Talk to a person on group rates for lunch tour

I would like a phone number to call and set up a group tour on the Chicago River. Weve done the odyssey tour with overseas guests and staff. There are too many discount brokers trying to sell the same package and I would just like a phone number for someone who actually works for the company who could vies what day lunch cruises are available between now and the end of the season. My phone number is 312-218-****. If someone can call me back Id like to check availability and do a booking
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Not Just Unfriendly To The Handicapped

We took our grand-daughter on one of these dolphin cruises. When we got on, only the center seats were available. The people with better seats along the railing were told they could stand. You guessed it, little Jessey could not see the dolphins. It was very frustrating for her. You could see the disappointment on her face. She did get off at that little island to look for shells. It is salted with them for the tourists. We bought her nicer ones in town to make up for the disappointing tour. We also took her to the Clearwater Aquarium to see a dolphin. So, I guess it is OK to stand in front of short people - children too. No one told us this would be the case. We tried to get better seats on the way back from the little island, but people had left their shoes to save their spots. We got some flack about trying to take someone's spot. The crew did nothing. But after reading the prior reviews..."bullies" seem to be who they identify with. Lesson learned. We will not be back.
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There are always going to be better seats then others. Just because others got the good seats, what makes you so special.

If you wanted your granddaughter to have a better view, you should have got there earlier.

There is nothing insensitive about the other people. They probably just tired of people with a sense of entitlement wanting their way because they are old, young, handicapped, or otherwise different.


So, the owner 2/5/16 post above actually states that children and handicapped people are not welcome. WOW.

People are acting entitled if they cannot see because people are pushing and shoving. Sounds like you want to encourage insensitivity. Sad you have such hatred for people with any limitations, even small children.

Sounds like some deep seated psychological issues. Find a therapist buddy.


Insensitivity and rudeness is the norm today in the customer service industry. I think it is all that tacky reality TV that desensitizes people.

People just behave badly, especially when they should be accommodating. Makes you picture pushing and shoving - hockey style.

We will skip it!

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Saint Petersburg, Florida
  • No view of dolphins
  • People sttod in front of a child
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Odyssey Dolphin Cruises Encorage Insensitivity

My grandmother uses a walker. She wanted to see Tarpon Springs, FL. The whole town really is not handicapped accessible. She waited on benches outside most stores that we tried to see. The large steps were impossible for a walker to handle. We were happy to see a ramp at the boat, but she could not see one dolphin. The crew encourages standing to see things. Every time there was something to see - people crowded to one side to another. If they would stay seated - all would see. She was afraid to try to stand with a walker on the boat. She also did not get to enjoy the island. You have to walk through feet of water to get there. Just not feasible with a walker. Staff have an ex jock mentality and just don't understand people's limitations. I am glad someone has posted their experience. We just wanted to look up the name to warn friends and relatives.
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Thanks for letting us know. We will avoid them!

I am also concerned that staff were smoking on a boat - per other reviews. It does not seem "safe" or comfortable for many that can't take fumes.

A family member has COPD. This would not be good exposure.


There are certain things that handicapped people are going to have trouble seeing. Just like short people have a harder time seeing a parade compared to those who are tall.

So you would make everyone sit down, simply because your mother does not want to stand up with a walker. That is kind of self-centered isn't it. Human nature is to get up and walk from side to side to see things. Even you will have to admit that someone sitting in the middle of the boat under your theory would not see as well as someone who is by the rail.

It is wrong to be critical of the boat personnel, simply because they did not act like prison wardens forcing everyone to do what you thought was best for you and your mother. Next time chose a more appropriate activity.


Such Owner Insensitivity in January 10th post above. Shame on you!


I agree Amy. This man (their rep) hounded us in town and said the cruise was accessible.

We were deliberately mislead.

And, people were not standing until they said to do so. They were given permission to be pushy and rude.

