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Oharmony Realty hires unlicensed and unskilled maintenance w

This happened on 8 -5 -2018 The company sent over maintenance workers to repaint clean the entire house put up a light fixture and a $25 filter for the refrigerator . Not only was I charged $675 but I had to hire a professional painter to match the paint where they just touched it up and use the darker paint it looked awful that cost me $400 and a lot of time !! Met with the owner of Oharmony Realty Karen X IAO and she assured me she was going to take care of this it is now six weeks later and I have not received the compensation she said I was to receive . I bought this house from her over two years ago and she manage the property I cannot understand how you can have a client that you’ve made considerable money off of them they have a problem with your maintenance staff and you refused to do anything about it ????
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Ronald L Iml
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Was charged $675 for maintenance on a rental that I own and

They have employed unlicensed and unqualified maintenance personnel to service their homeowners properties now the other thing you hear is is that most of these owners or out of state so they never know what’s going on and this is a major scam
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Problems with payment

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Colby Hager

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