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I purchased my x9i incline trainer in May of 2015. We used the treadmill occasionally, but we are far far away from being moderate to heavy users. Within a year, the belt would no longer work. We called customer service and requested (under our 3 year extended warranty) for a service technician to come out. Instead I was told they would send me a replacement motor, a video and instructions on how to replace the motor. Are you kidding me?...
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Machine arrived DOA.Customer service wanted me to pay for a service call on their defective machine. Six weeks later I'm still waiting for my part that's "on order" Fix my machine or send me one that actually works. Crappy product, worse customer service. Fix my machine or send me a new one. Fix my machine or send me a new one. Send me a machine that actually works. Fix my machine I shouldn't have to wait weeks because of your screw up. Fix my...
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I didn't like
  • Being ripped off
After receipt of our X9I incline treadmill, the console immediately began to exhibit touch screen problems and after only 10 uses, the belt refused to run. After submitting an online ticket, I went almost a week without hearing anything from customer support and ended up having to contact them by phone. The customer service technician led me through some trouble shooting steps and decided that our sole issue was the console itself. When the...
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