Adryan Hao
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Purchased a 2-post lift; Christie WAS very professional during the purchase (but nearly IMPOSSIBLE to have a "2-way" conversation with). The product was shipped to a terminal 60 MILES AWAY FROM US! (I'd had a discussion, concerning closer points). While the unit works well, the accompanying "manuals" were for a DIFFERENT lift (different dimensions, different setup, etc)! Calls requesting proper documentation were "tossed aside" with ZERO answers to RELEVANT questions... "The book shows the floor pads 94" (or 96") apart, while the floor cover-plate is 108" long... do I have the right lift or wrong book?"... defensive attitude, and long diatribe about how great their people are. The expansion bolts would NOT fit without EXCESSIVE FORCE (diameter was larger than a CORRECT 3/4" hole... AND expansion collar had essentially NO gap (like American made "RedHead" bolts that DID WORK!) C. said that NOBODY HAS EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEM! (said they were not Chinese, in spite of the FACT that the shipped product COMES from China)... then told me "they're made by DeWalt... an American company"... ummm no, Dewalt sells TOOLS, most of which ARE made in China, anyway. I ultimately ONLY asked for the CORRECT mounting orientation for the top plates w/pulley (One manual showed them on the RIGHT, the other on the LEFT)... no answer, rather a snied remark about using "common sense"... [To her credit, she DID finally send me pix and a short video showing the correct way]. Both my professional installer (he'd installed lifts for over 3 years!) and my licensed electrician agreed with us, that while the lift ITSELF was pretty good, the documentation and support were HORRIBLE. Note: One book showed a model NT-9, the other (closer) showed an NT-9C while the lift itself was NEITHER... C's response to that was "Well, we only HAVE one manual" In Closing, I heartily suggest buying your lift from somebody else. (There's a REASON they're NOT holding BBB accreditation.
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  • Pretty good product
  • Bad documentation
  • Horroble support

Preferred solution: The satisfaction of helping THEM sort out their problems OR helping others to buy carefully

User's recommendation: Buy somewhere else

anthony c Bdt

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Satisfied consumer

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I purchased a BISON 11000 lb 2 post lift,It shipped on time and was well worth the price,it does the job and I NEVER had any problems with it,also would like to add that it has lifted a ram 2500 mega cab diesel with no problem.
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Preferred solution: NOTHING SATISFIED

User's recommendation: always 2 sides to a review but Im happy with my purchase 3 years ago

map-marker Westborough, Massachusetts

North American Auto Equipment - Sj 35 Sliding Jack Review from Westborough, Massachusetts

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On Sept 29th at 7:30 pm I found a lift jack model SJ-35 on the website for $565 so I emailed them and asked the total with tax? The next day on Sept 30th I get a reply, and the price is now $695??? They refused to honor the original price even though it was still $565 at the date and time of my inquiry??? At best this is a poor business decision, and not very client friendly... At worst its "Bait and Switch"! It's really too bad, as I just completed building a Huge Garage/Shop for my car collection, and I'm just starting to outfit it with equipment.
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Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Mr. Douglas contacted our company for a stock verification, and a price.

No money had changed hands, no contracts had been made verbally or written, and his intent was to make a purchase a week from now. These allegations of "bait and switch" are unfounded, and unfair. Prices change from time to time and as we can see from the communications, their are consumers out there that will immediately start to behave in a threatening manner, and make accusations of illegal activities, when we simply have a price increase on one small product.

If Mr Douglas had placed the order on the 29th, the price would have been honored.

We as a society should really take a second look at how we treat one another. We should all put things into a fair and rational perspective before we go off and just start firing off negative reviews because we did not get our way. It would be one thing if an order had been placed, or a contract had been entered, but to just go online and destroy reputations as part of

A negotiating and intimidation tactic, is wrong. Our actions affect people's jobs and lives.

A simple price increase has Mr Douglas accusing us of illegal activities, and online attacking our reputation as a result of an inexpensive jack that he might purchase in a week.

