Conchita Vnj
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The best the island has to offer

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Where can you find it all? It is so hard to find a place that treats you like family-- but it does exist here at Oakdale Academy.

They treat you and your child as if you were part of their family. They are caring, loving supportive and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for more. Their hours are amazing for working parents and being so close to transportation is incredible.

The prices are extremely fair. The education is beyond belief-- my child now reads!!

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Good customer service

I would rather walk through fire than send my child here!!!!!!!

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Why? What bad expierence did you have?

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Shayna Sxd
map-marker Staten Island, New York

My child learned to read

I was amazed I sent them a toddler who could hardly speak and by the time he left he was reading and was able to write in full sentences! How do I ever find the words to say thank you and find the way to show my gratitude for opening up a whole new world.

Needless to say this gift is priceless, and he made the gifted and talented program as well.

The staff there is outstanding and incredible. I feel they should be recognized for all they do for the community they have truly been a staple here for four decades now.

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sally h Ubv
map-marker Piscataway Township, New Jersey

WOnderful and happy place

I find this school to be outstanding -- it covers all bases and offers the most comprehensive program imaiginable. It has great educational programs along with adjunct programs that come in on a semi monthly basis to work with the children on science concepts and another program just for fun.

The kids are happy and safe and clean. they come home sharing abou their day and my infant comes home happy and spotless. The staff is warm and warm and always to share their thoughts on how the day went. The facility is clean and bright.

The lunch progrm offered by BUEL catering is nice and makes my life easy by providing the hot nutitrious food so I don't need to send in anything cold from home. I love the fresh fruit snacks they provide. The parents in the classroom program is nice and the new teacher coordinator is wonderful.

The secretary always does a nice meet and greet and the director is always available to address any concern.

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map-marker Piscataway Township, New Jersey

Great place

Oakdale is a great place to send your child. the information provided on one of the complaints is so bogus and old it should have been deleted long ago.

The school on Victory does not serve hot lunch and the one on Oakdale uses a caterer-- chicken nuggets are never served. Supplies are brought in by children and used by children. They offer great care with wonderful hours and they have a super clean facility and really care about children. They have high standards really ask teachers to step up to the plate-- if not they are let go.

What's wrong with that-- it protects your child!

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map-marker Reston, Virginia

Oakdale Academy Daycare Staten Island, NY

This is a teriffic place to send your child if you want to show them how the less fortunate must live. They will be served tiny portions of barely edible lunches that are provided at the lowest cost imaginable. Nothing goes to waste here, so leftovers are often recycled; a good way to teach kids to be frugal and economical. Chicken nuggets and french fries are counted (3 nuggets & 10 fries per child) so it will provide them a good foundation in arithmatic.

YOur child will learn so much in this school. Mine developed a colorful vocabulary consisting of four letter words and repeated much of the verbal abuse heard there.

You will be treated like a member of the Oakdale Academy Family, as long as your check clears.

Your child will meet and be exposed to lots of different people, as the staff turnover is so tremendous that they will have a new teacher every few weeks! What better way to afford your child such a vast knowledge of different teaching styles.

Often they are so short staffed that they combine several classes into one, with children of different ages. This is a great way to teach your young child to defend themself against bullies. In fact, older children are often left in charge of toddlers, which is an effective way to teach your older child responsibilty.

Wait, the learning doesn't stop there! Oakdale academy does quite a bit of science too! Your children will experience first hand exactly what happens when bacteria is allowed to accumulate on toilets, desks and play things. They will get desensitized to all sorts of smells, like cigarette smoke and dirty diapers. While students in other schools are only reading about these things, your child will see and touch!

The education does not stop with the kids. No sir! You as the parent will learn how to sell hundreds upon hundreds of dollars worth of candy each month. This might open up new opportunities to you in the fields of sales or marketing.

