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Total scam

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This issue was resolved . The company contacted me and resolved the issue and offered to get a new nanny and refund the money charged and also let us know the nanny had not been honest with them and they did not know she was going to quit and get another job .

Original review Aug 02, 2018
The company is a total scam . Don’t vet the candidates give you people who they know don’t match you only to charge you non-refundable fee and get you into agreement . Our nanny admitted she never wanted to work the schedule and left within a week but the company pushes them to take the job . Stay away big rip off
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Davide Snp
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Resolved: Oc Nannies - Nanny Review from Chatsworth, California

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Updated by user Sep 24, 2016

By the way, to OC nannies, while I don't blame you completely, I do please some blame on you for telling me this woman was eligible for rehire. There is a reason she has a seven year gap on her resume.

I beg of you, if she ever comes crawling back to you for a job, do not put another family through what our family went through, and the family before her. This woman is frighteningly unbalanced, and I have nanny cam video to show her feeding my dogs, neglecting my little girl, who was screaming and crying in her crib, while Christie calmly continued folding her laundry, or whatever personal business she was contacting at the time. I was sobbing when we reviewed the tapes, because I felt like the most negligent mother in the world, relying on a Single reference from you, OC nannies. She seemed so normal, so charming, and I had never hired a nanny before.

The seven-year lapse in our history should have been a huge red flag, but like I said, she seemed so kind and so normal. My daughter never warmed up to her. I thought maybe it was because she was shy. Our lives changed when Christi left.

My daughter became happy, outgoing, loving, and all of the things that she was not when Christie was here. Of course I can't prove abuse, because other than kicking my dogs, and ignoring my child, she was mostly on her best behavior here. She may or may not have expected that we had Danny hams installed. But she always wanted to go out with my child.

We have a park right down the street. We have another park three streets up that's always crowded with kids, but she always wanted to drive her somewhere. I realize now that was for her own benefit. I know that she took my daughter to see her autistic brother, who she told me herself has violent tendencies.

I was completely negligent, but I trusted her. Please, put her on your DNR list. I don't ever want another family to suffer through what we did. And our contract, we stated that if employment or did we terminated, that she would vacate within 48 hours.

She abided by that, but not before threatening me that she had "people waiting" in case something happened to her. I am 5 foot two and 115 pounds. She has many inches and many pounds on me, and I've never been and violent altercation in my life. If she had so many people waiting in the wings, why didn't they just come and help her move her things?

She has no one. Her craziness has driven everyone out of her life, and while it's very sad, it's also very scary for my family. We have actually installed A complete security system with cameras all around our property, except for the back. Three days after I made this post, our dog, I was terrified to leave home, disappeared.

Not a trace of blood, not anything. The police said it was likely coyotes, and I want to believe that's true. But when you have dealt with a complete psychopath, like this one, it's hard to know what is true. In any event, I did not mean to put your company down in anyway.

It's unfortunate that I was naïve enough to except your recommendations, and those alone, to allow such a frighteningly and stable person into my home and to care for my precious daughter. Like I said, the only thing good that came out of this is that my four-month-old twins will never be under the care of anybody except for my husband and I, and the same goes for my three-year-old daughter. She scared me for life. I will never have another nanny as long as I have live.

And yes, it's hard as *** having three kids to Greer's and under, but nothing is more important than their safety, and they were never safe with her. Please, do not let this woman work with children ever again.

Updated by user Sep 20, 2016

Oh hey, let's not forget you kicking my dogs, who were between three of them. They ran and hid from you every awful day that you lived here.

They are terrified of you. And I know why, because I have nanny cam video of you kicking them. It took us several months to get them back to normal, and the nanny cams did not go up until a month number three, when my husband and I were aware that you were neglecting/abusing our child. Leaving her in the crib screaming and crying for over an hour, while you just continued to fold your laundry.

It's been wise of you to choose very young children to care for, because they can't tell on you. But video doesn't my. You neglected my child at home, put her in the car to run personal errands, and plopped her on the beach while you ran around and played and flirted. Just like the hundredth of times that you took her down to your ex-husbands about.

Was that safe from my one year-old? I'm going to say NO. There is a reason and God did not bless you with children.

You are unfit. And you are definitely unfit to be caring for other people's children, especially with the bitterness that you have in your heart that you don't have children of your own.

Original review Aug 25, 2016
I was a first time mom with a part time RN job, and a full time school schedule, getting my Masters degree in nursing, as well as my nurse practitioner certificate. I placed an ad on, and had several responses.

One was by a woman, Christi Larsen Davies, Who claimed to have worked with OC nannies for over a decade. neither my husband or I want to live in, but she stated that she only does live in. I found out later, it's because she has no money, and needs to squat. I called OC nannies to verify her reference, and they told me how wonderful she was, and they would recommend her to anybody.

She started with us in August 2014, and although she did not work for the first week that she was here, because she was moving in, she demanded to be paid. She took my daughter on errands with her, personal errands, rather than actually spending time with her. She is a straight up psycho, and I was able to reach some of her former employers, who told me to be very afraid, because she's crazy. And she is.

