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Everything I own was damaged, lost or stolen

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I hired Pan Transit Van Lines to move my belongings from Indiana to California on May 2, 2023. On August 11, 2023, Scott Davis contacted me via telephone to go over my inventory list.

I had already emailed the company a detailed list with the exact sizes of every item from furniture to boxes. Scott rushed me through everything and had me sign an incorrect Bill of Lading. I had not slept since August 8, due to family and friends dying and had been missing from the Lahaina Maui fires. I told Scott this.

He still rushed me through signing documents and paying more money than originally contracted. I did not see that he changed my box sizes and number of boxes until he asked for more money and I already signed the documents. He increased my price an additional $2,426.84. The original total contract price was $2,764.16.

My new contract price increased to $5,191.00. As soon as I discovered this, I contacted the Director of Operations, Charles Cadell about it. I was told that he was unavailable and the lady, who refused to state her name or ID, told me that because I already signed the documents they cannot correct it to a lower rate but that they could increase the rate. This made no sense because it was their employee who made the error in the first place, not me.

They had in their possession my printed inventory list with the exact number and sizes of every item in my inventory and Scott changed it, then he erroneously increased my moving estimate rate. Then, when the moving truck arrived on August 16th to pick up my belongings, it was a totally different company. The name on the truck was "Way 2 Go Moving" and the new documents I was to sign were under "Non-Stop Moving, Inc.". They gave me an inventory list that only showed items listed as small, medium and large box, and a few furniture items by type.i.e.

Chair, Sofa, Mattress, and again the employee was rushing me to sign documents and no copies were given to me. The employee even wrote on his inventory list a sofa and I told him I don't have a sofa, he still didn't remove it from the list. They charged me an additional $75.00 because the employee claimed it was supposedly more than 75 feet from the moving truck to my apartment door and the contract states that the first 75 feet is FREE. So why was I even charged?

I later measured the distance with my apartment manager and it was only actually 50 feet. I asked both companies, Pan Transit Van Lines, Way 2 Go Moving and Non-Stop Moving Inc., when my belongings would be delivered. They told me 610 days but maximum 21 days. On May 5, 2023, Charles Cadell originally assured me that only one moving company would have possession of and be delivering my belongings.

This was not true at all. First my belongings went to Ohio beginning with Way 2 Go Moving, then were moved onto another truck in Chicago of which I do not know what company it was, then again moved onto another truck in Washington, again of which I do not know what company it was, then moved onto to another different truck in Los Angeles, California, and again I do not know what company it was either. Neither Pan Transit Van Lines nor Way 2 Go Moving or Non-Stop Moving Inc. will tell me this information.

My belongings were not delivered until September 13, 2023 at 4:24pm by a moving company that I did not hire nor contract with named NW Relocation, seven days beyond the delivery due date. There were seven of my very large and medium boxes missing or stolen, a family heirloom antique chair was missing or stolen, and the mattress that they delivered was not even my mattress. My mattress was brand new, I have pictures and receipts. They switched the mattress and put my mattress cover on it.

The mattress they delivered was old, had a large hole cut out of it, a lot of blood stains, and an old oversized cover that didn't even fit the mattress. The mattress looked like something from a crime scene. I reported it to the Police Department in case it was. Naturally, the Police Department officer said they do not have the resources to prove either a crime scene possibly occurred or a theft occurred.

Also, every one of my boxes that NW Relocation delivered were either crushed, had huge holes, or were damaged on all sides. I took pictures of all of my boxes and furniture before they picked up everything, and I took pictures of everything when they delivered it before the employees left. Every box that I opened had one item or more damaged inside. Every piece of my of furniture that they delivered had been damaged.

All of my antique pottery is either missing or damaged. All three of the companies that I have knowledge of being involved with the moving of my belongings do not return phone calls, emails, or text messages. Their claims department,, and phone numbers they provided me for claims also do no not return phone calls, and they are listed on the Better Business Bureau website as being a scam by everyone that has filed a claim with and complaint about the company. In fact, Way 2 Go Moving, Non-Stop Moving Inc.

and NW Relocation all also have numerous negative complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, describing almost verbatim what I have experienced. I have copies of all documents with Pan Transit Van Lines, Way 2 Go Moving and Non-Stop Moving Inc., as well as all text messages, all emails, I documented every phone conversation and I have a detailed list of every item I put inside each of my boxes when I packed them, plus photos. I have been forced to badger these companies in order to get any kind of response. No one is taking responsibility for my lost, stolen or otherwise missing items, or the switching of my mattress.

