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I have been talking with Robert for several Months. He wrote me a letter recently threaten with dropping us if we didn't go with him now. I am investigating a number of companies. I can not believe the amount of up front money we must pay One Reverse to be considered. I am looking a three other companies and then we will decide which one we will go with.  I don't know how to send photo but I have the copoy in front of me and will... Read more

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My mother contacted this company from an advertisement because she wanted to consolidate her credit card payments. She got as far as the appraisal - which she told me she would not do - but once I reviewed her bills I told her that she didn't need this mortgage, we could find a more cost effective way to consolidate. This company wanted over $4,000 in closing costs which was very unclear to my mother. She was only interested in consolidating... Read more

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My husband & I started the process for a reverse mortgage thru One Reverse mortgage in early July, 2015. All the paperwork was overnighted to (FedEx), and we scheduled an appointment for a counseling session (which is one of the requirements for a reverse mortgage - no problems), which was set for mid August ( the earliest date available). in the meantime, we began filling out, signing and returning mountains of paperwork , giving... Read more

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First, Henry Winkler didn't come. Wow, off on the wrong foot! Second, we live in a gated, guarded community. The appraiser was stopped at the gate and refused entrance. That's a huge positive. I don't want some uninvited Bozo digging around my stuff. Look, I'm a big time rancher. Here in retirement, we only have 2 cats left, Mike and Dr. Watson. Unlikely well start another herd. All the clomping,etc. I guess he just appraised the guard shack.... Read more

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All I wanted was information when I called One Reverse Mortgage. For the next two months I got as many as 5 phone calls a day - including Sundays - pushing me to send in papers, get the ball rolling, we need to get this started, etc. This company deals with no one who is not over 62 years of age. If they're in dire financial straights, these people will have two and three salesmen working on them and they end up losing all equity in their... Read more

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Almost 4 months ago we applied for a Reverse Mortgage with One Reverse Mortgage. OMG. What a nightmare. The first appraiser refused to come out after looking at 10 year old photo's of our property. We did extensive renovation 8 years ago. ORM dropped us at that time. Another rep called us to start the process again. He stated the reason he said we were dropped was because we had new out buildings on our property. My husband on his own obtained... Read more

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