The Lord above blessed us, when she wrote a letter of resignation on December 14, 2014. She gave us two weeks notice, and I told her that wouldn't be necessary, and I wanted her out in 48 hours. Thank you Jesus, she left, but not after threatening me, my husband, and my daughter. And, she came into our home in the first place because of a recommendation from OC nannies.

This company is a rip off, they flat out LIE about their nannies, and don't care at all about the protection of children. STAY FAR AWAY. Christi Larsen Davies is a psychopath (I have hundreds of frightening stories) and OC nanbies gave her an excellent reference, despite the fact that when I spoke with every other person who she had ever worked for, at least the ones I could get in touch with, they told the same horror stories. I am a mother of 3 now, as my twin son and daughter are now 4 mos old, and my daughter (who was in Christi's care for 4 months) is now 3, and after my terrifying experience with her, I cannot bring myself to hire another nanny...especially since the majority of them use OC nannies as a reference, the very same company that gave an excellent reference to the complete lunatic who lived in my home for four of the scariest months of my life.


And, to anyone reading this, if you ever have a nanny request from a woman named Christi Larsen Davies, do not even consider speaking with her, let alone hiring her. She is mentally L, and I feel sick to my stomach that I allowed her to "care" from my one year-old child during those 4 miserable months.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

This is going to stop now!!! I am completely in shock by ever being in your home, and reading such horrific lies.

There is no 7 gap in my resume. I took Maris to patk every day on my morning run every neighbor can verify. I never touched your dogs I cleaned up *** every morning on floor from them and nothing else. I have photos on my phone of beer cans in bushes by you.

I have photos of me stocking your bathroom sink with coors light. You are a complete and utter alcoholic. You are completely crazy absolute liar and will stop at nothing in trying to destroy me. I gave you a 2 week notice to get away from you.

You denied it and I said fine Im packing. You then got smart and paid me. No one demanded anything from you!!! I left my tv clothes hamper photos on wall and much more to get away from you.

This has gone further into the trenches of pshyco with you. My ex Husband is not surprised though. When he installed the lock on my bedroom door he said you should just get out. You always do good by children but she is a mad mad woman.

You are so dilussional. You even told me your Husband broke your spleen in an angry fight while you were drunk.

Who ran from who?!! I made a huge mistake walking into your home.

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Your husband. Ummm you're divorced and have been for quite some time.

That lie alone shows your lack of relation with the truth as well as your mental illness. You are a scary person and I fear for ANY FAMILY that you are squatting on now. Making up lies about my family and ME (just like you did to the family before you squatted on mine, telling me that the mom was an alcoholic, taking drugs, and was "paranoid" to have you take her child out....gee, I wonder WHY). She and I met quite by accident but we both had similar issues with you, and you lasted for about the same amount of time with that poor family as you did with ours.

You took my daughter around your self admitted autistic and VIOLENT brother (your words), took her to your EX HUSBANDS boat without consulting me and without any proper safety precautions like a life vest, for instance!!!! HOW DARE you make outrageous accusations about me and my family? You forcibly put a lock on MY door that was your squatting spot, with your ex husband acting like The Godfather and scaring me into submission.You lied about your background, you did everything in your power to make waves with my husband and I, put my daughter in danger, left her screaming in her crib while you attended to your personal business (including non stop fights with everyone in your life). 7-3 means JUST THAT.

Your personal issues should have been addressed after your work day, REGARDLESS IF MY CHILD WAS ASLEEP OR NOT. You turned this house upside down in less than 4 months. I still have your resignation letter and I hold it like a shield because we wanted you gone within the first week here where you were "moving", even though you hadn't a stitch of furniture, and insisted to be paid. I paid your phone bill because I NEEDED to be in touch with you while you were running personal errands (including seeing your violent brother....your words, not mine) with MY BABY, and putting her on a boat with no protection!

You are the most unfit caregiver ever, and how dare you accuse me of drug and alcohol abuse? I have a good mind to go forth with a lawsuit with your prior employer, but you are already as low as one can go, and can't even afford a can of Diet Coke. I also can't help but to laugh when you call yourself a vegetarian since you ate turkey, chicken, etc., the entire time of pure misery that you squatted here. We will inevitably run into each other one day, and when we do, I will scream for help.

You TERRIFY ME with your outrageous lies and complete lack of relationship with the truth. I'm still waiting for your lawyer. Hilarious. Subpoenas to your ex employers alone would be enough to laugh you out of court, not to mention your fake resume and my neighbors testimony that you screamed at my daughter, had her improperly buckled into her car seat, took her into the presence of a violent person, onto a boat without permission or a life vest, putting a lock on the door in MY HOME under threats from your equally unstable ex husband....this list is endless.

My only goal is to protect other families from you. Having met and spoken with your ex employer before you terrorized our home, it is clear that she is a loving mother and a STABLE MOTHER who you went out of your way to denegrate. I'm in fear for the lives of my family and myself with someone as unbalanced as yourself. I pray that you seek the help you so desperately need, but since you do not have insurance, I'm sure that's not going to happen, and you will continue to go through life blaming everyone and everything for your problems.

