No More Mortgage

What a rip-off. Don't do. Don't faLL for their hype. They promise to help you get out of debt, tell you if your circumstances change don't worry, we'lk work with you. and they don't. We never even started the program, we paid the down payment of $1000 and set up a payment plan and both my husband and I were laid off within a month of signing and too bad , so sad. Oh well, pay us, so our already stretched budget and debt soars out of control thank you No More Mortgage! Another $5000 due to them and no services provided. Work directly with your creditors, leave these debt help companies behind!
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Salt Lake City, Utah

No More Mortgage Rip Off

These guys should be fined out of business and the leadership jailed. They try to tell you how you can beat the banks at their game by living debt free (da). Then they sell you on their services, a combination of well known financial serives specifically "debt stacking". All the while they are asking for thousands of dollars and do not care if it requires maxing out your cedit cards. If you decide not to go through with their scam they will steal your $. They are one of only a few business which can take your money, have a credit balance in their books and not return your money "Do Not Be Used".
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Ventura, California
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Overcharged for what little they did

I heard their commercials on the radio and read their company profile. They sounded like a very helpful compassionate company. I signed on but my credit cards were maxed out so they offered financing at 15% interest. My health started to deteriorate and my expenses for medical and lost time from work made the program difficult to stay with. I dropped out because I could no longer afford it and at my age cannot continue to work as hard to fund the program. I have already lost my home. I'm overwhelmed with medical bills. Now I have their collection agency calling everyday wanting several thousand dollars for 4 months of automated billing to my creditors. They are far from the compassionate and caring people that I read in their company profile.
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Are you people ***? I'm under 30 and I know that none of these services are "compassionate" "helpful" or "caring".

They all want your money for services that anyone can research and find out. Come on, people... Take some responsibility for your own decisions. Don't look for a company to be compassionate or caring.

Companies are in operation to make capital to keep operating..the bottom line is always the most important thing.

Dont be so easily suckered in by pretty words and a profile on a website. Sounds like a *** infatuated with the new boy band...


i have registerd a complaint on homecoming Gmac these people are not honest in any way all they care about is how much goes into their pockets i want all of us to get on board and fight we have a war right here in the usa its called we verse homecoming GMAC ok folks let band toghter and fight i know i am going to i have a disabled husb and we have paid them144000.00 in 11 years and im not giving them our funds 800.00 a month sure does not add up to 144000.00 i was trying to pay off loan early and now they say we have no equity in our house 11 years 144000.00 and no equity now you explain that

thank you terri jordan



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Denver, Colorado
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NO MORE Mortgage is Passionate About Client Success

We regret that you had an unfortunate experience with NO MORE Mortgage. Our main goal is turn the tides of consumer debt — not add to that problem. With over 12 years of experience we are passionate about our client’s success and have helped thousands of consumers eliminate their debt and start building wealth. The NO MORE Mortgage Toolkit program in which you referred is a do- it-yourself program. The Toolkit has valuable information and on average saves people $200-$400/month. We believe so much in the methods taught in this Toolkit that consumers can try it out for 30 days at no cost. If not satisfied they can return the product in that time frame, we pay all shipping costs—including return shipping. If consumers decide to keep the Toolkit, the cost is $369. The Toolkit comes with 2 years of free coaching, support, books, Money Mastery software and a variety of items. Again the Toolkit is a do-it-yourself program. The true back bone of NO MORE Mortgage is the Debt-Elimination program. This is automated discipline that sets up your debts and pays them off systematically. NO MORE Mortgage uses a proprietary software system and a variety of strategies that sets a customized program to get out of debt. The Debt-Elimination program has helped thousands of clients and works with any income level or debt load. On average we eliminate all of our clients debt’s, including a mortgage in about 9 years. We boast a 94% success rating and help to save thousands of dollars in interest payments. Consumers can speak with one of our Personal Finance Analysts (PFA’s) and get a FREE analysis done today by calling 800-796-****. Normally a $300 value, this analysis goes over all of your debts and prepares a strategy to pay those off in the shortest amount of time. Again we regret that you had an unfortunate experience with NO MORE Mortgage. Maybe the do-it-yourself Toolkit program wasn’t the best option to suit your needs. We are outstanding member of the online BBB. We put heavy emphasis on sales and customer service. Our program has been adopted and is currently used in high school curriculum programs. Ultimately, we hope you will give us another chance to improve your financial situation. Warm Regards, NO MORE Mortgage
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I work in the financial services industry and was appalled when I heard about this company and especially about how much they were charging for such a small service. They are basically an educational service that is charging the rates of an extensive personal service firm.

