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I returned the product the same day it arrived, I was told by the supervisor my refund would be processed in 7 to 10 days. Well CONSUMERS it's one and a half month later and I'm still trying to get my $69.99 refunded to my card. They are trying to say the never received the product back. DO NOT CALL FOR THIS FREE TRIAL ON THIS PRODUCT I'TS NOT SO FREE ! The product is not worth the hassle. Consumers please be aware of what O2PUR is doing to...
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Anonymous Going through the same exact problem right now! I'm so pissed I told them the day I ordered the trial that is all I want nothing else no product nothing! Bam all the sudden I ...

i also fell for this free starter kit with just $4.95 S&H.they told me all the parts were unique to their co. i stopped by my local vape store and he had everything i would ever need for it. i called as soon as i got home to cancell my account. after listening to the *** auto voice i finally got a person. all she wanted to talk about was cancer and how much i smoked. i was so pissed. i just said i'm not answereing anything, just cancell my...
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Anonymous Well I just started using o2 pur e cig and I'm not having any problem with the product. I do have a problem with misdirected information from them. But I will be canceling as ...


Anonymous You have to call your credit card company. THIS IS A SCAM.