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To Honda, My name is Kristy Chung and I am a very unhappy, annoyed, pissed off customer who at one point prior to a year ago was a very happy, loyal and content Honda owner from the very first car I drove and brought on my own out of high school until today married and with 2 kids and still own Honda cars. I have NEVER had any problems with my Hondas; never enough to visit the dealer's service department as much as I have in the last year, and more frequently in the last several months. I owned a 1998 Civic, a 2002 Accord, a 2010 Accord and now a 2016 Pilot and 2016 Civic. My entire family have always owned Honda and believe and trust in the brand and make of a safe and trustworthy car. But unfortunately, my feelings and belief in Honda have been washed away by Norm Reeve's service Department all in a matter of less than 1 year. I took my Pilot in when all the lights have gone crazy; 1st time was 5/6/17. First took it into my personal trustworthy mechanic to have a look and was told to take it back to the dealer due to some wiring that should be covered under warranty. Took it in ASAP due to concerns of safety while driving with our little girls around. Took it to Norm Reeve's Service Department in Cerritos. Told there is mis-firing of some wires and they changed that. Didn't think too much of that visit because I never had to take my car in for anything like that. Didn't think we would need to come back or have any issues in the future. Then, the second time it happened was in November 2017. The service guy named Thanh Sabatier. Asked what is going on with the car. Told him and instead of trying to make the situation better started integrating me about where I get my oil change, what type of oil, the brand, etc... I specially told him that what does that have to do with the light going crazy. He stated he needed to provide the mechanics with all those facts as much as possible to help them with the car. "The oil might be the cause; backed up into the system". THIS LIGHT PROBLEM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OIL CHANGE OR THE BRAND OF OIL CHANGE BY THAT MATTER. I made him aware, just because I don't get my oil change at the dealer, I do take care of my car and get services appropriately. He made me feel like I have cause the lights to go crazy because I choose not to get service at the dealer to start off. Again, this problem was corrected with switching of some wiring that was mis-firing. Unfortunately, prior to Feb. 5, 2018 when I contact Thanh back. The light mis-fired and after several days, it went away and then came back. So on Feb. 5th 2018, I contact Thanh again to bring my car in. And again instead of making the situation any better, as we were communicated via text, he was asked to ask me by the mechanic if I had any body work done on the car as if I was to blame AGAIN for the mis-firing of the Pilot lights. I have texted back and forth with Thanh and specifically asked will this become a routine problem for me as this mis-firing of the pilot light has occurred 4 times with me bringing it in to service 3 times. I have asked him about my family safety when the mis-firing of the light and driving and he simply ignore my question and my request to talk to a service manger to find out if there is more to my concern for my family with this vehicle. I have yet to talk to a manger. When a customer asks to talk to a manger about something like this, he should have made the manager aware there is a concern customer. Nope.... not at Norm Reeves. To make matter extremely worse than the Pilot experience.... My 2016 Honda Civic, was making a nose when I drive. Again I took it into my trustworthy mechanic to have a look. He told me to take it into the dealer because its the transmission. I tried to Contact Thanh who simply ignored my phone call, text and voicemail to get service. I decided to bring it in to a different person end of March 2018, 1st week of April 2018. I was given Andrew Ruiz. Andrew was not a warm person, didn't smile, didn't know how to greet customers. That is besides the point. I needed to get my car fix and that is what my goal was when I brought my car in. Again, hoping to not have to see or deal with these terrible customer service staff at Norm Reeve again. I told Andrew what the problem was. AGAIN, Andrew started questioning me about my oil change, brand, types. Its like, what the heck. And again he state he needs to provide the mechanics with all the detail to help fix my car. REALLY!!! When you ask him something, he responds in a defensive manner. Terrible. He proceeded to tell me there is a charge for the diagnostics. I told him well, it sounds like it the transmission and that should be covered. Lets not worried about the charge now. I just need my car to be looked at. And again before I left, he focus on the charge for the diagnostics like he is very sure that is won't be the transmission but something I have done. I am not sure how Norm Reeve's train their service department staff but they all need to be re-trained better with customer service. Andrew then told me the specialist won't be in until middle of 1st week of April. Specialist is on vacation. I stated its fine, I can leave the car here