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I had the bad luck of choosing this credit union when I moved to Vegas. I needed to get a local account so that I could pay my rent. I had explained to the person helping me that I would need fast access to my money and asked when my out of state check would clear. She told me 2 working days so I opened an account. She ordered me checks at the cost of $26.00 but because I was so new and needed checks almost immediately I went ahead and ordered... Read more

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Mary lou castaneda insulted me more than once. She is a terrible person and should not be allowed to work in any customer service job. Im going to report this women to the main office. They probably wont care but ive got to try

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This is the worst place in the world! One nevada credit union on Charleston and nellis. Ive never been so insulted in my life!!!! Num.1 the manager (a short asian women). Had the odasaty to take my 92 yr old mother in her office locked me out!!! And accused me of putting my hands on her!!!! Gave my mother a special number to call her incase her daughter (me) hurt her!!! Omg! !!! This women doesn't even no me!!! I take care of my mother because i... Read more

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Lol I went to open a account them.well after talking to a service representative. I was told i would have to pay $19.50 a month to keep my account with them because im a new start checking. I ended up going to wells Fargo Bank. Free checking pluss other benefits. I wanted to go to a creadit union.usaly there better than the banks. But not this one.its bad really bad

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One Nevada credit union sucks, they do whatever they want with your accounts without asking you anything. I had a line of credit and a credit card with them, perfect pymt history with them and on my credit report, never late. They decided to close both because I applied for a lower payment on my auto loan. I've been a very good customer for almost 2 years, never late, never over the limit on my credit card, I have good credit too, when asked why... Read more

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This is by far the worst Credit Union ever!! My mother and sister are on a joint account. My mother passed away and during the worst moment of our lives this piece of *** credit Union found a way to make it worse. My sister went into the branch to withdraw some money to help out with expenses and was told the account was put on a hold because my mom had a charge card with a balance. They would not let my sister withdraw some VERY much needed... Read more

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stay away the worst in are opinion fees fees ,no help with disputes, never ever use your debit card as a purchase.will not not care if your sick, can not put food on table.dispute process will not get you any help in are experience. managers mean at different branches. was great when first nv now one nv in are opinion horrible experiences. go to any other bank. so many fees. opt out od or a hamburger can costs you so so much in fees.... Read more

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I am sincerely warning anyone interested in banking with One Nevada to please consider not doing so. I had a child become ill and they will not work with you on a hardship. I have tried to settle with them and pay them and they would rather sue me than work with me. I get the same reply email and someone will assist you. I can't get anyone to help me. My child will not receive what he needs because of them. Please, I want... Read more

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