I received this message from you today although it is backdated, so I'm not sure if it was slow to come through, or if you purposely backdated it. Regardless, it does not matter. I laid it all out.

I pray that we never cross paths again, and that if we do, you will stay clear and stop threatening me and my family. Best of luck.

Davide Snp

Kicking my dogs, not feeding.


Dear Lady, First I am very sorry if you had a bad experience with Miss. Davies, but we did not place Christie Davies in your home!

Like you said in your letter, you hired her through CARE.COM.

Why don't you blame CARE.COM instead? Why would you want to slander and defame our company when we had nothing to do with this? I am appalled at your comments about our agency.

First, in regards to Christie Davies, we have not talked or heard from her in about 6 years.

I have been in business for 35 years, and I care very much about my clients and the people we place.

Through our agency, unlike, we meet the nannies in person and we interview each and every applicant face to face. Then we immediately call all their references, to make sure we can recommend them to our clients. We ONLY work with nannies that have glowing references.

We also run a nationwide background check and finger print them before we place them. If you found Miss Davis through I am sure she had some references from her previous employers. Didn’t you check those references before allowing her to move into your home? That is what a parent should do before considering bringing someone into their home.

When Miss Davis registered with us many years ago at that time, she passed all our requirements and she was also registered through Trust line. Trust Line is a government office that runs background checks and their fingerprints through the FBI. Miss Davis had a clean record and excellent references.

I will also tell you that if you called us, we would have strongly advised you to check Miss Davis references before hiring her. Furthermore, for legal reasons we DO NOT give out information about any of the applicants that register with our agency.

The only time we would give you detail information about an applicant, is IF you were an actual client of our agency that hired us to find a Nanny. I am very sorry to hear about your experience, but this is something you have to take up with Miss Davis and not with OC Nannies. Please remove this defamatory post immediately about our agency.

Regards, Management.

Davide Snp
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This woman is a very dangerous caregiver. I did not do my due diligence, and I do regret that.

I had never hired a nanny, and since your company has such A large presence in orange county, as well as a fantastic reputation, I thought that whoever I spoke with was offering a true assessment of Christi. I read letters that were written up to seven years prior, and the only agency that I was able to call was yours. Again, the person stated that yes, she was real legible for hire, and that she had gotten outstanding reviews. The other people that she had listed, as I said, more from so long ago, I didn't think at the time it would be necessary to call them.

Nor did I consider the reason why there is a seven year gap in her references. I understand very clearly now, having met quite by accident, one of her previous employers, who came just before she squatted on us. Christi had told multiple lies about this poor family, and the only thing that I'm grateful for on their end, is that she never used their names, because the things that she said about them more nothing more than your slander. I apologize for putting your company and a part of life, however, it was you that I relied on in order to get a good reference.

Believe me, I have learned my lesson, and I will never, ever hire any outside help again, because not only did she scare us, but she did some very treacherous things to our family. Four months of living ***. We are lucky that our marriage survived it. And now she's running around talking about a drinking problem that I have, something about a "IVF nightmare", which she wouldn't know anything about, because she took off every weekend, and every single afternoon, the moment the Clock ticked three.

I have no idea what she does for a living, or where she squatting now, but for your agency's reputation, I would never hire her for a job again. The things that I have found out since she left us a year and a half ago are very unsettling.she has quite a reputation around orange county, and it's not a good one. She should not be caring for children. Again, my apologies for painting her agency in a bad light.

I was very upset to find out that I hired a fraud, and I did so based on a reputable company's reference. The reason I chose to reach out on that particular day, was because that was the day that I met the mother of her previous assignment. And, the stories that she told were identical to mine, although she was not aware that Christie had completely trashed her, although she never did mention her name, she said horrific things about this family, especially the mother. That should have been my first red flag, that she was trashing her previous employer, and that she lived there for such a short period of time, but again, first time mom, and never had a nanny before, so I made a lot of mistakes.

I wish you the best, and I deeply apologize for dragging you into such an ugly situation. I just simply felt as if your company has deceived me, but it looks like you were deceived as well.


Dear Sybil and Strett Suriyaniel

Firstly you need to know Legal action is in the process against you both for this despicable, loathsome, monstrous, wicked slander. In 36 years of being a Nanny / Housekeeper / House Manager and Personal Assistant has ANYONE attacked me.

I am with Trust Line for 36 years, I gave you a full back ground check letters of references and a full resume. You called each and every one and received glowing references. I WILL not go into the alcohol and IVF scary scary situation in your home at that time. I have photos of the alcohol you put under my bed hiding it from your Husband.

I have texts to friends and family of the chaos that went on under your roof. My ex Husband came into your home under your allowance and installed a lock on my BEDROOM door. You later denied that to your Husband when he inquired why was there a lock on my door. you told him right in front of me...I did not condone this???????

Yet you sat next to my Husband on the couch and spoke with him before he installed it. A witness. I have your own Husband as witness in his own words after you shouted at me for no apparent reason he said and I quote....It's ok , just keep doing what your doing. Under oath he will have to be honest about that.

