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Gordon K Vym
map-marker Hilo, Hawaii

Illegitimate charges

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why are you charging us over 400 dollars when we pay Spectrum for our phone + cable service. I think you need to send us a refund.
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  • Bogus charges
Reason of review:
Problems with payment

Preferred solution: Full refund

Joshlyn Lxu
map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Cable box says no cable

Cable box says noCa! On tv screen it says! Provisioning Need H/E registration Cable Card U/A : 000-00000-00000-000 Cable Card S/N: Mavxxxxxx Host
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Brena Vbz

Extremely helpful

I'm certainly not pissed. Your technician was extremely friendly and helpful
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
Domani Tts

Don’t care for it

I couldn’t understand their English sounded foreign
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Kailua, Hawaii

Spanish commentators

Sunday Oct. 16th trying to watch LA Rams vs Detroit Lions on American TV Channel 2 and all I can get is Spanish Commentators. Can't believe you don't have someone to check for these kind of mistakes. Channel 2 was quick to let us know it was an Oceanic problem. Not impress with your service especially for what I pay for what it cost me. Its five hours later and its still in Spanish. When local commercials come on they are in English. This is no way to run a business. Please find a way to solve this kind of problem immediately. Respectfully jbkauai
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Reason of review:
Wrong language
Larry Li

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| map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Oceanic Cable refused to reverse fake/SCAM phone charges.

Updated by user May 03, 2014

As of May 2, 2014, after national Time Warner Cable Security called few days ago to find out more details, Oceanic Timer Warner Cable called today to tell me they have dropped all the international phone charges and will credit the full amount back to my account.

Original review Apr 12, 2014
I was surprised when I saw my Oceanic cable/phone bill for March, it contained international calls to Guinea, within three days for day to night between 2/5 to 2/7, a total of 368 calls over 16 hours. A total cost just over $800, with other charges is over $1000. I disbursed the charges, after many calls and asking for updates for closed to two weeks, they told me all the calls are valid. I explain to them I live by myself during that time and have no one at home to make any of those calls, I have employment record to show I was working. I also raised the questions about the calls were almost three days straight (none stop days and nights), over 95% of the calls were perfectly 2 minutes charges, that's not logical and impossible for a human to make such calls. I finally able to talk to the supervisor Dino, his employee number is 2223, he told me he didn't care if it's logical or not, because their investigation department said the calls were coming from my phone and I need to pay the bill. I ask him to give me proof that it's my phone did the dialing, he counted and said I can't prove I didn't have someone else at my house making the call, as any normal human being can see it's some type of scams charges on my bill, but they refused see my point, and said they did the investigation so the charges are valid. I was hoping a local company would do the right thing and not to push the invalid charges to the customer, I guess I am dead wrong on that one.
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map-marker Mililani, Hawaii

Boycott Oceanic Time Warner Cable

Please boycott this company. I don't care who get other services from but please please please boycott Oceanic. Some of the managers there don't act intelligently at all. The customer service reps in the C-tech department are very rude. This is just a money greedy company that has already made millions of dollars!!! They are really not worth it! I canceled my services 6 months ago and will never subscribe to any services from them again for any reason. This company really does not make wise decisions. I am not proud to have worked for Oceanic Time Warner Cable.
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Douglas B Gfa
map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Oceanic Cable Molokai, HI

Updated by user Jan 08, 2013

Well, it is the end of the year.  What has Oceanic actually done?

The UPGRADE Mr. Barlow told THE DISPATCH would be made by the end of the year?  I'm not sure what you call them but Molokai had three system load leveling main controllers.  Middle of December, two more were added.  Speeds seemed to improve, fewer Kbps but low 2Mbps in the evenings is the best I see.  I tried to stream a Smithsonian feature 2 December and it could not even hold a stream at the lowest of the 5 "Quality" levels the Roku indicates (4 dots and "HD").  HBI Test Site results were less than 1Mbps.

The microwave remains the same old unit that has been feeding Molokai for at least the past the 6 years I've had service.

Analog CATV now looks like a third generation VHS tape copy in a light snow storm.

Internet service continues to be shaky.  Random down times are the norm for Molokai.  December 2012 was particularly bad.  On 6 December it was down from 0800-****.  On the 28th, down 14 times from 1900-**** as logged by my AirPort Extreme.  Other random down times during December were frequent.

Since the middle of December 2011 (NOTE that is 2011) I have had kilobit downloads in the evenings.  I gave up trying to stream a movie.  For grins, I hooked up my Roku a few months ago.  Started a RetroVision movie but it buffered so much I decided to watch a DVD.  Came back to the Roku stream 2 hours later - the movie was at 12 minutes.  The remaining 1:48 elapsed was buffering.

Bob Barlow went on record with THE DISPATCH stating upgrades "... that will remedy some of the issues that we've been having," would be made by the end of the year.  I do get into the low 2Mbps speeds more often now but that hardly qualifies as much of a remedy.