I lost business and continue to lose business daily because most of the items missing or stolen are items that I sold in my business online and at craft fairs. Plus some of the missing boxes contained family pictures and my original artwork for my photography business, photos of my husband and his original artwork that he made, and he is now deceased. These items cannot be replaced and no amount of money will ever replace them either. I cannot understand how boxes sized 24"L x 16"W x 19"H and 19"L x 14"W x 17"H with my Name, address, phone number and email address on a white large label in two very visible places on all of my boxes and furniture can possibly go missing!!

I am not only suffering the losses physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I have receipts for each and every item that was in my boxes and the furnishings, everything that was on those moving trucks. So between the extra charges they charged me for items I didn't even have on the truck for a total of $3,332.00 in deposits, plus $1,600.00 paid at delivery, they did give me a $333.00 discount for delivering past the 21 days, the cost of my brand-new mattress, an heirloom family antique chair, irreplaceable items, damaged items, and the missing items from my business of $3,215.40, my Total loss is well over $10,000, $9,561.71 to be exact.

Certainly their scam claims program won't cover even 1/10th of my losses as it only pays 60 cents per pound per article!! These companies have so many negative reviews and negative complaints, why are they allowed to still be able to get licenses, insurance and continue to operate, and continue to deceive people and steal people's property and hard-earned money!!!

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  • Theft of property
  • Poor customer service
  • Damaged items

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Not recommended at all

Tiera G
map-marker Arnold, Maryland

Deceptive, shady, price-gouging moving company. AVOID.

