't do what is expected of them we fire them and still pay them. We offer the public a quality product with the best warranty on the market that is scientifically Proven to save 10's Of thousands of dollars over a lifetime and we charge them the agreed upon price for that product, we uphold all state and federal laws in the process and we are completely up to date on all taxes as of right now. So riddle me this Joe, what about our company is actually a scam? Is it that the building we lease our space in left the name of the company that was in our office space before us on the directory downstairs? The fact is if u weren't given directions to our place of business then u have no business being there, it is not a retail store, it is a Private sales/marketing office. Is it that our motto not our name is posted Outside of our door? as far as us employing "questionable individuals' come the *** on Joe, its a telemarketing room . Have you been to a mcdonalds or a publix or anywhere that employs people starting at $7.50 per hour. Is it a scam to hire someone thats on probation??? Those are some very prejudice comments you made and they are not very objective at all. There are no customers in our place of work so our dress code is very relaxed, the telemarketing business in general is full of people that don't look that great, thats why they work from a place where people cant see them, to avoid prejudice people. I assume you were the person in the orientation class that didnt seem to understand that the finance company makes money for loaning the customer money under special promotions like 12months with no payments and no interest or plans with an extremely low payment like the one we pitch. You have no idea how this business works joe. If a finance company loans a person 11k with 12 months with no payments and no interest, how do you think a finance company makes money on that when the person pays it off in 11 months? Do you think the finance company is going to tie up money to not make a penny? How it works in the real world is they charge the merchant a percentage of the loan for offering promotions like this, there are about 15 different ones we have available through our 3 finance companies that include GE money bank and wells fargo, and if you still think were a scam, give them a call and try to setup a new account, it takes years buddy, ya. some of the largest financial institutions in the world loan our customers millions of dollars Joe, these companies tend to check *** out before they trust you to write millions of dollars worth of loan contracts in their name. also, sometimes there are extra installation costs incurred that we do not go back and charge the customer for, we pay it to one stop solar, so that is where the money lost between the sale price and the funded amount goes. As far as us having a hard time retaining people to work for us? That is true, you caught us. Telemarketing has a very high turnover rate, it is cold calling and people cus u out and hang up on you about every 2 minutes, youve probably cussed at or hung up on a telemarketer in your time right? Try listening to that for 6 or even 12 hours at a time, it takes a certain type of person to put up with it and they are hard to come by. As far as sales people, who really wants to work from 845am to 12am mon-fri and 845am-7 or 8 sometimes on saturday for a commission only job? In home sales pros. Its a lot of work Joe, theres not much time left for anything after all those hours, addem up. Do you work that much? Well I do, and I probably make a lot more money than u. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a multi-million dollar corporation to run and fifty thousand dollars worth of orders to process so we can install them tomorrow. I really didnt have time to respond to your add but wanted to clear this up just in case you are some publisher or something and not just some unempoyed *** like the guy who wrote that article on ripoff report (ya, he's not a customer, all our customers are happy Joe). It did cost us about $4000 dollars so far, but that is a pretty small percentage of the business we do, what is sad is it cost a telemarketer named Ida $50 last week, she only made about $250 last week. She has 3 kids and works 2 jobs barley above minimum wage. It cost a girl named julianna that doesnt make a penny if she doesnt sell a deal. Theyre the ones that suffer joe, not us. We gave about 80 people a place to work today, and we will again tomorrow. So Publish That if your so cool.... thats the truth behind solar equipment technologies and the one stop solar scam. Bye Sent from my iPhone The real question about this e-mail is simple. Why did Richard Woodall have to say so much to justify his companies existance. He incriminated himself along with his employees in this e-mail. CONSUMERS BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. THINK TWICE BEFORE GIVING THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION or ANY INFORMATION FOR THAT MATTER. This was published by JOE HOLLOWAY, DRAGON CONSULTING A CONSUMER ADVOCATE AND PUBLISHER. There will be more to come about this company in the near future.
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I must make this clear.... The company I was refering to was...... SDI Solar INC.




Joe I hgave worked for your company for a week. After stopping by a customers house and seeing with my own eyes the substandard and decietfull work that your installers do and checking walking into an ex FBI officers house on a sting mission for your companies contact methods I had enough. I wanted to make a difference. Change the world one house at a time was my mindset. Your company is a scam. I am going to cooperate with officials to try to shut you down. Here is my address if you have the balls to say something to my face:

3176 Wilderness Drive 32068

I suggest that you and your scamsters like Rick find a new line of work. Greedy people like you give this business a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Do not believe anything Joe Holloway says, It is easy to tell when he is lying; his lips are moving. haha.


