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Horrible they don't have your back!!!

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I was being harassed on the job by a part-time worker. I reported it to Novus, was told to send emails from this worker.

Sent the emails did not hear back from until driving home. She called and told me that I was terminated due to insubornation . I asked her how was it insubornation when this person is a part-time worker. She told me that I was going back and forth with a supervisor, which was a LIE.

I asked her who told her that person was a supervisor she didn't answer. I spoke with some other people and asked if they was told that this person was a supervisor, they said NO. I sent email to Novus and asked again "who told you that person was a supervisor?" No reply it was all a lie. Nothing was done about this person harassing me on the job.

The person that was harassing me was best friends with the director of the company. No loyalty to there Workers!!!!!!

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map-marker Beaver, Pennsylvania

Novus Staffing Solutions Employmnet Services Review from Beaver, Pennsylvania

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I recently had a very similar experience with Novus Staffing. They put me on a job for an extended period of time and forgot about me.

I was under the illusion that this was a temp to perm position. I thought everything was going great, until one day after work, I received an email from them telling me that the contract ended and not to return to the "worksite". Yes, an email! I was not even allowed to collect my belongings.

They made me feel as though I did something drastically wrong. I was lead to believe this would be permanent employment for me. Instead I am unemployed... Right before Christmas!

There was never any evaluation, good or bad, as to my work. I'm sorry that I ever met these people. I have never felt so be-littled in my life.

Everything they told me and promised me were nothing but complete lies for their own financial gain. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

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Poor customer service
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I am not familiar with this company, but staffing agencies in general are famous for making people believe their job will go perm.

map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Novus Staffing Solutions- Whatever You Do, Do Not Work For This Temp Agency

Novus Staffing has to be one of the worst temp agencies out there. I have read many complaints about other temp agencies such as Aerotek and J Croyle Associates but I guess people have yet to learn anything about Novus. Novus will lie through their teeth about the availability of the positions. Most agencies update their sites accordingly, letting employment seekers view the current listed positions in their chosen area. I believe Novus is the only one that will still have hundreds of positions listed on their website but once you inquire about a specific position then all of a sudden it's not available. Yeah right! Especially after it states that it was posted only a day or two before looking to apply. This agency is full of bull. I am a college graduate with nothing to show for it. I have been looking for work for quite some time now and I grew desperate enough to use Novus.

My advice is save yourself the stress and peace of mind. I never in my life heard of anyone's assignment ending during training. I trained with a company for only a couple days and then I was told that the supervisor felt that I was not a good fit. Nothing seemed to be on the same page, especially when my so-called trainer told me I was making so much progress. I also can not leave out that I did not even receive full training. The guy who was supposed to be training me would stop after every new thing he was teaching me to go smoke cigarettes, or get caught up in his work. Most of the time he had doing simple things basically just to keep me out of his for a while. It was completely unfair to write me off before even completing a certain amount of training. I've seen dogs receive better treatment then how Novus treats their temps. You also gotta love how they tell you not to EVER return to the property or pick up any belongings. Laugh out loud hilarious. The company was in the process of moving to a different floor so they did not even provide me with my own desk. I was forced to work on and off of various employees desk tops. Most people would think it's a little hard to get properly trained this way.

I will never accept an assignment from them again. The recruiter has the personality of dead person.

Also, I'm sure that there's probably some other temp agencies that treat people much better than I experienced but as for Novus Staffing, avoid them at all costs. I'll work at Charlotte Russe or Macy's first.

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Temporary Agencies are an interesting beast. Most, if not all of them, follow a simple business plan. They are not in the business to find you work. They are in the business to sell their services to clients. There are few known tricks of the trade. Temporary Agencies have been known to post blanket job openings on numerous job boards to increase their “candidate” files. The idea behind this is very simple. The more people they have on file, they more businesses to sell their wares. So, calling an agency about a posting and hearing that a job has been filled is not uncommon. Should you decide to “register” with an agency, do not hold your breath for that perfect job. There are a few things that can happen to you. As an example, the agency gets an order for an Administrative Assistant. The first thing the “recruiter” will do is start calling people who match the client’s needs at the time. To sell you to the client, they would have had you “test” on different subject matters during “registration”. So with the scores in hand they begin their callings. However, if you do not answer the phone for whatever reason, they will go to the next person on their list. As to how they generate their calling lists, well I am sure that varies from place to place. But, I am sure the higher the score the higher on the list. Also, if you don’t tell them you are available on a daily or weekly basis you might not make it to the list.