I am very sorry you felt the need to lash out publicly because a Nanny had to flee from your home. As you being a Mother I am SHOCKED and sickened that you would lie about another woman who for 36 years has never had one complaint. To lie about a woman who helps teach, love, nurture and provide safety to children. I am not bothered so much about my reputation, as I have a full lifetime career, references, family, friends, and even children that are full grown who will say....These statements of slander here are FALSE, and abominable!!

Shame on you for letting your anger control you and falsely accuse another human being of such lies .

Please note this has been copied. Christi Davies

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1206823

Oh Christi, I can see that you haven't changed a bit. I am so sorry for your mental illness.

I'm curious how you could've been a house manager/nanny/personal assistant for 36 years, went to the best of my knowledge, you were 52 years old. Unless that was a lie as well. The bottom line, you used us for a place to stay. Horrific conditions?

You've got to be kidding me. I stayed in my room and studied and worked all day long, and you were off and running by 3 o'clock every day. Your time spent with my daughter was with you running personal errands. I too have text messages of you threatening me, demanding money from me, and trying to intimidate me.

It's my home. If I want to have a few drinks, that's my right. I wasn't driving. I did not understand at the time why you were so insistent on being a live-in, but I realize now, that it's because you squat from place to place.

I shouted at you for no apparent reason. That's a laugh. Why was I so angry? Because you had gone around the house and raise all of the blinds, and then blamed my husband for it, causing us to argue.

You did nothing but divide our family, and you did it on purpose. You couldn't afford your phone bill, who paid it? That would be me. You needed an advance on your salary every week, who gave it to you?

Once again, me. You were fighting with every single person in your life, from your mother, do your best friend (supposedly). You enjoyed yoga, so I bought you several vouchers to do hot yoga, just to be kind. The very first night that you stayed in our home, I made you a beautiful dinner of scallops, asparagus, and I forget what else.

I bought a brand-new bedroom set for you. You want to talk about photographs? I have a photo of you with your pants down, peening outside of my house, with a cigarette in your hand. Everything that you told me about yourself was a lie.

You needed some place to stay, and so you used us, and then you split. And for OC nannies to give you a good review, when I spoke to so many of your previous employers after you left, is horrific. You have no business working with children. And, I want to thank you for one thing.

Because of your terrifying behavior, I have raised my twins and my daughter with zero help, because I will never trust anyone again. I pray that you were not working with children, and I pray that you get the help that you need. It reminded me of the hand that rocks the cradle him, because when Stret and I were able to talk after you left, we realize how many things you did purposefully to drive us apart. I'm so sorry to tell you that he failed.

Please don't ever come near my home.

Lord knows where you're squatting now, but I wish I could warn them. You are a very unstable human, and I think it's really frightening that you're caring for children.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1214899

And, by the way, in regards to the bedroom door. When you're living in somebody else's home, it's not YPUR DOOR.

Nothing in this house was yours. You acted like it was, but it wasn't. And as for that installation, you scared me so much with your anger and vitriol, that you believe me into letting that door be installed. To be truthful, I wanted to fire you two days in.

But I kept thinking it was going to get better. And it didn't. It got worse. Don't you find it ironic that all of the families that you for tour you've had some kind of problem with?

Did it ever occur to you that it might be you?

I just hope and pray that me and my three children never run into you again anywhere. I think you are a dangerous person.

Davide Snp
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One final thing. You were being paid to be on the clock from seven until 3 PM.

My daughter took two naps per day, and you used that time, for which you were being paid, to take care of your personal life, like laundry, unsuccessfully trying to secure a credit card, because you have horrible credit, so you basically "worked" 4 hours per day. Additionally, I still have a copy of your resume. You had no references for over seven years. I was very foolish, and the only entity I called was OC nannies, because your references were so old.

And, you hadn't even worked for them for over six years at that point. How is it that you have no references for seven years? I remember how much you trashed the family that you worked for that you "had to escape" (common theme in your had to "escape" our home too, according to if you were in some kind of danger. Ridiculous!

And shows your mental instability). You told me that the mother at your previous place of employment was on drugs, always drunk, drove drunk, and was a psycho. Now, you're basically saying the same things about me. How interesting.

I honestly feel the general public needs to be aware of your instability, and not be charmed into believing your lies. Although we never wanted a living, I thought you were so sweet, I made an exception for you. The only good thing that came out of it, like I said, is that I have never hired any help again, because you scared me forever. So, I don't work, and I spend my days shuttling my children around to various activities.

As for my "drinking", there's no issue there, and I certainly don't take drugs, like you accused your former employer of doing. My daughter never asked for you once after you left. Not once. My husband and I stopped fighting, when we realized how many situations you had set up to create an issue, like telling me that my daughter was going to strangle to death the strings of the blinds, because my husband so "carelessly" Opened them all up, when in fact, it was you that did that, just to start problems between us.