Mr.Douglas, never called to speak with anyone, just fired off one insulting and threatening message after another. I have the time line of emails listed on our facebook account.

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THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES... I suggest you write a letter (not email) and apologize. Even if you know it's a small issue that can be resolved by everyone being adults. If he thinks he has problems, then he should spend a couple of days with the Kids at The Jimmy Fund Hospital , AND THEN MAKE A NICE DONATION...

Hope this helps you both....

God Bless..... Jack Marshall Marshall Equipment Group

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map-marker Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania


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Reason of review:
Warranty issue

It funny I’m not the only negative review your company has.

Being you were not here, and actually never lifted the vehicle you don’t have any ideas of how the pad were used.

Why make false assumption/claims?

I personally had them on a boxed frame with no sharp edges.

Just continue on your so called Christian values, family etc. One day you will be on welfare and wonder what happen.


The above complaint was filed by: (Chuck is a spiteful consumer that didn't get free wear parts)

Chuck Uher of Chucks Car Corral

1758 Pleasant Valley Road

Mt.Pleasant, PA 15666

Manufacturer warranty:

Other Limitations: This warranty does not cover: 1. Parts needed for normal maintenance.

2. Wear Parts, including but not limited to cables, slider blocks, chains, rubber pads and pulleys. 3. Replacement of lift and tire changer cylinders after the first 30 days.

A seal kit and installation instruction will be sent for repairs thereafter. 4. On-site Labor. To the fullest extent allowed by law, North American Auto Equipment (NAAE) shall not be liable for loss of use, cost of cover, lost profits, inconvenience, lost time, commercial loss or other incidental or consequential damages.

Response from Manufacturer of Rubber Pads: Rick, Good explanation on these riser blocks (pads). They look like the pinch welds are cutting them up. That’s going to happen. Thanks, All calls are recorded for quality assurance and at no time did any employees of NAAE behave arrogant, we simply and calmly, defended our policy which is a very fair policy.

Our staff is friendly, accommodating and fair. We will always take the time to interpret reality objectively as well as defend ourselves in the face of unfair threats of lawsuits.

We appreciate the opportunity to be in business and we will never take it for granted. 866-607-****

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map-marker Germantown, Maryland

Angry sales manager, Rick Nickerson called and threatened me!!

I recently requested a quote from North American Auto Equipment. I decided to buy locally because the prices were the same and I didn't have to pay shipping. Rick Nickerson called angrily ranting not allowing me to speak. He ask if I was in business and said he was going to "shop the *** out of me" and a few other rude things then he hung up. I called to ask why he was so angry with me and what he meant by "shop the *** out of me" he then proceeded to threaten to "kick my ***". Again not letting me talk and hanging up on me. I called back again to speak to Rebecca Hobin because she is listed by the BBB as the owner. Mr. Nickerson answered and said "you struck out she is no longer the owner" and again was rude and abusive. I filed a complaint with the BBB and posted this only because Mr. Nickerson has my address because of the shipping quote request and has according to his own words "done a check" on me. I am afraid he will do something even more *** than he has already done and come to my house to carry out his threat. He seems to be quite unstable. I have read other reviews that specifically name Mr. Nickerson and say that he is abusive. I am just a mechanic trying to get the best deal that I can on my shop equipment because I am on a small budget. I am just trying to make a living. I do not need the additional stress of someone threatening to harm me.
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Reason of review:
Threatened to assault me

The BBB emailed to me the statement made in response to my complaint.

It was a lie. Everything happened like I said in my complaint.

I have some of the conversation recorded.

They were going to sell me the equipment at the quoted price but I found a better deal and the man went off on me.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-930901

The better business bureau removed this erroneous complaint.

In fact, all of the complaints listed on have been removed from the BBB Website due to lack of validity.

We've been in Business for 7 years and have serviced over 16,000 customers. If you call our office or purchase equipment, you will be treated with respect. If you abuse us and make threats - you will test our resolve to defend ourselves. If you are a competitor or customer that continues to harass us after refusing you service, you will find yourself in court answering a defamation complaint.

