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Oasiz chat ( beware)

I have recently wanted to go to a chat site that I have been invited to called Oasiz. I was very please ( at first) when I had noticed we can basicaly pimp our profiles for free with bbc coding, and then..I guess this was an fre option that has been available for their customers for about a year and then one day, I had noticed all the work everyone had done on their profiles went missing, because the said producer and maker of the site ( without warning ) stated that he had taken this option off because people had been abusing it * remember there wa sno rules set on how to use this option* this is just the beginning of many issues, they explained that this was a quote on quote glitch ( okay so I will give that a benifit of a doubt) then I had problems paying for avip account due to their payment process of only taking pay pal, that was resolved of a free membership IF I pay for an account by the end of the month and give them good word ( a basic bribe that was made by the manager Jemma herself)..then I went to pay for such an account after all this said and done I noticed that their accounts had been in pounds but the conversion of pounds into american dollars had not been converted since January meaning that people had been unknowingly payed 30$ which should have been only 24 for the last eight months ( is this legal?), and she had admitted in a recent meeting that she -knew- of this but was quickly changed after I had brought it up in a certain thread pointing it out. They had been caught stealing. Now after being an opinionated person and American, I voiced my concerns on the subject and my thread was closed and then the staff themselves that volenteer for Oasiz had attacked me to get the final word stating that I was asking for a free acount and laughed in my face after taking my voice away from their forums, yet they still want me to pay for that account services????? During a meeting with the staff and a few others there who were also having problems with the abuse of the staff there, I had asked for an apology for also taking comments out of my profile without warning or reasons other than because it hurt their feelings or made them look bad because of the mistakes they had made, I asked IceMaiden an assistant manager for Oasiz to give a general apology to their paying and non paying customers for the profile mayhem, and the and for ripping off Americans knowingly, and a personal one for the elicite abuse I recieved because I caught them with their pants down. Quote on quote...the assistant manager had said " I didn;t deserve an apology" Consumers be aware of this site. They bribe their vips with free gifts to keep their words and reputations gold. If their services are *** and you ask for a refund, they call that payment an donation. I wonder if this is even legal.
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Oasiz chat is ran by several seriously retarded people who have no idea what they are doing and no logistics in what quality means. And not considering their little *** nosed cliques that constantly run their sheepish mouths off on the boards , putting others down to stroke each other's egos, they won't stop being egotistical long enough to pull the sticks out of their ***.

The site consists mostly rpgs which , are actually a disguise for fat middle age women to use ,to find some love sick desperate attention from the opposite sex, D class *** that have no issues trading out the private selection of pictures, like base ball cards.

There is no freedom of speech, on this communities boards let alone in rooms where ops and mods hide behind their positions.

So if you enjoy fast slutty action with little to less effort involved, communistic staff and very stuck up cliquish groups, this slutgarden is for you!!!


Oasiz chat is a joke.

It's a service ran by three people who have no idea what quality means and their boards are over ran by *** kissing cliques ( mainly of four or five people) who can't stop long enough from stroking each other's egos to pull the sticks out of their ***.

The place is being over ran by cheap cyber sex fat *** disguised as rpg, yes they use that title and character basis to 'try' to get into your personal life and find some desperate love sick connection or relationship.

Most of the owners that have rooms , hide behind that exact position. You have no freedom of speech at all unless you are willing to pay 45 dollars to be able to place a you tube video on your profile , to me it doesn't seem to be worth it when there are other communities out there who can give you more for free then what this slutgarden of a chat service can give.

BUT..on the contrary, if you enjoy being in a communistic community over ran by slutty married older aged women who will show you snap shots of themselves as if though they were trading cards in matter of minutes and you can deal with egotistical msn mongers who constantly gripe about the 'good old days' then this place if for you!



Oasiz chat is a joke.

It is ran by three people who are hung on themselvesand have no sense of quality and behind them are small kiss *** cliques mainly of four people who can't stop stroking each other's egos on the boards long enough to get the sticks out of their ***.

The rpg rooms that are there, are being over ran by filthy *** who use role play as a mean to get attention or a way to invert themselves into personal lives so if you desire to have free sex with little to no effort..this is the place to do it, just make sure you can write reflectively decent, not to mention the infamous ops and owners who hide behind their positions. There is absolutely no freedom of speech there. If you enjoy being in an oppressive communistic community slutgarden then this place is for you!


i was ip banned for calling the oasiz staff fat ugly ppl as this was my opinion and obviously a fact i think im was badly treated :upset


i was treated very badly by oasiz , so i can understand your view. i was permenantly banned because i refused to type anything while a peadophile was in the room, who had admitted what he was on main screen for all to see, so i reported them to microsoft for protecting him and kicking chatters out that didn't agree with the oasiz policy on the matter.i also reported them to trading standards for thier vip system and how it is funded, a donation is your choice to give something and you expect to recive nothing in return.

payment is when you hand over cash in return for a service. so handing over cash for a email and pipm privilledge on your personal account is a service .. and by law you are entitled to a refund if that service is not as advertised or is sub standard... so ..

report them to trading standards, and if you wish you can take them to small claims court for your money back .. it's your legal right


Stop whinging

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