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Grounded Game New Update??!!

You supposedly updated Grounded and now it seems we have gone all the way back to the very beginning and have to find ALL THE BURGL CHIPS AGAIN!!! I thought this was an UPDATES NOT MOVING BACKWARDS!! I really like this game, but I just dont understand what in the heck is going on!!! My frustration level is out of this world!! PLUS WE GOT ATTACKED 2 timesone base was completely destroyed as we didnt know which base was BEING ATTACKED!!! We go back to find a pile of wood and boards and were SHOCKED!!! Please give us some warning as to which base will be attacked then at least we can be there to try to defend it, we have several bases and were NOT EVEN AT THE BASE BEING ATTACKED!!!
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Peril on Gorgon DLC appears to have a game breaking glitch

Paid 15 bucks for peril on Gorgon, an Outer Worlds DLC that has a game breaking glitch very early on. Referring to Lucky's safe in which the key to the whole DLC resides, a key which cannot be obtained by the player even after jumping through all the hoops and getting the safe code and EVEN opening the safe. The key isn't there and my game is at a complete standstill. Bad enough that I had to play through most of the main game again to even GET to the DLC but to have it simply stop when I'm barely into it sucks donkey balls. I'm seeing references to this all over the net. Are you going to fix it or publish a workaround or just sit back and rake in bucks for a game add-on that won't work? Tom.Bales@***.com
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Fallout new vegas

Developed by obsidian entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. To all you Skyrim and Fallout 3 fans i advise to NOT buy this game, not even the ulitimate edition of this game. In fallout 3 the "broken steel" dlc allows you to continue the game after beating the main quest but in New Vegas you cannot regardless if you have all the expansion packs. Yes they give you a forewarning but honestly how many people will it reach? All in all if you like free roaming games dont buy this is is a WASTE of your money, for those who dont know that it ends like that it will make you mad as ***. The buildup to the final mission is amazing then at the end of it nothing, you get absolutely nothing. Also if you saved in the last mission your screwed because you cant go back the only other option is to make a new character so please DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, IT IS A WASTE OF TIME.
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Probably the dumbest thing I've read in a while.

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