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My treadmill was delivered in July of 2016.By November 2016, it was not working at all. In order to get the machine serviced, we had to "trouble shoot" to determine which parts to order- Nordic track won't send a serviceman unless u order the parts ahead of time and they have been delivered. I set up service, which took several days, only to find out we didnt order all of the parts needed to totally fix the problem. Machine was up and running by...
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I purchase a treadmill from this company.The treadmill was applied to my credit card and I was sent a confirmation that the order was filled and confirmed on my credit card. Two days later my order was cancelled via email. Apparently they ship only to the billing address if you are in Canada. I live in a rural area and my mailing address is not the same as my shipping address. This wasted several hours of my time. I phoned to explain and the...
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I ordered the Nordictrack commercial 2450 and it was delivered on Friday, May 13 (I should have known how this would turn out). Paid $99.00 extra for "White Glove Inside Delivery Service". The display does not work properly and volume control does not work. Called on Monday morning (30 minute wait on hold)and was told to call when I could be by the machine to troubleshoot. Called again and after another 30 minute hold I was told they would send...
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Anonymous NordicTrack Customer Care-
I'm very sorry but if the boxes were discarded there is nothing that we can do. No shipping company will touch it. We are happy to send you the c...

I liked
  • Fast delivery after order
I didn't like
  • That they dont stand behind their product
  • Defective product
  • Terrible customer service