And for those of you who may be a bit rusty, you will get a crash course in mathematics. Exactly how is it that the parent of ONE child must provide TWENTY notebooks, FOUR DOZEN pencils, TWELVE folders, TWENTY glue sticks, 200 business envelopes and TWO reams of copy paper?! You may also wonder how each parent must pay $20 bus fare for their child to go on a day trip just a few miles down the road. Multiply all these numbers by 36 (the number of pupils) and you will see that Oakdale does quite well with having parents meet their overhead, plus a little to spare.

You as the parent will be guarded against any ghastly sights or smells from the interior because parents are not allowed into the building. The farthest you as a parent will get is the office, where your money will be collected and your child brought to you filthy and hungry.

You may even acquire a new wardrobe for your child, as they sometimes send the kid home in strange clothing that does not belong to them.

Dont miss out! Doesnt your child deserve the very best???!!!

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Spider, you should really look more into this place. as a parent who thinks things are okay and safe, I can think I can agree with what your saying.

But u are only an outsider. This review is not blown out of scope, as I have said earlier, it IS on point. I quit because I felt guilty working there! I knew what they were doing wasnt right.

U tell me this, they cut through one of the walls in the extra room to make a window. They were plastering things and had the whole daycare clouded w fumes. Is this something u want ur kid breathing in? Is eating boiled pasta and cookies everyday healthy?

U must not have read all the other reviews about this place. Do u think ppl really sit here and write lies? As a parent, are u not concerned with the fact that no one stays in there employed longer than a year. Audrey has been there 15 yrs, yes.

Nilo has been there 3years, yes. Another lady has been there a year, yes. But thats only 3 ppl! Use ur head.

Theres a reason why staff isnt staying. While I was there DOH showed up 5 times within a month! U think this is normal? Do u remember that incident about the guy molesting and giving herpes to a little girl there?

They failed to do a backgroundon him. I worked there without a physical! Audry forged it! What if I had something wrong where it could have been passed 2 ur child.

I had no background check either, what if I was a child molester?

If this is an enviornment u desire, by all means keep ur child there. But like I said, ur an outsider, things look clear when ur outside looking in.


Ok I think this parent\'s review of Oakdale is more than a little blown out of proportion. My son has been there for over a year now & my wife & I really only had 1 or 2 complaints in that time.

I won’t go into what the problems were, but as far as I’m concerned they have been handled efficiently.As for the food and knowing how fussy children are when eating I couldn\'t imagine giving much more to eat at a time anyway. While it\'s not the first time I heard about counting food out, they have to do that so they know what the kids eat. I would like for him to eat more real food and less junk though. I do agree that they take advantage with supplies and fees, but not to that extent.

Look the tuition is a little on the high end but you had to know that going in and I’m sure dealing with parents who’s checks constantly fail to clear is probably not their favorite thing to do on their list. I’ve been late paying the tuition by a few days here & there, be it my forgetfulness or the fact that my son wasn’t attending the first few days of the month, but never were we not treated with the utmost respect. Is Audree a little eccentric at times? Yes, but I would never say she doesn’t care about the children.

If she didn’t care she wouldn’t be there for as long as she has or put in as many hours a day as she does. Now as far as the ex employee that commented about her, I understand that she isn’t the easiest person to work for because of the way she berates other workers, but it’s not always smooth sailing as I’m sure you can attest and it’s this that leads to the vast turnover. I\'ve never smelt cigarette smoke on him, but he has come home with things that weren\'t his. It’s not that big a deal.

When he does come home with other clothes we inform the staff of the mishap, return the wrong outfit & by the next day it’s resolved…well, not always. It depends on the parent of the child wearing his outfit if we get it back or not.


This comment is soooo on point. The kids eat the same thing everyday.

Boilled pasta (no cheese) n juice n some times chkn nuggets. For breakfast they eat junk. In fact, i still have a pic on my phone of a little girl maya eating cookies for breakfast! Audry is a *** n doesnt care about the children.

The new lady, estelle, is a kiss ***. Not to mention they lie to u avout the pay.

And when doh showes uo, forgt about takin a break. The staff turnovet is INSANE IN THERE


Epic win!

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