We are a family business that takes pride in our work and we will never take it for granted.

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map-marker Germantown, Maryland

North American Auto Equipment - Threats Review from Germantown, Maryland

Rick Nickerson called my husband and threatened him with bodily harm for "shopping" him? Don't know what he thinks someone is trying to do?? My husband just asked for a quote on a lift! I did tape this conversation!
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The better business bureau removed this erroneous complaint.

In fact, all of the complaints listed on have been removed from the BBB Website due to lack of validity.

We've been in Business for 7 years and have serviced over 16,000 customers. If you call our office or purchase equipment, you will be treated with respect. If you abuse us and make threats - you will test our resolve to defend ourselves.

If you are a competitor or customer that continues to harass us after refusing you service, you will find yourself in court answering a defamation complaint.

We are a family business that takes pride in our work and we will never take it for granted.

parks Zxt


We have given this company the benefit of the doubt many times. Over and over they say the lift will ship this friday & every week someone states someone will give me a call. Neither has happened. No one calls back like they say they will, everyone always blames the other person that should have called. This last time we called to see the Estimated ship date (AGAIN) and the guy put me on hold for 10 minutes to call the TX warehouse and ended up transferring me to someones VM. That was the last straw. Now a lift that was supposed to ship in 2-4 weeks has now been 7-8 weeks now. No one will call back, no one will respond to emails. Im guessing we paid for something that we might never get...who knows. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! REALLY BAD oh and when you call you only get a couple extensions to try, I am trying to call within business hours for their eastern time and they should still be there, i think they might have caller id, thats why they dont want to answer our calls anymore. DONT GO WITH NORTH AMERICAN AUTO EQUIPMENT, THEY HAVE BEEN MORE PAIN IN MY SIDE THAN WORTH IT
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The salesman Rick is a complete *** , sent me a quote which was way higher than any on line price and started yelling and swearing at me because I didn't have a sales code he could check . Went on and on about small garages and how the people owning them sucked . Well Rick I will be sure to tell everyone what you think of them .

Therisa Alt
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Dear Art,

All customers are treated with respect until they become abusive. You disrespected our staff with the same type of profane language used in this inappropriate comment.

We politely asked you for a package code, you could not provide the package code and you went into an insulting rant. How do we know that you are not a competitor or someone hired to do us damage? Nobody behaves this way unless they have an agenda. Give us a call at 866-607-4022 ext 101 and we'll try explaining ourselves again, hopefully that will stop the slander.

You never know who is on the other end of the phone line or who might be writing these messages. It could simply be someone trying to harm your business. Our calls are taped and we have a case.

Thank you. Rick Nickerson.

reply icon Replying to comment of Therisa Alt

Wow...I was getting ready to order one of these online tonight but now am very unsure. " All customers are treated with respect until they become abusive".

I am in the telecommunications business and deal w/ customers daily. I cannot tell you how many times I have been cursed at but realize it's mostly from frustration on the customer's part. I don't take it personally because I'm just a voice on the other end of the phone. Believe it or not YOU have it in your power to diffuse the convo and direct it as you please.

The best part is when you take an unhappy customer like this and turn them into a happy one.

Other reviews are supporting poor customer service so I will probably be looking elsewhere. Take care.

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North American Auto Equipment, Inc. is Rated A+ on the Better a business bureau website.

It is our goal to provide the absolute best customer service, and we are proud to say that 2015 has been our best year to date. Join us in celebrating this milestone with big savings, and immediate shipping. Our technical sales team goes further than most companies in our industry, and one visit to our YouTube page is proof that we provide the public with more hands on experience than any company handling similar products.

Let our pricing, experience and quality equipment help you reach your goals. This website is not a credible resource.


We have also gotten the same run around. We were told when the motor on our 1 month old life locked up, with a truck in the air, they would over night the unit to us.

10 days later and many phone calls, it arrives. Everyone blamed everyone else and no one did a thing. Christie Nickerson, operations manager is the biggest liar of all. We have talked to people in MA., TX and Ohio all blaming each other.