You also told me that my daughter had a learning disability, and that there was a huge concern that she walked on her toes. This list is endless. And I don't want to beat a dead horse. This is in no way slander, because all of these things happened, and since you've left our house, life has been stable, happy, and stress-free.

you made my life a living *** for four months, and your claim is that you had to "escape". The truth is, you could not continue squatting at your friends house, you don't have credit that would allow you to finance a stick of of gum, and you needed a new place to squat. Once you found something better, that's when you decided to leave. And like I said, it was a gift from God.

Apparently for both of us, since we were such horrible people, to take in a stranger and allow for you to eat our food, live in our house, have access to all of the amenities, and most importantly, to take care of our precious daughter. I don't wish you any ill will, but it is my prayer that you are not working with children, because the behaviors that you have exhibited or flat out terrifying. And, based on your previous note above, I can see that you have not changed a bit. You should be 52 years old now, and you claim you have been in this business for 36 years.

That would make you 16 when you started a full-time career. How could anybody have a full-time career while being in high school? You also claimed that you went to college. It doesn't matter now.

You're gone, please don't ever come near my neighborhood. I will literally scream for the police if I see you.

That's how much you freak me out. Please get some help.

Davide Snp
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1206823

And go for it, Christi, take that $.52 do you have in your bank account, and attempt to get an attorney against us. I have neighbors that are willing to testify that they heard you screaming at my little girl to get into her car seat, I have photos that you took your self, that show that her car seat strap was inappropriately placed, it was placed across her stomach instead of her chest.

Your ex-husband would be required to tell the truth about how many times you took my one-year-old daughter down to his boat, without ever asking my permission, and she was never wearing a lifevest. You fled our home because you knew that we were on to you. I think you saw the nanny cam. And you knew that we saw you yelling at our daughter, kicking our dogs, and leaving our daughter in her crib, while she was wide-awake, and screaming and crying, while you continued taking care of your personal errands.

Every single day, you ran out the door at 3PM, no matter what was happening. You "worked" 4 hrs per day. 4 of that was dealing with your personal problems, which I've never seen so many problems in a person your age, but whatever! Then you took my daughter, and you're out the door, wherever you wanted to go.

You would send me the obligatory video of her happiness, and that was 15 seconds of what ever what is going on there. I suspect that you took her to the park right next to your husband's boat, because that's where the park was. And I know that you took her on the boat, without a lifejacket, and certainly without my permission. I had TWO medical emergencies related to my C-section, and you couldn't even be bothered to help out.

It's ironic that I met the mother of your previous charge, and our stories were so similar. I told her how crazy she made you out to be, even though she seemed quite normal to me. I have no idea what story you have told me, because I realized that you are even crazier than I thought! The day that you moved in here, my very stable, and rational husband, told me he was scared.

He said there was something wrong with you, and he was afraid something was going to happen to the baby. I told him not to worry, because I would be home studying most of the day, but I have to say, every time you left with her, I was terrified. I said nothing, because I was terrified of you as well. I watched you fly off the handle, and you were fighting with everybody in your life, including your best friend Stacy, your mother, who you refused to let us meet, and you had no other friends than that.

The day that you had your ex-husband come over to install the lock on your door was one of the scariest days of my life. I felt like I was going to be bound and gagged in the closet if I didn't agree. He acted like the Godfather, and I was backed into a corner, because I was afraid for myself and for my daughter. You had no right to install a lock on your door and my home.

You were nothing more than a squatter here, and I don't know why you need a lock on your door, except to control our household, which you did when you were here. We call it the Christi reign of terror. Every night when we went to bed we prayed that you would quit. We didn't want to fire you, because you were so out rages and your behavior, we were afraid he would hurt us or our baby.

My husband called it from

Day ONE. He said "she has no credit, she has no world live, she has to do live in". He further went on to say that he was totally against this, and that he was scared to death to let you move in. I got scared after week one, wanted to give you a full week to move in, but you never lifted a finger to help me with my daughter, yet you still expected to be paid.

Which you were. You lied about being born and raised in Newport Beach. You were not. You went to El Toro high school.

That's not Newport Beach. You claim to have been in this business for 36 years, although according to the records that you gave us, you're 52 years old. Who could hold it full-time job at 16 and go to high school? I also checked Your college report, and you've never gone to college.

Another lie. You have been a drifter and squatter for your entire life. I'm very sorry that life has been so difficult for you, but I am SICKENED that you would bring this kind of chaos into my home, and do everything in your power to make my husband and I fight. We had all of the usual problems that new parents of a new baby have, and you did everything you could to make them worse, including making up stories.

Every single activity you did with my daughter, other than the manufactured ones that you videotaped, more errands that you had to do for yourself. I showed her a picture of you the other day. She doesn't remember much, but she said yucky, bad. I feel *** for not knowing.

She never warmed up to you. She wanted nothing to do with you. Didn't shed a tear when you left, and never asked about you again. Of course, since you told me that my child was retarded, I guess to you that would be expected.

How wrong you were!!She's in part-time preschool now, and she's the smartest girl in her class. She self taught oririgami and is fluent in both Thai and English. She takes ballet, tap, and gymnastics. She is also in golf lessons.