until then. I get a call back middle of 1st week of April and was told it was the transmission and it needs to be replaced. I stated ok, replaced it. After the was done, I asked Andrew about the warranty with this new transmission. My car is closed to 50,000 and its only almost 3 years old. Andrew replied in a very smart *** remark. So what is my reassurance that the new transmission they replaced is good as they say. Goodness...with this service department it is hard to believe what they tell me given my recent very unpleasant experiences with them in the last several months. I picked up my car and drove home. I was hoping that this will surely be the last time I needed to deal with them. But, unfortunately, to my luck it wasn't. After taking my civic back and driving it...several days later, I notice more and more that the passenger seats trembles and make a loud humming kind of noise. It only does it when I step on the breaks. I have been keeping my eyes and ears on this problem for several days before wanting to take it in. I noticed when the car is in parked, it doesn't do it. If the car is driving with air on, it doesn't do it, only when it is parked, it does that. In the days prior to me taking it in, the noise and vibration got louder and more noticeable that my little kids sitting in the back notice and are bothered by it as well. So I decided to take it into service again. Tried to call Andrew but he was off. Left a message and a text for him. Got a hold of him and told him what was going on. When I took the car in, again I told him what was happening. Again, he mention the pricing for diagnostics. I told him, the only thing that has been going on with this car was the transmission change. My car was not like this before. I may not be a mechanic but I do know my car and when it is not normal. Andrew told me a specialist won't be able to see the car until Tuesday 4/24/18 at which he will call in noon to let me know what is going on. On 4/24/18, but later afternoon I have not heard from Andrew. I called Norms Reeve around 3-4pm asking for Andrew. Little did I know he was off. I was told he will returning the following day on 4/25/18 by the person answering the call. Shortly after talking to the front desk person, I get a text from a person name Stephanie Fears that my car was ready for pickup. I called Normes Reeves back wanting to talk to this Stephanie who I know nothing off to ask some questions. They told me she went home. This is so upsetting. There is no hands-off report when you are off. There is no communication with these people in this department. I have to call around, getting bounced all over just to find out the status of my car. I decided to wait for the following day 4/25/18 to call ANdrew. So, I called about 8:30 this morning and again was told Andrew is off. Got a hold of someone answering the phone and was transferred to Stephanie Fears who is on Andrew's team and should know about my car. I left and car Stephanie so many time and have yet to hear back from her at all. Frustrated and a sense of being mislead from Honda, I kept calling the front desk trying to talk to someone or anyone. I was sent to a person's voicemail name Anthony there and he never returned my call. Left messages for Stephanie again, no returned call but yet they tell me she is there. After hours of trying to call and get a status of my car, I decided to ask to talk to service Manager. They transferred me to Christina who I left a voicemail for at about 11am and she again has yet to call me back. I again called and a guy name Ricardo or Rick answered. Finally I just told him my issue and wants to know what was done for my car. He state he will go and talk to the head mechanic himself and call me back. He called me back at 2:48pm and left a VM to call him back. I have tried to called him back for about 2 hours or so before he got on the phone and say oh, ya..Kristy. Again, rude as heck. Told me my problem was my seat belt making the noise. Really my seat belt. I have asked him to check my mounts. From the research I did with my issue, it might be the mount. I told him, you cannot see or hear it on ideal, you have to drive it. He stated he drove it and there is nothing wrong with the car. It was my seat belt. Again, I told this person, I may not be a mechanic but I do know my car and I strongly belief it is not my seat belt. If norm Reeve represents the Honda brand/name/logo and the people working there especially the service department from the staff to managers are what Honda considers the faces and voices of Honda....I am sorry to say that Honda will be loosing a lot of customers and probably loyal ones like me. It is very terrible and extremely sad to say that Norm Reeves do not know *** to treat their customers and do their job properly especially something as basic as follow-ups, follow-through, and communications. I have to say, I would not want to choose another Honda vehicle after all this. I would rather switch to a Toyota. It is terrible that Honda Corporation would allow this place and these people to represent their brand. It is basically saying that Honda corporation doesn't care about their customer. Regards, K***** Chung 6** *5* 7***
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