One guy told us we got the lift really cheap so be happy. Really!!! What a terrible company to deal with. We still have not gotten are shipping cost back that Christie Nickerson promised, "for our inconvenience." I have to agree they have been more of a pain to deal with than it has been worth.

I am writing to the better business bureau in all 3 states. They do not reply to my phone calls or emails.

Therisa Alt
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Fr: North American Auto Equipment / 866-607-4022

To whom it may concern:

North American Auto Equipment takes a tremendous amount of care and pride in our customer service.

We always feel bad when our best efforts end with an unhappy customer.

In an effort to maintain transparency, we've created a timeline of events:(Call days and times included via telephone system report) All calls were verified as taken and returned.

June 20th NAAE Received call from Mr. Sanchez, Relayed power unit troubleshooting instructions.

11 (330) 261-2280 (866) 607-4022 2013-06-20 10:50:35 2013-06-20 10:52:50 00:02:15 IN

June 20th We collected a core deposit of 399.00 for a warranty motor.

Proof of processing pasted below.

New Power unit request was sent to factory warehouse in Texas.

June 26th Power unit shipped UPS 1ZW7X6420367583114

Outcall log from our computer – Called to relay tracking information to Mr.Sanchez.

23 (508) 809-4571 (330) 261-2280 2013-06-26 17:53:21 2013-06-26 17:55:23 00:02:02 OUT

July 2nd. We fielded Mr.Sanchez call to provide the UPS Tracking information verbally over the phone: (Below)

12 (330) 261-2280 (866) 607-4022 2013-07-02 10:00:10 2013-07-02 10:01:22 00:01:12 IN

July 2nd New Power Unit Delivered to Customer. (8 Business days and We promise 7-10 Business Days unless overnight option is selected.)

July 2nd We fielded call from Mr. Sanchez answering Technical Questions: (Below)

38 (330) 261-2280 (866) 607-4022 2013-07-02 11:53:23 2013-07-02 12:05:00 00:11:37 IN

July 2nd Prior to leaving the office, Rick Nickerson followed up with the customer to make sure that he was all set and Gave instructions on how to return power unit -Requested that the customer call us when return power unit is packaged for return shipment. Rick , Apologized that we were unable to ship a replacement pump from Ohio and for the shipping delay from Texas. Ohio warehouse closed due to July Vacation. (Below) We do not guaranty regional parts pick-ups, all warranty ships from Factory Headquarters in Texas.

52 (508) 809-4571 (330) 261-2280 2013-07-02 13:45:54 2013-07-02 13:47:34 00:01:40 OUT

July 16th, Received call from Mr. Sanchez that his power unit was ready for pick up (MR.SANCHEZ HELD ONTO THE OLD POWER UNIT FOR TWO WEEKS)

7 (330) 261-2280 (866) 607-4022 2013-07-16 11:22:06 2013-07-16 11:23:49 00:01:43 IN

Call tag was scheduled with UPS and several attempts were made by UPS to contact Mr.Sanchez for a pickup.

July 24th, we received the Core Power Unit Back from Mr. Sanchez.


July 30th Received call from Mr. Sanchez asking that we check with Texas regarding warranty check-in process for old power unit. We complied and insisted that our Factory supplier handle it right then for the customer.

July 30th Issued Credit to Mr. Sanchez for power unit core charge. Shown below. While Mr,Sanchez waited this was completed.

5421383656 SR6682 Refund

30-Jul-2013 08:33:31 Sanchez, Lee V XXXX3860 USD (300.00) 30-Jul-2013 16:17:01 USD (300.00)

5328530876 SR6682 Settled Successfully

20-Jun-2013 11:55:47 Sanchez, Lee V XXXX3860 USD 399.00 20-Jun-2013 16:16:59 USD 399.00

August 8, 2013

Received complaint from


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Christie Nickerson

Date: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Subject: Re: Power Unit Warranty Credit Issued


Good Morning Lee,

I just received your emails and VM that you left me. I was not ignoring you. I was away on Vacation from Aug 1 thru Aug 7th. I just got back this morning. I have refunded the $99 in shipping back to your card:

Transaction 5445268364 has been successfully ACCEPTED by the system.

