map-marker Cumberland, Maryland

Slow service and lack of contact on delay

My first order came without a hitch in about 2 weeks. It was a test to see if I would actually get the medicines, nothing crucial. My second order did not arrive after 1 month so I emailed and filed a ticket on their site. I also left voice mail which was never returned. The number went straight to voice mail. I sent another email. After several more weeks of not hearing from them, I disputed the charges with my bank. The next week of not hearing from them, I went to check my ticket number and they had posted a notice saying that US Customs held up a shipment. My second order got held up by customs. Once starting the reverse charges process, my merchandise arrived intact with a US customs sticker on it explaining delay. So I called the bank to stop the process, and received a nasty gram email from them saying that they will not honor my credit card in the future. So I replied with a nasty gram chiding them for not contacting me sooner, before 2 months of trying to contact them. I also explained that I have multiple credit cards so it doesn't matter and it was simply a test. I will most liekly take my business to some one who can answer an email or phone. I am on the fence, if I will order from them again or not. Their site is not coming up today. I wonder if it is shut down?
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  • Ease of the web site
  • Long delay in contact over dispute
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Craig C Zrd
map-marker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Never sent complete order, stole $100

I made $150 order, with 2 products. They sent me $50 of one product, and ZERO of the other product. I have repeatedly emailed their customer support, requested a "problem ticket" from them. They have absolutely ignored me. Their supposed customer service 800 number is an invalid number, so you cannot telephone them. Their fax number is not their fax number, but some poor private guy's fax number, so that is made up too. In conclusion, there is no way to contact them whatsoever, and they totally ignore the emails. They have thusly stolen $100 from me. NEVER, NEVER do business with these people.
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Seriously? The only reason in the world anyone orders from an off-shore pharmacy is they are trying to get meds without a Rx.

Let me guess, you got $50 worth of Viagra and no Vicodin.

No one in the world uses offshore pharmacies for anything legitimate. If you doubt it just Google one and look at the prices.

Dusty J Rar
map-marker Riverside, California

Don't order from

I placed an order several weeks ago, my credit card has been charged, and I have not received my order. No response in any way to numerous phone calls and emails. Their 800 number is a joke, all you can do is leave a message. They won't return your message. The help desk ticket support system is a joke. No response to that either. You have to have a ticket number to check on the response, which they are supposed to email. They never sent me one email, not even a confirmation email when I placed the order. i am going to reverse charges with my CC company.
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Same as you, they doesnt answer any email or ticket number, my credit card is allready charged. i bought from them because the drug i need is not for sale in my country, not because i wanted cheap pills. I wish i had seen this before...

#161650 is trustworthy online pharmacy as I am with them from last 4 years.

Yes had issues couple of times but was sorted out professionally. You should contact them by email or by a ticket which is faster.

Good luck next time.


I did not have any problems ordering from them since I first ordered on 2007. I would recommend them as I am a regular Customer of and I get medications on time. Yes once I did not receive my shipment but it was reshipped to me immediately when I contacted them.


i same you.

I placed an order several weeks ago, my credit card has been charged, and I have not received email or somthing.

they not answer my email.

they shipped only new customer!

*** you offshorerx



I am also customer of I think there was some problem with payment Gateway.

Not from the website. You can also contact on email.



I am also customer of I think there was some problem with payment Gateway.

Not from the website. You can also contact them on support@***.com.


Wow, umm this is only somewhat, I mean highly illegal. Good luck with your mystery pills from overseas. Have you not read any news stories about fake pills from these companies that ended up killing the cheap bastards who bought them?


hmm.. thats strange.

I placed an order for tramadol, I don't remember how long time it took to get response but I think it was fast enough..

anyways, the packet came to my mailbox within 7 days even though the estimated delivery time was 14 days (I live in norway (europe). the meds were as expected,so my opinion is that they are trustworthy.

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