Thank you so much for making me think that my child was are the one that's impaired, and I pray for you do you get the help that you need. I also pray that you stay away from children. Thank U so much for scaring the *** out of me from every child you are on the planet. You have no idea how much I could use help with the twins, but after you arrived, and turned our lives upside down, I will never trust anybody again.

I don't know what's wrong with you, I'm not a psychiatrist, but you're not right in the head. Your goal is to go into families and try to destroy them. Like I said, I spoke to your previous employer, quite by accident. She said that you are not, and that you were leaving was the best thing that ever happened to their family.

We definitely agreed on that one. Losing you was the best thing that could possibly have happened. stay away from children. There is a reason that God never blessed you with your own children.

He knows what he's doing. You are poisonous.

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I created a post, in which I blamed OC nannies for giving me a reference on a nightmare nanny. I am in the process of taking the necessary steps to have this post removed, as OC nannies is not to blame for my poor judgment in hiring. This is a family business, and I would like to publicly apologize for any damage I may have done by blaming them for giving a reference that, to the best of their knowledge, was true and accurate. I was negligent in not digging deeper into this persons background. I was a new mom, I had no idea what I was doing when I was hiring a nanny, and this person themed so nice, normal, and balanced, that one phone call to OC nannies giving her a good recommendation was enough to sell me on this nanny, simply because OC nannies has such a great reputation in orange county. Please bear in mind that it's not as simple as just hitting delete. This comment may remain for a while, as I have to have a notarized letter sent in to this company before they will remove it. This letter will be notarized on Monday, and I hope that OC nannies can forgive me for blaming them for giving a good reference, and for me allowing that single reference to make my decision about hiring. I have many friends who have used OC nannies, and have heard breve reviews about their service. Again, please disregard my review. I was very heated that evening, because my husband and I discovered something about this nanny that neither one of us knew, and we were both furious. It's hard for me to believe some of the wicked things she did, and I lashed out at the wrong entity, because again, I blamed them for trusting that reference. It was 100% my fault, and it's important to anyone who reads this review and the one prior to it remembers that. And, here's a tip for all of you first time moms, or those inexperienced with hiring a nanny. Do your research! Thank God it ended as best as it could be, and that she resigned on her own. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to OC nannies for any distress that I have caused you.
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We thank you for your apology, however this message still may be misleading to our potential clients as you still have not clarified the fact that you found this person through CARE.COM and not through OC Nannies. Furthermore, we have no recollection of providing you with a reference.

I am sorry that you did not take the time to check the nanny's references which is what we always advice when people call us about one of our registered nannies. What better than talking to the families where this nanny worked.

The fact is, you hired this person through CARE.COM. We would've rather you not post this new comment, continuing a dialog which should not have even existed in the first place.

Something that represented our agency in a bad light to prospective clients.

This nanny had registered many years prior to your phone call,

and we had not worked or talked to her in many years. Had you worked with our agency, we would've gone well beyond a simple work history reference and performed a current full background check and performance review with their most recent employer, among many other checks we do as a full service agency for our clients. These thorough checks would have no doubt resulted in an increased chance of discovering something amiss with this person.

We agree with you, do your research, and better yet, use our services to ensure the highest quality research and checks possible on someone that will work with your family, rather than using an online service as you did. We now regret that there is yet another misleading post by you.

We appreciate you taking steps to get your original post removed, but you also need to remove this one and all the other comments you posted. I am sorry you suffered due to hiring this nanny and thank you for trying to make things right.

map-marker Mission Viejo, California

Thank you for your apology

Dear Sybil, We thank you for your apology, however this message still may be misleading to our potential clients as you still have not clarified the fact that you found this person through CARE.COM and not through OC Nannies. Furthermore, we have no recollection of providing you with a reference. I am sorry that you did not take the time to check the nanny's references which is what we always advice when people call us about one of our registered nannies. What better than talking directly to the families where this nanny had worked. The fact is, you hired this person through CARE.COM. We would've rather you not post this new comment, continuing a dialog which should not have even existed in the first place. Something that represented our agency in a false and bad light to prospective clients. We cannot be held responsible when a nanny that registered with us years back, goes outside our agency to find work. Had you worked with our agency, we would've gone well beyond a simple work history reference and performed a current full background check and performance review with their most recent employers, among many other checks we do as a full service agency for our clients. These thorough checks would have no doubt resulted in an increased chance of discovering something amiss with this person. We agree with you, do your research, and better yet, use our services to ensure the highest quality research and checks possible on someone that will work with your family, rather than using an online service as you did. We now regret that there is yet another misleading post by you. We appreciate you taking steps to get your original post removed, but you also need to remove this one and all the other comments you posted. I am sorry you suffered due to hiring this nanny and thank you for trying to make things right with our agency. We wish you and your family the very best.
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Here is my wish. I am in desperate need of a nanny from my twins.

My wish is that my comments will not deter you from accepting my business in the future. It is a well-known fact that OC nannies is the best in the business.