Below is a summary:

Transaction ID: 5445268364

Payment Method: XXXX3860

Amount: USD (99.00)

Customer Name: Lee Sanchez

I refunded several cards before I left for vacation and missed the "full" refund on yours regarding the shipping costs. I must have been an automatic thing with the $300 in my brain and I apologize for that.

I'm sorry that you feel disappointed with our company or myself. I pride myself on good customer service and I feel that I did everything that I could to get you what you needed. I had no control over getting you into the Ohio Warehouse. Our policy is to get you the warranty parts you need via our Texas warehouse. It is very unusual to get a customer into the warehouse they pick up from for parts but I wanted to take a shot at it to help you out. Unfortunately they themselves were on vacation when you needed to get in. I had the TX warehouse ship you your Power Unit while simultaneously trying to get you into the Ohio Warehouse. Please remember that shipping only happens on business days not weekends so we had the Power Unit to you in less than a week. Also, I did not promise you that we could overnight a Power Unit to you. If that were even mentioned I would have had to have charged you an outrageous amount of money in shipping fees and most people choose not to do that.

When I sent you the Power Unit I followed up with a Seal Kit for you. I had the warehouse ship the Seal Kit to you at no charge. I thought it would be a nice sentiment for you since we both struggled in getting you that Power Unit. I know you realized how hard I worked on getting it to you because you thanked me many times. I understand your frustration with not seeing the full refund on the shipping costs that I promised you (also a thing that I myself wanted to cover for your frustration). Don't you ever get into a situation where you try to do everything right and the only thing that happens is wrong?

Anyway, I have kept my promise by refunding you the shipping costs. I hope that you have received the Seal Kit as well. It's a nice thing to have when you need it!

Have a nice day!

In conclusion, it is our opinion that if Mr.Sanchez had not waited over two weeks to notify us that his core was ready for pickup, we would have call tagged the power unit sooner and refunded the money sooner. This 2 week lag created the major delay and was 100% the responsibility of Mr.Sanchez- he simply needed to contact us as well as be available for UPS. This entire situation is a misunderstanding and North American Auto Equipment is being falsely accused of ignoring calls - This is not the case as we will never tolerate this. Emotions run high during hot summer days when a lift is has a warranty problem. If you call us for warranty, you will be served.

Thank you for allowing us to comment.


North American Auto Equipment.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-695836

Sounds like the Nickerson's need some customer service training.

Therisa Alt

North American Auto Equipment apologizes for this incident. It is very important for Americans to buy American whenever possible.

Unfortunately special orders sometimes bring trouble if the piece in question is outsourced. We took a custom order from Park's Industries of Colorado (A Brand New Business Opening at that time). The owner requested a slightly larger base plate and sent the order to a local machine shop for custom CNC work and their machine broke down. We had recently switched suppliers and did not have a back up plan in place yet and this resulted in a 3 week delay.

On the Contract we specified 3-4 weeks. The lift arrived to the customer in 6 weeks - 3 days. WE REFUNDED 595.00 to the customers credit card in order to cover the shipping.

The owner of Parks Industries was always extremely professional and maintained his professionalism on the phone.

Amanda the office Manager at Parks Industries was extremely upset and as you can see from the comments. We had to disconnect from several conversations because the shouting had reached a level to where communication could no longer happen.

We ignored several of the calls thereafter until the next morning. When we finally spoke to Mr. Parks, we were able to reach an acceptable agreement. We responded to the better business bureau to their satisfaction as well as the many other sights where this information has been posted.

Again we apologize and would appreciate the opportunity to redeem ourselves. We are doing our best to quote the most accurate lead times on our Made IN USA Bison Lifts.

Thank you for allowing us to speak. Sincerely, Rick Nickerson

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