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Kerrie Boggs call me to do the job janitorial cleaning but they don't pay me back.this 1st stop mentinance is totally scam.

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They owe me money they all should be ashamed.

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We have been contacted by one stop maintenance by The Blue Book regarding facility maintenance at various stores. We have serviced and performed seven service calls or more over the course of 71 days. They have not paid us once. Danielle Finkelstein and her brother Brett Finkelstein are two individuals who *** contractors using methods of intimidation into getting responses and having service calls performed. Once enough time passes and you... Read more

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I was angry like many of you I thought I was scammed. However the check was misplaced. My fault. Nothing bad to say about 1SM.

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I got a call from a lance who asked if I could do some work at Eddie Bauer in University Village in Seattle. I said sure i can handle the issue you have . they said their terms are 30-45 days for payment. I agreed to the 30 to 45 days I completed the job in a day and got another call from a person named Kerri who asked if i could do a couple more jobs for Eddie Bauer in down town Seattle and up in Tulalip I completed the jobs 4 total and... Read more

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one stop eastleigh road devizes went in there to buy some beer and food three staff at tills talking stood there waiting as they where talking adked to be served ti be to to wait i walked out in discust been in there a few times and some staff are just plain rude

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I'm a small janitorial service that cleaned 6 stores and 1 office for one stop for a whole year used up all my personal savings to pay my workers while waiting for payment from 1 stop. Like all others I was promised payment that was never received. Read more

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I will make this easy, don't waste your time going after them. focus your time on putting a lien on the property you worked on. you take away their clients. its hard to run a business with out clients. they just filed bankruptcy. And you have to believe that they entered these contracts with the intension of never paying you. so folks stop your complaining and do some thing. And yes I am a victim that is doing something. You have to go after... Read more

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It seems the only way that this company pays their bills is if you go after their customer. They subbed work out to us, we did it on time and billed them promptly. After dozens of phone calls we had to resort to contacting their customer. We got paid, but still needed a tax exempt form. Took another month to get that. I just hope it's legit. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I'm not sure how they stay in business. I've learned my lesson and... Read more

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Never ever deal with this company , they are liars. They would hire you as vendor and would never pay you, check rip off report .com just Google 1 stop maintenance and you will see what I am talking about. They screwed a lot of people . They would never pay you. They replacing vendor by vendor and no one gets paid ever. Look at the internet how much vendors complaining. how many businesses they screwed up , there is a businesses who they owned... Read more

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