My name is Joe Holloway and I love to suck weiners!



Please contact me. After a week long training class with these bottom feeders I am disgusted to the core.


I have been in the Solar business 8 years and have sold in home the whole time. When I hear people talk about how one bad salesman can ruin it for everyone really ticks me off.

I have recruited and trained salesman for over 20 years. The most important aspect of any good salesman they must be honest and have integrity. If a salesman does not have this attribute he's not going to last(if it's not right do not do it.) Unfortunately in this negative world you only hear about the unprofessional ones. Most professional salesman are hard working people and fun to be around.

I happen to love my job and have a great time with my customers. The more fun I'm having the more money I make "people don't buy from a dead fish". If you don't have "solar hot water" you are missing the boat (one electric water heater is 4500 watts and is the second biggest use of electricity in the average home). The Federal Gov.

is giving a 30% tax credit (comes right off your income taxes). Plus it lowers our dependency on oil. Hawaii is the first state to make solar water heaters mandatory. Your return on investment should be around 4 to 5 years " you get about a 12% to 18% return on your money.

To check on a company the best way is to call the states business regulation and see if there's any complaints on there license. BBB is a joke! Make sure they are pulling a permit before install ( a company cannot pull a permit without liability and workman.s comp. insurance).

Solar water heaters to me are the biggest no-brainier out there because instead of giving your money to the power companies and getting nothing in return. With solar you are getting something for your money and it does not go up 10% To 15% a year and is the right thing to do. Keep the money in the U.S. P.S.

quit watching the news, crime is lower in the U.S. than it has ever been.


Liz Book from Ormond Beach Florida, either works for this company at some level or is possibly just another *** individual that is a great opportunity for a scam artist. Either way she stands as one of the few individuals that looks at this company and companies like this through flowered sun glasses.

Sorry Liz If and I say if you purchased this equipment good luck in the future.I can gurantee you paid too much.

When you relize you have been had please feel free to come back and write about that.Of course we all know that will never happen.


I met with a man this evening at my home and spoke with him about this company. He spoke to me about all that they are offering to the American public.

I was exceptionally impressed with the young man. His presentation and personality were very agreeable. His products were unquestionably superior and he bore the proof of this in the literature that he carried. His knowledge of pure energy impressed me mightily, too.

I am a firm believer in taking back the POWER from the POWER companies and giving it to the people once again.

I especially liked this company's "Take It Or leave It Style". Having been in the sales field myself for some years, I have always hated to grovel or haggle with customers.

Most people would appreciate a sales person, who can lay it out before you, and then stand back and let you decide to purchase or not to purchase their product. "Either you want it or you don't. There are plenty of pissed off Americans, who are "Tired of being ripped off by blood sucking power companies", who do, and I have to move on to assist as many of them, as I can." that attitude surely works for me!

It wouldn't surprise me, if all the negativity coming through here, was actually instigated by a Big Corporate Power payoff patsy! They stand to lose billions of dollars, as the American consumers find other ways to fulfill their energy needs.

There is no time left for us to grovel about cheap, pure energy. The comments concerning the company's sales practices can be used as constructive criticism. But we need to bottle up the negativity and throw it out the window. Companies like this can be the saving grace of our great nation. Give them a chance and help them to flourish and grow. Then I think that we could all be winners in this game.

Give the people the power to create and use free energy, and the corporate tyrants, that run the utility companies, will choke to death on all the horrible cons and scams that they have used to increase our utility bills and their profits.


I knew there was a problem with this organization. I am out of work, and nearly fell into this trap. My *** detector went off, after several days sitting in this class.

Actaully even before that, when I walked in filled out a short employment app, and then was hired with out filling out a releas declaration to perform a criminal background check, and no drug testing.

How do you have employees go into people's home without drug, and background testing.

I could have been a child preditor, and this company would have had no idea.

My God I should have researched before jumping into things.

In the future I will fully research every protential employer.


Woodall and Company is at it again under another name,Go Gree Marketing. More Information later but buyer BEWARE of this and all other companies Woodall has.

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