Original review Dec 08, 2012
I think the name should be changed to Titanic Cable because the ship and the cable system are disasters. The RMS Oceanic and Britannic had long useful careers .... Measuring Broadband America site says Time Warner provides about 90% of their "up to" speeds during peak times. On Molokai, Oceanic Time Warner is lucky to provide even 10% of the already half-RoadRunner WAVE service we receive. For everyone more than 2 miles from town, "broadband" internet service is a monopoly for Oceanic. Molokai does not get RoadRunner ("up to" 10Mbps Down, 1Mbps Up) offered on the other islands. We have WAVE Plus ("up to"5Mbps Down, .38Mbps Up). For the past year, evening download speeds deteriorate to kilobit/second rates. We pay the same monthly rate as RoadRunner customers but get far less. When I complain, Oceanic says the problem is limited bandwidth and not their fault. If not their fault for designing and operating an inadequate system to serve the customers, who is at fault? Guess it must be our fault for greedily expecting RoadRunner speeds just because we pay RoadRunner rates. Last August, Oceanic President Bob Barlow told THE DISPATCH cable service on Molokai would be changing soon. "We are updating microwave to both Molokai and Lanai and that will remedy some of the issues that we've been having, I'm confident they'll be done by the end of the year." He went on to say service on Molokai would still not match service on the other islands until a fiber optic cable replaced the current microwave. He predicted that would happen within six months (mid-February?) Four months later, service has not improved. Sunday, 2 December 2012 at 2107, I had 553Kbps download on the Hawaii Broadband Initiative test site. Why spend money to improve service when you have a monopoly and can charge whatever you want? Oceanic HAS spent money on the Molokai system, not to fix the known bandwidth problem but to make it even worse. They added service to some large areas on the west end and all three Kawela Plantation subdivisions. Recently, they added Kalaupapa service. More customers (revenue) using an already inadequate system. No upgrade of the microwave feeding the Molokai system has been made, better service doesn't generate more revenue. If "Impersonating an ISP" were a crime, Oceanic would be guilty as charged. As for the requirement that a franchise holder be "fit, willing and able to provide service" - Oceanic fails the test. If the DCCA renews their Lahaina franchise, our Hawaii regulators will also fail the test. Commerce trumps Consumer Affairs, again. I'll end with a quote I think apropos for Mr. Barlow: "As you are aware, the factual position is somewhat at variance with what has been stated by you." Zail Singh to Rajiv Gandhi
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map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Time Warner Oceanic provides horrible service

I'm a longtime customer of Oceanic, and we pay a heckuva lot of money to them each month. I can't tell you how disgusted I am with the poor TV service I get. About a year ago some channels began pixelating and/or blacking out. I had service technicians come to my house 3 times to fix the problems without success. They switched out the cable box to no avail. They promised to call me back to see if their remote attempts to fix it have helped, but never called back. And every time they do a service call it's hard to schedule and you have to wait around for hours until they show up and work on the problem, which wastes the little free time I have. Lately the problem is getting substantially worse. From one or 2 bad channels it's multiplied to over a dozen, including premium channels like HBO & Showtime that I pay a lot of $ for. This company sucks and they don't give a *** about quality service or whether they provide the basic products that the customer is paying for. Knowing that if I call again for service probably means more wasted time without any positive result makes me so angry. !"They should have a motto, "Every year we charge more and give you worse service"
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I have been "on hold" for almost half an hour at 10:45 p.m. at night and no "customer service" yet. This company is to be avoided at all costs if you ask me -- Haw Tell has highspeed DLS service as part of regular service -- I think I will have to look into it.


An update. Finally, today, a repair person came to my home.

He worked on the TVs for awhile, ad the channels were coming in clearer. However, a few hours later I had NO tv reception, no Internet, and no phone service (I have them all in an Oceanic package), I called customer service, was put on hold (burning up cellphone minutes), and then the representative confirmed it was not a neighborhood outage, and transferred me to the repair people, Again, I had to wait on hold (more cell minutes wasted) that person then wasted time with useless theories, and finally said she paid pass the information on to some other office, but she couldn't get a repair person to my house right away because it was too late in the day, and transferred me to their internet people. Again I was placed on hold, and I eventually hung up.

Through the night my tv and internet have come on, and gone off intermittently (and my phone did also, one time), and the reception on the tv has been intermittently unwatchable as well.

I'd wish Oceanic would go to ***, but I think a worse fate would be if they all suffered the same problems I have. These people are incompetent to the max.


Aloha "OceanicHater". I replied to your Yelp review (under "David W.") this morning.

Please take a look at it and send me your customer contact info through Yelp DM so that I can help get this issue resolved for you ASAP.

Please don't reply here as I don't always get notified of these and will likely miss it. Mahalo!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-569198

Gee -- if this guy is the one that helps pissed oceanic customers he should get on their 24/7 help-line, a lot of us "on hold" waiting for someone to talk to.

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