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My husband and I moved cross-country from Idaho to Maryland in September 2019. When we began our move, we were under the impression that we would be working with All Pro Moving Group, as this is who we originally were in contact with. It then became clear that they were actually a brokering agent and would be contracting out our moving request to NW Relocation/GTS Shipping. All Pro Moving Group was not forthcoming with this information, and we did not realize we’d actually signed up to use a different company until we had already paid our deposit. A few days after the deposit, our sales rep from All Pro calls my husband and says that the original price estimate they gave us was inaccurate, and we would now owe more money immediately in order to keep processing our move. They do not do in-home assessments, so my husband estimated the amount of items and boxes we would be moving over the phone. As you might imagine, it’s impossible to adequately estimate such an amount. We were incredibly confused by All Pro demanding an additional fee, but we had so much going on with the move that we didn’t have the time to deal with it, so we agreed to pay an additional deposit and moved forward. This should’ve been the first red flag. Once we paid All Pro, all communication from them ceased. We were instructed to then utilize GTS Shipping/NW Relocation as our main point of contact. Later on, when I would attempt to receive a response from GTS Shipping/NW Relocation regarding the status of our items, we would also reach out to All Pro, as they had brokered the move, and receive either no response or a very rude, insensitive, and unhelpful reply. GTS Shipping/NW Relocation picked up our items in Boise, Idaho on September 18. A crew came to our apartment to pack and load our items into a truck, and to give us paperwork. The paperwork states different delivery estimates based on the total mileage of your move. Since our move was over 2000 miles, our delivery estimate was 5-21+ days. The paperwork also stated that they are unable to guarantee specific delivery dates. This was the first time throughout the process that we heard they couldn’t guarantee a delivery date - at no point earlier had this been revealed to us, and if we had known, we wouldn’t have worked with this company. We believe they are purposely deceptive about their delivery estimates because they suspect they would lose business if they revealed their true delivery timeframe upfront. When asked, the crew leader noted the 5-25 day range on the paperwork, and told us that it "never takes that long." Later on, when I reached out to both All Pro and GTS Shipping/NW Relocation for assistance, All Pro replied and told me “at no point was a delivery date ever guaranteed.” How about making sure the moving crews you contract with don’t give customers false hope or incorrect information, then? We left the next day to begin our cross-country drive. On day two of the drive, we noticed a missed call and an email from GTS Shipping/NW Relocation, informing us that they were unable to process our payment, because we had paid with an American Express card, and their company only accepts Visa and MasterCard. We were never informed of this, either. I went back through our contracts with a fine-tooth comb and discovered it buried in minuscule print on the All Pro contract. This is something they need to me much more forthcoming about. We didn’t have any other way to pay, no other available cards that could hold the $1300 balance, so we were forced to ask my mom for help. Luckily, she was able to step in at the last minute. We moved into our new home on September 26. Over the next few weeks, I would speak to customer service multiple times. Each time the agent, Vicki, stated that she would have to "check with dispatch" regarding the status of our items, and each time the delivery estimate changed, leading me to believe that no one actually had any clue what is going on. The first time I called, I was told I could expect to hear from them within a few days with more information regarding my delivery. I never heard anything, so I followed up. This time, I was told that our items were likely scheduled to be loaded within the next day or two, but that it could take an additional up to 7 days for delivery. Judging from the information I gathered while on the phone with customer service, it seems that this company holds items hostage in a warehouse until it is convenient for them to deliver. They will not tell you this at any point during the sales phase, likely because no one would do business with them having known this beforehand. The reason our original quote was so cheap is because GTS Shipping/NW Relocation takes their sweet time with your belongings, storing them in a warehouse until it suits them. At this point, I filed complaints against the company with the BBB and the FMCSA. I sent an email to the company and let them know how unhappy I was. I copied All Pro moving on the email, and they did respond, though mostly to deny any fault on their part. I never received a response from GTS Shipping/NW Relocation. I attempted to locate some contact information for upper management, hoping to speak to a supervisor or manager, but the only contact information available was what I already had. I believe they purposely hide upper management’s information from public access because of the amount of complaints they would receive otherwise. Eventually, having grown too upset with the situation, I gave up on contacting them, and let my mother handle it. Vicki ceased all communication with me and my husband and seemed to only be interested in talking to my mother, who was footing the bill for the move. At one point, they informed my mom that our items were slated to arrive on the very last day of our delivery range, October 23, over a month from when they were originally picked up. To make matters worse, we were scheduled to fly out on October 24 for our wedding, and to leave immediately afterward for our honeymoon. My mother explained all of this to Vicki, who repeatedly said that she was sorry, but really did not seem to care. It was only through my mother’s tenacity and persistence that Vicki eventually understood and agreed to try and expedite our delivery. We lived on an air mattress in an empty apartment for over a month. Any savings we made by going with this company (far cheaper than many others, and clearly for good reason) were negated by being forced to continually re-purchase basic necessities we already own, since they are still holding our belongings hostage. We would spend over $500 additional dollars on low-cost chairs, tables, and other items that we needed immediately in order to have a comfortable living situation. To make matters worse, because we were never informed of how long delivery might take (at least not until the day of our pickup!) I packed several items I needed for the wedding in the boxes we gave to the movers. We had very limited space in the car we took, and I was under the impression our items would be delivered well in advance of our wedding. Imagine knowing that your wedding is in a few days, and still not having your wedding reception dress or wedding shoes, because they’re in a box, in a warehouse somewhere, being held hostage. Imagine needing some of those items for your final wedding dress fitting, and having to rush to find replacements because the items were unavailable to you, all at the fault of this company. Finally, we were given a possible delivery estimate of October 21, and began to think that this ordeal was coming to an end. On the day of delivery, the truck driver informed us that he had driven by our address to check for truck accessibility, and said that due to truck weight restrictions on local roads, he wouldn’t be able to get his tractor trailer into our townhome complex. This meant that they would have to transfer everything to a smaller shuttle truck - at an additional $500 cost. As we moved from Idaho to Maryland, we were not able to tour our new residence in person, so how were we to have known that the company’s specific truck wouldn’t be allowed access? This is something that the company themselves should assess far in advance and cover the cost of, not something that should be revealed to the customer on the day of delivery. We felt we had no choice but to pay the additional ridiculous fee because it had already taken them long enough to deliver our items and we were worried that refusing to pay would further delay delivery. A quick Google search reveals that this company has many unfavorable reviews, and based on the service I've experienced so far, it's not difficult to understand why. I wish we had seen those reviews before signing a contract with the horrible business.
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Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Nothing, just that no one else uses them. I don't need them to contact me.

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