Ben Fna
map-marker Dexter, Missouri

I have no idea what evertone is talking about!

I actually have worked for this company, and I can guarantee that it is not a scam. It is clear to me that the vast majority of people on this site are ones who were either not called back to continue the interviewing process, and judging by some of the spelling and grammar it is not hard to see why, or who were let go because of their work ethic. I regret to say that I did not have the right drive when I started with North, as it is definitely hard work, and decided to not continue on with the management program. I've been working the same job since I quit last year, and since then two of the people whom I worked with have been promoted into their own offices and make a salary triple mine. I hope that anyone who reads this and gets an interview with them will give it more of a shot than I did, it was probably the best opportunity anyone has given me.
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Ivin Uqa
map-marker Saint Louis, Missouri


Dear Concerned Job-Seekers, After reading these complaints, we believe it is necessary to address the obvious concerns being discussed on this page. It is unfortunate that certain individuals have had such negative experiences with our firm. We have made note of your criticism and we are adjusting and improving accordingly. We appreciate your feedback! We wish to address certain complaints noted in previous posts. First, North is NOT a scam. North is a Better Business Bureau accredited firm and we work with several Fortune 500 countries nationwide. We've been outsourced by these companies to handle their face-to-face sales and marketing in the local market. Secondly, there seems to be some confusion with regards to our Management Training Program. Each employee of our firm began as an entry-level Account Manager. From that point on, our employees follow our successful training program on course to a Management position within our organization. Like Mary stated in her review, we are NOT looking to hire career sales individuals. Instead we hope to hire hard-working and motivated individuals interested in a career in Management within the sales and marketing industries. As our market continues to expand, our firm grows. As Leaders are promoted to Assistant Managers and Assistant Managers are promoted to Managers (and open additional offices for us across the country!), positions in our sales and marketing department become available and we pursue qualified and enthusiastic individuals wishing to succeed in our industry . This leads us to our third point, several individuals noted that they received numerous phone calls from our Human Resources Department. While some view our persistence as a sign of our illegitimacy, we view it as enthusiasm! When we find and receive resumes that interest us, we are excited to bring these individuals in for an interview as soon as possible. And this method of recruiting talented individuals has served us well since we opened our doors in 2006. Again we wish to express our gratitude for the valuable feedback expressed on this page. We hope this response has cleared up some of your concerns. Please feel free to visit our website ( Any additional questions and concerns can be sent directly to our HR department by way of the contact information listed on our website. Sincerely, North, Inc.
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And why is it that ALL of these 'marketing firms' or "outsourced sales" HAVE THE SAME WEBSITE LAYOUT, pretty much? Seems to suggest that the SAME co. or owners (Cydcor, in other words) run all these things, and it's not just spontaneous or "a bunch of regular entrepreneurs starting independent companies."


And why the *** are you using a gmail account?? Seriously...?

THAT kind of *** is what makes people suspicious! Isn't the company url or something like that? So why isn't the address after @ ""??


spare me the excuses. Scammers never admit it.

North's only been around for a few years, but you expect me to believe AT&T finds your "credentials" and 'reputation' SO AWESOME that they'll entrust you to "give them lots more business", even though, I'm sure, At&t ALREADY GENERATES BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR IN PROFITS. What do they need some dinky-*** firm in downtown STL's help for?


I think calling you guys a scam is a bit harsh, but when you use vague language and don't describe exactly what the job seeker will do they get suspicious.

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map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

North a company is St. Louis is a scam they claim to be a marketing firm they are door to door sales

North is a company in St.Louis who claims to have started in Alanta. I went there for an interview and they had me come back the next day and wanted me to visit some "client" with the area manager who is really a sales person. I went there to see what it was all about and asked the guy point blank if it was door to door sales. He said no, but to my suprise it was. We drove his car, therefore I was stuck for seven hours walking in the cold. If selling at&t services is what you want then this is the job for you.
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A complete *** job. Do not waste your time applying for this job.

