steven s Egq
map-marker Overland Park, Kansas

Olathe Public Library, Olathe, Ks incompetent workers.

I received a late notice for a book I had turned in with a group of books in the after hours box. It also had a small fine. I went up to the library to dispute this. When I arrived and asked about this the employee scanned card info and said they hadn't received the book. I asked about the other 5 I turned in. They were no other books out at that time. His next solution was maybe my daughter had forgotten to turn it in and maybe I should check her room. Angry now, I explained that I myself had turned in all the books and none were missed. Then I went to the young adult section and found the book on the shelf that never was turned in and brought it up to him. I was advised without him looking up anything that it was a different copy. Next, I went to the library card catalog and found that they only had 1 copy of this book. I once again returned to the counter with this new information. He punched in something and said there you go and walked away. Wow, thanks for nothing. Glad I could do your job for you. Now I go to a different, smaller location and have to wait and get books transferred when I want something they don't have.
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