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Miami, Florida
  • Not handicapped friendly
  • Allowing people to stand in front blocking all views
Reason of review
Poor customer service

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Not Handicapped Friendly

The first moment we were there, someone went out of their way to be rude to us in the pay parking lot next to Mykonos. We have a disability placard, but the man at the entrance would not let us park in a wider spot for disabled individuals. We would have still paid him the three dollars. When we inquired why we could not park there, he got foul mouthed. Evidently, disabled people are not welcome. We then went on the Odyssey Dolphin cruise and received the same rudeness from a tourist on the boat and the staff. We asked if their was smoking allowed and were happy to know it was not, but then staff persisted with smoking vapor cigarettes. People with breathing issues do not appreciate this. Then a rude, yellow shirted, heavy set, bald man from Maryland, who claimed he was a Vietnam Vet stood in front of us the whole ride. We asked him to sit, because he was in the front and nobody could see around him. He yelled at us, saying that he was standing the whole trip. He said if we could not stand (being on crutches), we should not have gotten on the boat. Staff seemed intimidated by his rudeness and told us to sit in the back of the boat. They refused to say a word to him. Management was also told about this behavior but said their was nothing they could do. How about no standing in the front. He did not even use the railings most of the time making it unsafe for all. He showed dishonor to all veterans with his behavior, and the staff showed that handicapped individuals were not welcome, because we could not stand the whole time on a moving boat to see around him. The boat was half empty with most seats vacant, but he stood up in front the whole time. We will never come back. Handicapped people should think about something privately chartered, because we felt attacked and disrespected on this boat ride. Management refused to address this issue.
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We heard similar remarks from friends who went on this cruise. They also noted no dolphins sighted and no alcohol in the alcoholic beverages.

I was shocked at smoking on a boat/public tour. We went on a private tour with our family...worth the extra money to be treated first class.


Thanks Troy Hughes! Want my uncle to be treated right.


You should have told the man that just because he acts like a three year old does not mean he is a three year old, he is a lot bigger than a three year old so he should sit down so that you can enjoy the ride. He is a disgrace to all veterans.

I agree with the other posters veteran's should be shown respect, but when they behave disgracefully and childish as he was doing they do not deserve respect.

Most veteran's serve the country because they care about the country, he only served your country because he wanted to boast about it and get special privileges. He thinks he should get special treatment because he is a vet, not all are like this and he is a disgrace to all vets.


I totally agree with Zack. Marines do not leave anyone behind, and that means in every day life too.

Using a service record to abuse others' right is wrong. Certainly not being a man. The crew is there to be courteous to all not just one person. Warped.

There seems to be some kind of handicapped bashing going on with them. Being a vet, I would have stepped in and assisted people treated badly.


Zack and Richard, you are great! We need more people like you around.

I was there that day with my brother who was visiting. The man stood directly in front of them and said he was standing the whole 2 hour trip. All the outside railing seats were full, so expecting them to get up on a moving boat (on crutches) was dangerous. He was just so nasty to them.

Told them they could stand too. When the man on crutches said they both could not stand the whole time, he said it was not his problem. I believe he blocked the view of two people with him too. We were shocked at the staff condoning this.

We also did not like their smoking. We heard people ask if it was nonsmoking, and staff said it was nonsmoking, but they smoked anyway. Bizarre. They were very chummy with the rude man which further lead an ok to the behavior.

There was engine trouble to boot. A mechanic was playing with the engine when we stopped at the little island.

Wish people could show some respect for others.


Wow, talk about ungrateful, show some respect, that "rude" vet risked his life so that you can live in freedom and this is how you treat him. The reason that management did not say anything to him is because the appreciate the sacrifice he made for them, which apparently you don't. Just because you are handicapped and cannot stand does not mean he has to cater to your needs, since he risked his life for you and our country you should be the one making the sacrifice.


The owner really is insensitive. Maybe the handicapped people were vets.

You assume it is ok to disrespect a handicapped person. Vets should always be respectful. He man mentality to be cruel to others and honor the one being rude. Were is sensitivity today.

If you do not want handicapped people on your boat. Let them know up front they are not welcome.


Re Jan 22 Comment...So disrespect the handicapped and honor a bully. Surprised you did not throw them to the sharks.

Hate. Hate.

Hate. from this outfit.


One of the guys that runs the tour has a prosthetic leg and is ex-military. So, some self-hatred here.

Hates anyone that is not able to stand and take it like a man. He would toss them over to support a fella bully.


Those poor disabled people. They were trapped on that boat for hours with a bunch of bullies. Shame on you all!

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Tarpon Springs, Florida
  • Allowing people to stand in front blocking all views
  • Rude staff
  • Smoking vapor cigarettes on board
Reason of review
Poor customer service

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