It's a shame when there are so many people out there looking for good jobs that this company misrepresents the job they are advertising for. There were 5 people scheduled to interview at the same time I was scheduled. They need that many people because so many people that walk out when they are told the job is door to door AT$T uverse sales. No salary, no benefits, no gas reimbursement, no car allowance, no training, no anything!!!!!!!

Do not wast you time applying for this job. They tell you it is a 3 part interview. Do not even go for the first part of the interview!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no marketing, no advancement, no management opportunities. It is a burn and churn job that no one wants!!!!!!


Aspen Concepts is now using this number to recruit people to the same office on Union Blvd. Is this the same company?


I worked for North when I first graduated college. Let me just tell you, it SUCKED!

I was on the “Quill” campaign so we went to businesses. There is an AT&T one that is residential. So you get in the “office” (which is really just a big open room, no desks or normal things you’d see in a legit business) at 7:30 am for the “meeting” then go out and go business to business. They don’t want you to come back before 6 pm.

Then make you stay til about 6:30. So you’re pretty much working 12 hour days, only on COMMISSION!!! I think it was like 28% of your sales. Sometimes it was great, others it sucked.

Went on a “business trip” one week and made $76 bucks. FOR THE WEEEK!! That didn’t even cover gas! DON’T, DON’T, DON’T DO IT!!

People quit on a daily basis. I thought it was weird the week I got hired I was assigned a “leader” who quit 3 days later! Haha somehow I managed to stick it out for about 3 months. It’s a complete pyramid scheme.

You have to have so many people under you on your “team” before you get promoted. Kind of hard to do with the turnover rate there.

Don’t waste your time and youth away working here! Now I am working in logistics and hear the Quill people come in at the front desk, I want to go up to them and tell them to quit now and never go back!!


What kind of BS "company" has you come in for a second interview THAT LASTS 6, 7 HOURS?? :x

***, it's not even an 'interview', is it? Something they call a "job shadow" where you follow around some OTHER employee while they do the door-to-door nonsense.


I got a call from them twice today. Once from the owner of the company and another chick called me.

They said the wanted to train for management and I have no managing experience. So should I go or not?


BEWARE! It now is not only North Co. the North Co. now shares a office with Franklin Insights Marketing run by Dave Weisse.

If you dont think these companies are scams, ask yourself what kind of legit companies need to share the same office?

Franklin Insights Marketing and North Co. are both cydcor affiliated scam jobs.

Stay away from the Dave Weisse run Franklin Insights Marketing as it is a scam designed to sucker college kids into a *** job.

Check out the scam office Dave Weisse started at and learned the scam at - Distinctive Soultions Inc. , type scam after that in google and you will see what a scam Franklin Insights Marketing is, the only reason Frankin Insights Marketing doesnt have that much bad press and hasent been called a scam yet is because it is sorta new.


I worked there. You all declined interviews and have no idea what its about.

I have a great job today because of the skills they taught me. IT IS OUTSIDE COLD CALL SALES...i am totally agreeing!BUT they took care of me, i had fun, learned how to train and interview people, paid for my training, i made decent money for recent grad, and EVERY PROFESSIONAL I INTERVIEWED WITH AFTERWARDS RESPECTS THE *** OUT OF COLD CALL SALES. nothing in life comes easy.

Consider yourselves lucky if you get a chance to learn salesmanship from ppl that care. A lot of organizations just throw ppl to the wolves.


Thanks for the help, I just got a call from them, and the lady acted like she didn't know what I would be doing for the interview or the shadowing. Glad I looked it up!


Wow, I am so happy I went to the community(GOOGLE) to find out about this company. I had an interview scheduled for tomorrow.

After these reviews, I am ok on passing up this job.

thanks for the help community!!


Thanks everyone for the infro. I believe when to three interview never got hired.

I ask in my last interview was this door to door. Clearly the man turned his eyes back. This is truly a scam, but don't take my word for it. Ask for yourself.

It will only show you what they are really capable of. Don't be ripped off by this. Don't be mad at yourself either. The economy is bad and everyone looking for that silver lining including the rich.

Look to God that the silver lining. People be bless in your daily lives.

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