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My sister sent me an order from Omaha Steaks for Christmas. I am extremely disappointed with what they sent. I got 4 Filet Mignons which were covered with fat and very thin. They looked more like a piece of sirloin and something that would be served at the IHOP. A good filet would not have fat. They also sent 4 hamburger patties which don't look very nice either. But last but not least, they sent 8 Sea bass filets which were very small looked...
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Anonymous We apologize that you are dissatisfied with your gift shipment. We do have a 100% Guarantee and would be more than happy to take care of this for you. We have various sizes of...

I didn't like
  • Customer service they didnt care one way or the other
  • Customer service
Are there any packages of this cut sold by you that have fillets available in the thickness they should be; least 2 inches thick?? These ones are pretty pathetic looking. I've reviewed your ads and see fillets sold by weight, but not by thickness, and the pictures shown can be deceiving. I think that it would behoove Omaha steaks to publish not only weight, since not all of us are familiar with or own kitchen scales, but the thickness of...
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Omaha Steaks Customer Care We are sorry for any misunderstanding regarding our product. We do have a 100% Guarantee, so please contact us at 1-800-329-6500 or via email for furt...

Receive 6 6oz filet mignons as a gift for my birthday and they fell apart with fat seams when they were thawed.I complained about the fat laced filets and they sent replacements that were as bad if not worse than the originals. Their products used to be very good but no longer. At $40 a pound (6oz filet $15) you can go to the finest butcher shop in your area and get a better product and get change. It's sort of sad because Grandma sends these to...
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