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Ondeck capital are a pushy mechant funding company that constantly rings all hours of the day and night, they will not take no for a answer and constantly ring my staff saying that they have a urgent matter to speak with the owner about and when they cannot get to me they are rude to my staff, we have logged there phone number and they also constantly ring and not say anything when we answer. Please be warned these guys are the scumbags of the... Read more

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We were contacted by On Deck a couple of years ago and took advantage of getting working capital while waiting for our slow customers to pay. The Loan Rate seemed a little steep, but I was able to pass the costs on to my customers. Then they offer me a generous line of credit which really helped our buying power with our vendors. After about 8 months of no missed payments they suddenly sold my account after we had to switch bank accounts due to... Read more

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I told On Deck that I was not interested in their services. This set them in motion to call my business cell phone 4-5 times a day along with constant letters in the mail. This has been going on for 6 months . The number has been on the no call list since 2014, which is ignored by On Deck. Legitimate businesses do not ignore the No Call list. A business that needs a loan seeks them out, these practices don't lead to a good experience with... Read more

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These predatory " lenders"suck ***. They send me an offer almost every week. First time it was for $375,000 then it would go down to 250k then to 500k. But it says in their leaflet you have to have 100k in income before you truly qualify. If I had 7-100k in the bank I wouldn't need their loan.

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I am a hard working, small business owner. I did not even need their loan but they were promising cash by Monday on Friday, which was the bait. :-( I thought I got a great deal because I negotiated with them that at the end of 6 months, they will reduce the interest rate from 19% to 9%. Unfortunately, I did not have their commitment in writing. Now they bluntly deny they ever made the commitment. The representative I was talking to told me... Read more

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This predatory lender will gladly take your hard earned money without any concern for the hardship it causes you - the small business owner. They charge an "origination Fee" that is an additional scam, they also take your hard earned money and apply all payments toward their 69% interest they will charge you! What that means is, when you borrow money from them, you pay them back for months on end and then you still owe the original amount or... Read more

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If you think paycheck advance companies are a good deal for the hourly worker, then you should be real happy with On Deck for your small business. They are just blazing the latest trend in predatory lending focusing on the desperate small business owners. They have been hammering us with junk mail, so we thought, okay, why not give it a try. Now that we have gone through multi-hoop, multi-day process, I decided to do some research on them. Not... Read more

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On Deck Capital also goes by Direct Capital told me I could pay it off early without penalty. When I went to pay off the loan they still charged me all the future interest left on the loan. No real loan does that. This is a money advance scam that uses an internet bank to send out the money. On Deck Capital uses B of I, Bank of Internet with not one location. I went ahead and paid them off to get rid of them and now I find out they have a... Read more

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