So say that you do accept an assignment. And still a few more things can happen to you. Remember, the agency is a business and like every business – their customer’s satisfaction is paramount. Should their customer not like you for any reason, and I do mean any reason. It could be you dot your “I”s with little hearts to you’re the worst “Temp” ever. The agency will pull you from that assignment. The agency will never tell you the full reason for the removal. They might just say the “business” decided to go a different way. Another thing that could happen is that they customer is not paying the agency for the service. In that case, you will again be removed from the assignment and never told the full reason.

When working for any temporary agency, you have to take it with a grain of salt. The best bet is to use them for real world experiences, but never use them as a permanent full time employer. It may be hard to hear, but temporary agencies see you as a means to sell you to their client. That’s all. You are there to make them money. So, again think of them as an easy way to build up your resume while you look for a real job. Never think of them as anything else.

Just on a side note, if you have been “temping” at the same place for years and that company hasn’t moved you to their payroll yet. Remind yourself, that you are cheaper to have as a Temp, since they don’t have to pay WC, UI, or a number of taxes for you to be there. So you are temping at what I like to call a “cheap business”. Personally, when I temped many years ago there was a clause in the Agency / Client contract that I would cost a certain amount of money to “buy” out right before a certain date, and after that date I would be free. Usually it was 90 days, so if on day 91 the company I was assigned at didn’t want to transfer me to their payroll. I normally was out the door. I would rather work for a company that really wants me to be there, instead of a company that was trying to keep their payroll costs down. In my case, it did work out. But, not everyone will experience the same thing.

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Thanks! You're advice and feedback are greatly appreciated.

I will definitely take these agencies by a grain of salt. I only wish someone would have shared your information with me before I decided to register with a temp agency. My family has little knowledge of how these places operate as well. I am currently working with a different temp agency to make some money throughout the holidays until I start with a permanent job; and also as an quick easy way to build up my resume.

Unfortunately, I went into the temp world very naive as I am a recent college grad with not that much work experience.

I still have so much to learn but hopefully I will have a permanent job soon, so that I will never have to use work for an agency never again. Thanks again.


First and foremost, let me say that I wish I (or one of my staff members) would have had an opportunity to speak with the author of this complaint before it was posted on this website. My team informed me that we have not been made aware (by any of our temporary associates) of anyone having any of the issues outlined here.

Relative to the job postings on our website, we serve many clients whose requirements change on a daily basis. Hence, we are always recruiting qualified candidates for current/future opportunities. In this instance, it’s apparent that we had a job for which this person was qualified, because he/she writes about the ending of his/her assignment.With respect to a temporary assignment ending prematurely, one of the key reasons clients rely on temporary staffing companies is that they’re afforded the “flexibility” of expanding/contracting their workforce as they see fit. Although I can’t comment on this circumstance (because I only know what I’ve read here and nothing else) I will say that the situation portrayed seems unusual - and there’s often more to the story.Lastly, I am alarmed and disappointed that someone who has had a less than perfect experience with my company has resorted to posting an anonymous complaint on the internet, as opposed communicating with us directly and affording us an opportunity to address/resolve his/her issue.

Earlier this year, Novus was ranked the 5th fastest growing privately owned company in Pittsburgh. This is an honor that resulted from our uncompromising commitment to delivering superior levels of service to all our constituents.

I am especially proud of the fact that since I founded the company 3 ½ years ago, Novus has helped create over 1000 jobs for area residents. I welcome the opportunity to speak with the author of this complaint and can be reached at 412-722-****.Sincerely,Ron AlvaradoPresidentNovus Staffing Solutions

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I have to experience with your company was not good at all! I was placed with a company that was not a good fit for me from the start and I informed your recruits of that issue the second day of me being on the assignment.

Nothing was done for me as far as pulling me from that assignment and putting me on another assignment which there was other openings as well, but instead I was stuck with the assignment that was given to me and with no growth at all with that assignment. I was released from that assignment and it wasn't on good terms, I could make a list of things that was wrong with this company and your company as well, but my main problem with you guys is the professionalism with your staff. The Director of your company talked to me on the phone so bad and was so rude to me! I felt like I was a little kid being yelled at and belittled.

You really need to do something about that, because I wasn't the only person who had an bad experience with your company and the director of your company in the City Of Pittsburgh, PA. Totally unprofessional....Not a good look for you guys at all!!!... Teach your staff and director to have some type of professionalism and politeness when dealing with the employees.

I know at least a dozen of people who will not have anything to do with your company because of the bad reviews coming from your staff and director. Bad for business sir!

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