Micayla Ure
map-marker Moorcroft, Wyoming

Order and never got product

Heard about this product on the radio one day and figured I would give it a try. I have tried many different diet products out there and they didn't work even with exercise and a diet. So I thought I would try this product out. Seemed pretty good for a NoDiet program. I order this product on July the 6th. The money was taken out of my account the same day. Today is the 27th, so three weeks has gone by and still haven't received the product. Called the 800 number and got told there is nothing they can do. Never again will I order this product they are just after peoples money.
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nodiet Online Order Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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In a nut shell...I placed an order that did not go through, could not get a response from customer service. Waited over a week then placed another after i emailed and said I wanted only one order. A week after that, both were processed. It has been over a week and i can not get a response to send one back and get my money back. At this point, customer service is so *** and this whole process has been screwed up, i want money back for both. Ill never order again if they dont make this right somehow.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

It's been working GREAT for me

I'm not sure why Nodiet.com didn't work for you but it certainly has been working for me. I didn't measure like I was supposed to but I have been taking my one tbs. before bed and I just finished my first month supply and am already down 10 lbs. and all of my clothes are fitting better. I have not experienced any negative side effects. I feel extremely energized and have noticed that I am not craving sweets at night like I had been. I plan on ordering another two bottles in the next week and would definitely recommend this product to everyone :)
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Reason of review:
Good quality
map-marker Oceanside, California

Did not lose pounds or inches

Followed the instructions to the letter, 3 hours after dinner, right before bedtime with a cup of water, sometimes additionally in the mornings. For the first month, as advertised, I followed my usual diet and GAINED weight. Emailed nodiet.com and was told that while there is no need to diet, it is recommended to reduce carb intake, so I modified my diet for the next 4 weeks and at no carbs after 3pm. Still no loss in weight or inches. For the last 2 weeks, I've eaten a very low-carb diet and started exercising again, still no change. Like the other review said, maybe this works if you need to lose lost of weight. I just want to lose 10 - 15 lbs. and it has not done anything other than make my wallet lighter.
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map-marker Hinesville, Georgia

Ineffective Product Review

This stuff does not work and didn't help me to fall asleep a complete scam. These djs on the radio need to quit pushing a product they know doesn't work Needs to come with a money back guarantee and the company would be out of business. Just saying don't waste your money
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map-marker Rochester, New York

No Weight Loss

Followed diet faithfully for 6 weeks, taking the product three hours after my last meal and immediately before bedside with water. Did not lose 1 pound! It did help me with falling asleep. In addition to the Calorad, I was also very careful about my calorie intake and ate very healthy. I continued my cardio workout 4 days per week as I had before taking the product. I thought after one month I would have seen at least a three pound weight loss! I am not sure how well the product works when you are not extremely overweight but just want to lose 8-10 pounds.
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Dhabi K
map-marker Milan, Indiana

No Diet, aka Calorad is a Fraud

The local dj on the radio spins on and on and on and on about how great it is, etcera. This company took $80 of my money for 2 months and I GAINED weight, did not lose it! Carefully following directions for the product told me this is a scam. When I called the re-order number to say this was a fraud and should be referred to the FCC for the manner of advertising being done the operator cut me off and told me to go to the website, blah, blah, blah. Evidently she has had plenty of complaints on this product. How does one go about getting this advertising pulled. Since I am from Lubbock Texas area and the radio station is 98.2 KOOL, something should be able to be done to stop this scam as that is what I would call it.
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the above comment printed mistakes..it should read -I to ordered due to I trusted a DJ from thesky97.3 in Ocala, FL. The advertisement states: Drink 1 tablespoon at bed time and drop the weight, do NOT change your diet , no gym etc. Then when you complain that it is NOT working , they give you a whole list of things to do along with...drink or eat nothing (but water) 3 hours before bed, go directly to sleep and a liver cleanse....nothing as advertised or promised...DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...


I to ordered due to I trusted a DJ from thesky97.3 in Ocala, FL. The advertisement states: Drink 1 tablespoon at bed time and drop the weight, do change in diet , no gym etc. Then when you complain that it is NOT working , they give you a whole list of things to do along with...like drink or eat nothing (but water) 3 hours before bed, go directly to sleep and a liver cleanse....nothing as advertised or promised...DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...

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deborah g Tri
map-marker Auburn, Indiana

Nodiet.com aka Calorad does not work!

Nodiet.com aka Calorad does NOT work as promised. They offer no guarantee. I should have known better. I used it for over a month and did not lose a single inch or pound. I'm out $74. They have a toll-free number and web site to order, but no address listed. They have wonderful testimonials on their web site and wonderful testimonials by local dj's, including one in my town. But the stuff did not work for me. And it tastes really bad. I emailed them with my complaint but have received a response. I felt it was my duty to warn others.
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I took this for two months. Im 27 years old and have a physically demanding job so I get plenty of exercise.

I just wanted to slim down a bit so I gave Calorad a shot because it promised change. Oh there was change alright. I started taking a low dose medication for cholesterol a year ago and when I went back for my yearly physical my cholesterol was through the roof! it was actually doubled.


So needless to say I gotta wait and then re do my blood work just to be completely sure that its not something else. Either way im just gonna increase my exercise and change my diet and consider this calorad *** because no matter what the outcome is it didnt do any good.


if I'm not really overweight, but want to git rid of belly fat, will this product work? I'm at 47 yr old female at 135lbs 5 foot tall. I would'nt mind shedding a few lbs,but mostly interested to know if it would work for what I want?


Calorad has been around for years. I use to take it during the morning hours.

It does help inflammation for people who have back problems. I was told the ingredients are taken from the collagen of cows or something like that, can't remember but it does help.

Losing the weight is a bonus. Anyone who has back aches should try it, that is if it still has the same ingredients it once had in it.


To the original poster of this thread:

They do in fact have an address which is listed on their website in the common questions section.

Healthy Solutions

4030 Township Line Rd

Collegeville PA 19426

I'm optimistic about this product & hope it will work for me. I do exercise & am very active at my job but can't seem to put off weight. *crosses fingers that this will work for me & hopefully many more.


Of course the protein supplement works....ever seen a fat ***

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Started the Calorad Sept. 17 and as of this morning I've lost 20 pounds and 2 pant sizes.

Follow directions and it works.

I haven't dieted or exercised. Just placed another order.


we have relatives in TX that took it - both husband and wife - they lost about 25 lbs each so we ordered it and will be starting in about a week. They both look great and said it was easy.


No Diet did not work for me either. I did not take it very long and followed the instructions to the letter.

It acted like a stimulant to me as once I started taking it, I could not sleep and after 4 days of no sleep I stopped taking it and I slept just fine the 5th day. I did not lose any weight either and I am an active athletic person who works out 3 times a week.

I threw out the bottle. Waste of $42!!


I agree with all those who have not lost. I followed directions, not eating 3 hrs before bed even taking it every morning as well.

After a month, no results and now they won't even take back the 2nd bottle.

What a rip-off! Out $42 as well as the $42 for the empty bottle.

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