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To Blake, Eric and Peter Nordstrom, I am sending my cut up credit card to offer my sentiments towards removing the Trump label from your store. It is grossly offensive as a Nordstrom customer that you have invoked your personal political persuasions into your corporate decisions. I have always felt that the Nordstrom name was always so incredible. I always rave how much I like the stores, the brands that are carried, and the ease of shopping... Read more

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You are shunning away so many of your customers. Why would you speak out on our new President's daughter????????? Since I was a little girl my mother took me and my three sisters to your stores. I will never step foot inside another one of your stores again. There are plenty of other stores that do not poke their noses into political elections. Shame, shame. I have children that will never wear your products again either. Talking to my sisters,... Read more

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Customer service is no longer any part of the shopping experience at Nordstrom. Also had a good "cafe" menu and system. This has gone down the tubes.

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My wife and I are done shopping at Nordstrom's. We are furious that you would allow your politics to get in the way of your sales campaigns. Too bad; you have very nice and convenient stores here in the Salt Lake City area. We will "grab our wallet" and head to your competition. IF you decide to rescind your disgusting decision, we will reconsider. Everyone (even a merchant) deserves a second chance; but it must happen quickly and decisively... Read more

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I am not shopping in this store as well as online which I do frequently It makes me sick that a store who is to sell to all people of political views pulls Ivanka line. I have 5 friends and my two daughters that cancelled their accounts this past week. Your liberal ***. You don't deserve her line or my business. Too many other good stores out there I am hoping this store along with Macy's lose a lot of business Macy's accounts were all cancelled... Read more

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Your store has crossed the line and i will be taking my business elsewhere, along with many family members who are following suit, for dropping Ivanka's clothing line. How dare you enter the political arena and try to be a "bully" when in reality you are nothing but a clothing store?? I could care less what your political views are except when you are trying to dictate what others with differing views should feel. You certainly are no different... Read more

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what happened to your Ivanka Trumps shoes? I'm very upset with you, taking a political stance. Bad business!

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I will not be shopping in your store again! Leave politics out of this! You made a huge mistake pulling ivanka trump out of your store. I am returning my merchandise and tearing up my card! Thank you! Read more

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After going political on Ivanka, we will no longer be shopping Nordstrom. Do not understand why you took this action, but only hurts your image with some people who have been shopping at your stores or online products. I will be saving money not shopping with you. I will be looking to Macy's or JC Penney's for my clothing. There are alot more shopping options in the Sacramento Arden area near where we live. I will also be conferring with my... Read more

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You are closing your markets to a large percentage of population when you take a political posture. Shame on you!! Why allow Liberal bullying to separate you from general buying public. I will not grace your stores, nor any of my family. There are plenty of better outlets around to shop with, and your viewpoint or stance should have not been vocal. The Liberal bias across this great land has become increasingly immature and ugly - some people... Read more

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