I sincerely apologize, and I would never do anything to purposely hurt such a wonderful business. Thank you.

Galileo Iez
map-marker Mission Viejo, California

Very satisfied with OC Nannies professionalism

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Updated by user Jun 08, 2016

The Nannies that was introduced to were truly exceptional. I couldn't be happier with my wonderful Nanny. My daughter loves her and she will forever be a part of my family.

Original review Jun 08, 2016
I contacted OC Nannies to get a Nanny when I needed to go back to work. OC Nannies was very professional and went out of there way to find the perfect Nanny to care for my young daughter. I was very skeptical to use a service and put the care of my daughter in a the hands of a stranger. The OC Nannies staff put me completely at ease. The experience of the Nannies that I was introduced me to were exceptional. They were all patient experienced and kind. Inhad such a hard time choosing the right one, but it is now two years later and I couldn't be happier.
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Good customer service
map-marker San Juan Capistrano, California

OC Nannies is an outstanding agency

OC Nannies is a company with integrity. I highly recommend OC Nannies to any family looking for a company providing these services that they can trust and have confidence in. As a mom, I have been very impressed by this agency. They are professionals and they treat you with respect. They have been trustworthy and ethical in all their dealings with me, my husband and the nanny they provided us. Everyone in their office has been very helpful, respectful and has consistently offered great advice. I am very happy with our nanny and my children adore her. If you are looking for an agency that provides everything they say they offer, an agency that delivers what they promise and an agency you can trust, then you should call OC Nannies. You will not be disappointed.
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Good quality
map-marker Mission Viejo, California

OC Nannies NEVER placed Julia Moreno with these families

OC Nannies NEVER placed Julia Moreno with these families. The lady that wrote the review that says Julia worked for her for 10 years hired Julia Moreno because her friend introduced her to her. Julia had worked for her friend for 1 year and when her friend moved to the bay area, they recommended Julia to them. These reviews can be very damaging to a company that has worked so hard to build an excellent reputation after 34 years in business. OC Nannies has been nominated twice by Parenting Magazine and parents choose OC Nannies as the best agency in Orange County. You can look this up. Also OC Nannies was nominated in the Women Business journal for excellence. I understand these families want to worn families about their bad experience and they should speak up. The lady that wrote this review is a very nice lady but I don't understand why she mentions OC Nannies in her review. We had nothing to do with this. If you have any questions about these reviews please fell free to contact me at OC Nannies. Manager.
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Martisha Mqk
map-marker Laguna Beach, California

Julia Moreno - Child Neglect - Nanny - Julia Moreno (Davila)

