Monique H Wcl

Awesome service (when needed)

Office Chairs Unlimited - Awesome service (when needed)
I wanted to share my experience with this company regarding the purcahse of my office chair. I ordered my chair without any issues and it was shipped by UPS from a company in Ontario Canada. I was traveling the week of the delivery and for some unknown reason UPS attempted to deliver three times then returned the item. Needless to say I was pissed and called Office Chairs Unlimited to express my anger. I had been waiting on this chair for over a week. I called and spoke to Jennifer Hamilton who said she would speak with management to find a solution because I was absolutely not paying to have it shipped back out. OCU called back shortly after our phone conversation and agreed to cover the costs to ship it back out to me, but they did place the blame on me as UPS apparently only tries 3 times before returning. They took a bad situation and turned it around. I will shop here again.
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  • Great prices
  • Good customer service
  • Delivery issues
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Good customer service
Barney Sro

Unacceptable customer service

I purchased a cabinet from this company; the first time I’ve used this company and the LAST time. I had to track down this order myself because of faulty tracking information. I spent several days on the phone to try to get the cabinet delivered. Dealing with the shipping company they use was just as difficult. I actually ended up talking to Mike Harley, and the conversation turned so terribly bad that I asked to speak to his manager and, low and behold, he IS the manager and unbeknownst to me, even the owner! At one point during this disgusting display of customer service, he accused me of lying about someone who I had spoken to. The person I named happened to be at their shipping company, but I had spoken to so many people at both places. Who was to know that I had to catalog everyone and everything said as if I was on trial. I own my own business and the way I was treated is unacceptable to say the least. I will not be using this company for anything that I need in any of my workshops or office spaces. I will also dissuade anyone, who has a need for their products, from using them for their purchases. And a side note: I will also make sure that any company I order from does not use the same shipping company Office Chairs Unlimited uses, Holland Regional.
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Frank N Fde
map-marker Alexandria, Virginia