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NW Shower door Pretty darned good

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I've used NW Shower door on many occasions on several projects over many years. Like any construction related business, they have an occasional gaff.

It's a complicated industry. But they always come through. Most recently, I postponed the installation of glass wine room enclosure for two months. When the installers arrived, they noticed one of the panels had a series of scratches, which obviously originated in the manufacturing process.

It was unfortunate that someone had not inspected the glass upon arrival at their facility, because it could have been reordered and remanufactured with no flaws prior to our scheduled install date. It would have been totally invisible to me and the client. Nevertheless, a replacement is scheduled for reinstall very soon.

This a locally owned business, supported mostly by custom contractors like myself. I would not engage them if they weren't conscientious, dependable and quality people.

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Reason of review:
Good quality
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Terrible Customer Service

NW Shower doors do not know the meaning of customer service. When I ordered my shower doors, I was told I would receive an estimated time of arrival the next day, though it never happened. After many phone calls to the store, inquiring about when they expect the shower doors to arrive, I was not told a straight answer, noting that they are unable to tell me because their vendor has not told them yet. (can you call to find out?)

Three weeks later after the 5th call to the store, they stated it would be arriving perhaps within the next shipment but if not, a week later. This meant another round of phone tag seeing if it arrived before driving to pick it up.

When I came to pick it up, they did not tell us that it would come unpackaged, with the glass exposed and no protection whatsoever. They told us we could dumpster dive for some spare cardboard in the back (which was full of big metal staples) in order to make sure it would arrive back to our home safely. I asked if we could use some of their packaging saran wrap. No. Also, no help with carrying out the doors to the back.

We are very disappointed, spending about $1000 on shower doors. Been in the construction industry for years, and can't remember the last time I received such horrible customer service.

Now we have to go to a local hardware company to purchase protection because of this *** service.


It turns out they decided to put the door opening for the left side, while we needed a right side opening. This mistake from them could have been prevented with a simple phone call to ask. No where on the invoice does it ask to specify this information, and NW Shower Doors should know their product enough to REALIZE that they need this information in order to make custom doors.

Their solution was to send out an installer to have the shower doors flipped upside down, and think that no one would know. Flipping the doors upside down would have the mark on the glass in the middle at eyesight. It is unfair that I am paying FULL PRICE for doors that ARE INCORRECT. This describes their level of acceptance, which is very low, and THEY CANNOT CLAIM THAT THEY PROVIDE FIRST CLASS SERVICE.

Aside from righting the situation, Michelle, the office manager, is extremely rude and condescending on the phone. She is very unhelpful and fails at customer service. She is the one who asked us to dumpster dive for the cardboard to protect the glass, and berated us over the phone.

Dave, the owner of the business, is equally incompetent in the way he handled the situation. He apparently refuses to take responsibility for his employee's lack of training to be able to converse and obtain all the necessary information needed to deliver the correct product. In addition, it doesn't seem to bother him at all that he has a dissatisfied customer, and his solution is to flip the doors instead of providing the correct one.

Therefore, this solution only benefits him, instead of what is right. It is apparent that his attention to detail is very low, so if you are thinking of hiring this company to do your showers, you can never know whether your product is how it is supposed to be.

You can expect them to always cover their tracks, lie and cheat their customers.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Price reduction

map-marker Issaquah, Washington

Poor quality product, bad customer service

Northwest Shower Door installed a frameless glass shower enclosure in our home. The glass door was very bowed. They sent out the same installer to fix the problem. His solution was to insert two additional rubber gaskets between one hinge and the glass. When this was done, the door appeared less bowed but was still not straight. Furthermore, the hinge with the extra gaskets now looks wrong - the spacing is different from the other hinge and there is a visibly thick black edge of material showing at the edges of the hinge.

When we told Northwest Shower Door that we weren't happy with their solution, the owner of the business came to our house. He told me that if they had the manufacturer re-temper the glass it might get scratched in transit; if they made a new door, there was a good chance it wouldn't come out any better the second time. Instead of taking responsibility for fixing the problem, he just kept asking what we wanted him to do. I said we wanted him to fix things in a way we were satisfied with. I left the room for a minute, and when I returned he had left without settling anything.

I emailed the owner (Mr. Greer) expressing surprise that he left in the middle of our conversation. I asked whether he intended to do anything further to address the issues we had raised, but he never responded. Later, in response to an inquiry from our credit card company, he wrote "she told him he should solve the problem. Which he did, and then he left after the conversation." That is not what happened.

Northwest Shower Door installed a faulty product and did not solve the problem in an acceptable manner. Mr. Greer exacerbated the situation by his rudeness, then offered an inaccurate account of what transpired.

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Another old adage says you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Despite what C. Greer stated above, I am not fooled.

Unfortunately, not all of C. Greer's response is true, nor does it address all of the points I made originally. The gaskets they added to bring the enclosure into compliance with industry standards detract from the overall appearance. The owner did in fact leave in the midst of our discussion, without telling me he was leaving and without having settled things to this customer's satisfaction. He also did not have the courtesy to reply to my subsequent email asking whether he intended to do anything more to address our issues. Despite the positive responses C. Greer cites, I doubt that any customer would be happy with that kind of customer service. Perhaps other disgruntled customers felt there was no point in responding to the survey, or maybe we were just the only unlucky ones.

Furthermore, the credit card inquiry was not found in NW Shower Door's favor. As you can imagine, the credit card company does not come to one's home to inspect the product themselves, so they are not in a position to resolve the matter in either the consumer's or the merchant's favor. In order to disprove NW Shower Door's claim that they were in the right, I would have had to pay another company to inspect the installation and write a letter supporting my position. Because I was unwilling to do that, I gave up and authorized the credit card company to make the payment. I also wrote them a note saying that in no way was this an indication that I was satisfied with NW Shower Door.

Take my word or theirs - but if you take theirs, I hope they treat you better than they did me.


In response to review by Morrene J...

The old adage is true. You can't please 100% of people, 100% of the time; even though this is our goal. We did respond to the customer's concerns. Performing 2 service calls and a visit by the company's owner himself, assuring that the beautiful enclosure was installed at or above industry standards. We installed a beautiful, fully functional enclosure. The credit card enquiry was found in our favor.

Not only is it our goal to make sure that our customers are happy. We ask them! We survey all of our retail customers (post-install). In the last 5 years; Northwest Shower Door has provided new shower enclosures to over 3,600 retail customers. In all of that time, this is the only response of this type from one of our customers. We track the average responses to 10 questions about satisfaction with the company, the products, and our service. (Note the questions below.) The average response is tracked on a monthly basis, and falls between 4.85 and 5.03 (Note, we often get responses of greater than 5) on a 1 to 5 point scale.

Survey Questions:

* The NWSD salesman provided me with good information that I needed.

* The NWSD salesman responded in timely fashion with a quote.

* The NWSD salesman was easy to contact, and/or to schedule a measure at my location.

* I visited the NWSD showroom and I received all the information and assistance that I needed.

* My job was scheduled in a timely manner.

* I was able to contact NWSD's office easily.

* The office staff at NWSD were courteous and helpful.

* NWSD's website was easy to navigate and provided helpful information.

* The NWSD installation crew was professional and courteous.

* I am very happy with my Shower Door/Mirror/Glass installation.

For more information and positive reviews, please visit Angie's List.

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