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Julia Moreno is not fit to be a Nanny. She neglect my kids and the kids of her previous employer of 9 years, who fired her for it. When people are afraid to speak up, for fear of retaliation, it causes the next family to be put in danger. So, even though she may attempt to strike back in some way, I feel it is my responsibility to report, in a public forum, the abuses my family endured by making the mistake of hiring Julia Moreno as our Full Charge House Manager in Orange County. I will summarize and then I will provide details. Julia Moreno endangered my two year old daughter. Julia Moreno, who came here from El Salvador, hired some of her friends to do housework in my home, telling us they were here legally, only to discover that her friends had snuck into the United States from Mexico illegally. Julia Moreno disclosed more than I want to know about the personal lives of the family she worked for prior to us, including their marital problems, financial activities, approximated net wortt, how their marriage was diong and how badly she felt they were ignoring their children. A our House Manager Julia Moreno called in sick often and expected to be paid, even though she was only with us a short period of time. Soon after hiring her we found out that she was unwilling to do the very job she was hired to do. She wanted housekeepers to clean and asked me to hire a nanny to look after my kids. She then fired that nanny and lied to us, saying that she just mysteriously quit. She did the same thing with our gardener. Too often we were starting to have to walk on eggshells, as she was easily set off and becoming increasingly more abrasive, whenever she was asked to do laundry or to prepare food a certain way. She had an idea of how we should live our lives and run our family and she would throw a fit if we did not conform to that. Julia Moreno tried to turn husband and wife against each other, in order to get out of doing work, which is something we later discovered she had done with the family she worked for before. In fact, she did it in the exact same way. If you hire Julia Moreno, it is my personal opinion that you are bringing into your home someone who is a liability. Your children will not be properly fed. You will be lied to. There will be a lot of drama. She will snap and you and she will snap at your children. But at first, she will be very sweet and agreeable. And we fell for it. And now my children are devastated that she is suddenly gone as she quickly made them feel like she was their grandmother, only to later snap at them, tune them out, feed them junk food, send a child to school without breakfast and then abandon them. We recently learned she was running some kind of scam with her ex husband. She wanted to be paid in cash in order to avoid having to pay her share of the child support, for her minor child, after their divorce. She asked me to report that she only earned $500 a week, to the IRS, to help her with this. I of course will not be a party to this type of fraud. We hired Julia Moreno through a service. She informed us that they were personal friends and were not going to charge us one month of her pay, in order to hire her. As it turns out that is not true. Julia Moreno lied to us. We now owe that company $6,000 (one month’s pay). One of the most common sense things anyone knows who has worked with children is that you never take anything personally. When my two year old yelled “No” at Julia Moreno, she turned her back on her and stormed out of the room, leaving our 2 year old baby standing on a tall counter all by herself. My wife and I are professionals and we are busy. We take full responsibility for making the mistake of trusting Julia Moreno with our child. It was the pediatrician who revealed to us that the baby was being fed junk food, instead of the fresh and non-processed food we instructed Julia Moreno to serve her. I realize to some we may sound like pampered people. And perhaps this is true. But we love our children and we are horrified to learn that someone was mistreating our baby. Julia Moreno told us that, at the last house she worked out, the parents were “trust fund brats” and that she “basically ran the house and raised their kids for them”. It became clear that she had a serious attitude problem about us not giving her full autonomy and instead having very specific guidelines about what the children were allowed to eat. We found she was actually hiding food. In the morning she would often simply not feed the children at all, or else she would give them junk food, rather than have to actually cook. The baby was so sick to her stomach, she was crying for days before we started to put this together. I feel so badly for my little girl. Our children’s safety and health are very important to us. We both feel sick and guilty for allowing someone into our house who would endanger them the way that Julia Moreno did. That was a close call. Fortunately someone brought this to our attention before the baby got sicker. I am saddened and angry that someone would mistreat our toddler so badly. How can anyone be so cruel. If anyone hires Julia Moreno to care for their kids, this is what they're getting in to. And this is why I am writing all of these reports. I owe it to the children she has not harmed... yet. Throwing away clothes after ruining them by washing them on the wrong temperature is something I can let go of. But neglecting my baby is not. If I’m paying someone $75k per year to run my house, I should not have to walk on eggshells because of their moods. I should be able to turn my back for a moment and know that my children are not going to miss a meal. I should not have to worry that my family’s personal business is being gossiped about. I should be able to trust that the job I hired her to do is actually being done and I should never be lied to, in order to hook her friends up with jobs, only to find out that I am possibly hiring illegal aliens. It is my personal opinion that, if you interviewed Julia Moreno for a House Manger or Nanny job, you would wonder how anything I am saying her could possibly be true. But if you hire her, you will find ou the hard way. I only wish that one of the families she worked for, had posted type of review online, to warn other people – if for no other reason than to protect children. This is not revenge. This is me taking responsibility to warn the next family, to protect your children and your privacy, even though I may face some sort of backlash as the result of this, as she does know intimate details about our family. When a baby is getting sick all the time, is too cold, not having her diapers changed and becoming malnourished, that is something that must be taken seriously. Julia Moreno is not someone who should be trusted in anyone’s home, or with anyone’s children or privacy, in my opinion, based on my experience as her former employer. I am profoundly sad and profoundly angry. I have reached out to her previous employers to let them know what private information about their personal lives was disclosed to us, so that they can protect themselves. I am exploring my legal options to make sure that Julia Moreno is restrained from violating my family’s privacy as well reporting her to Child Services.
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  • Negligence
Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Davide Snp

I can understand your frustration, sir. Christi Larsen Davies pool of a similar stand on ice.

I never wanted a live in nanny for one child. I was working part-time as a registered nurse, and working on my masters degree. She used OC nannies has her last reference, whom she had not worked for for over seven years. In fact, she had no references for a seven-year period.

Although I did not want a live-in, I have found her sweet, and charming, and I was semi-desperate, so I let her move in, I can stret husband's wishes. She was here for only four months, but they were the most tomorrow Thewis months of our lives. She is a squatter. She only needs a place to live.

I think my credit was better than hers when I was 10 years old. Nobody would give her a loan for a stick of gum, which is why she couldn't get an apartment. We installed a nanny cam around three months, and I found her kicking my dogs, little chihuahuas, and now I understand why they were so afraid of her, and I feel terrible. I would at home five out of seven days per week, because my school is online.

I always stayed iin my room to study. She was technically on the clock from seven until 3 PM. My daughter took two 2 1/2 hour naps per day, so that left Christi with three hours to take care of her. Knowing that I was home, she would take my credit card, because I paid for all of her groceries, and she will go grocery shopping, and run other errands that she needed to do.

And she would come home and do her laundry, and other things that needed to be done for herself. While on the clock, I might add. At 2:59 PM every day, and return very late at night. Come Friday, same thing, 259, she was out the door, and she just took off for the weekend.

We had to medical emergencies for me while she was living with us, but she was "unable" to come and help us. Thank you for the information on Ms.

Marie know. I hope you'll take the information on Christi Davies very seriously as well.


There is no such thing as "too much money". And that is besides the point.

What matters is that a toddler was being neglected by her paid caretaker.

Whether you like it or not, "Lil Butler" (previous commenter) not everyone in the world has the same amount of resources. Those with more hire House Managers, Nannies, Maids, Gardeners, Drivers, Tutors, etc.

You may object to that, but it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

The fact is that a caretaker turned out to be a danger to children. Period.


You people have too much money.

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