Which they perform no such personal service. The biggest clue that this is not a good financial service is that they charge so much money on people's credit cards! Charged to people who already have large amounts of credit card debt.

Any half way decent financial advisor would know that credit card debt is the absolute worst and should be the first thing you help customers overcome, NOT add to it! I would be ashamed to work for this company, pushing people farther into the misery that debt is.


This company is a total scam. I lived in Utah for a while and knew personally some of the characters that worked here.

They even tried to recruit me, but I didnt like the idea of swindling people out of their money. The guys that worked there explained to me that they sale the service for about $6K, and then they have another company that actually performs the service that gets about $600 of the money on each sale. The salesmen get over $1k for a sale of $6k and the rest of the money goes to overhead. Some of these salesmen were in their 20s, they knew nothing about finance, and they were making well over six figures ripping people off daily.

Does anyone know of any lawsuits against this company? It seems to me the contract that they make with clients is unconscionable and can possibly be revoked.


$369 for the toolkit? Why are people saying you have stolen 6-10k from them on their credit cards?

Don't come on here with your sales pitch say why NMM charged the peoples credit cards so much and didn't do what was promised? Answer that!?

I am glad I didn't do business with your company. I will also tell my friends not to either if they are considering it.

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Provo, Utah
New Reviewer

No More Mortgage ~ Shady Company

The simple plan that the company put together does seem like it will work, it is however, not something that one should drop $6,500.00 on. They told us to put it on our credit card and not to worry that would be paid off in a couple of months. We like fools did what they asked us to do. Months later we came to find out our mortgage was being paid on the wrong day (they in turn accused us of not making our payment for the month prior, a payment I have the receipt for) as well as accruing late charges on another credit card due on the 4th but being paid by their affiliate on the 17th (yes they have another company do all the work). When we called to ask what was going on they said we need to review our whole plan again three months after we began. I was under the assumption we were going to do it right the first time not have to go back every couple of months. Then I asked NMM exactly what we paid them all that money for. They claimed some financial toolkit sessions, which we were contacted once about and not followed up on and their online rebates program in which we received $14.00 back after doing our X-Mas shopping. We addressed our concerns to customer service who up and down apologized for not helping us with what we paid for and used the excuse that the company was restructuring and had a hard time keeping up. We immediately asked for our money back since we did not feel that we were important as a customer to the company and had several emails and bills to back us up on our beliefs. We were directed to a man named Doug Rosborough who sent us an email with the following statement. “I would like to discuss these items and see how we can help make things better. No business can long exist if its middle name is Santa Claus and it hands out refunds nearly a year after sign-up and after hours of time invested. I honestly do not see a breach of contract from our side. I see many and consistent attempts to help. There might have been a misunderstanding at the inception of the plan. Is that reason to get up from this seat in the theater and walk out?” Santa Claus???? Are you kidding me we are talking serious business and for first impressions my husband and I were offended by that. We want some help and clarification. We did not need a sales pitch. We already heard the sales pitch when we were duped into their program. We had a conversation with this guys in which he then apologized up and down for that comment (he brought it up not us) and for calling almost 20 min. after the time we had originally set up. We went over our complaints and he told us he seemed to think that we had justified reasoning. He brought it to their “Refund Committee” who did not deem it justified. I asked for the following questions to be answered. 1. We want a rebuttal to our complaints with hard evidence as to why they feel our complaints are not valid. 2. We also want a full break down as to where the money we gave to them at contract signing has been allocated. 3. In addition to their simple statement that their decision of our case is justified, we are requesting an example of what they would consider a justifiable reason for a refund. It has been a week now and we have heard nothing. I would not advise anyone to fall for these schemes and if you are interested in a program such as this one DO NOT pay any money for it. After looking into it there are a lot of credible resources available on the internet AT NO CHARGE.
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Well all I can say is I'm glad I did a complaint search on this company. I will move on now.

As to the folks who have been duped and charged humongous $$ on their credit cards, can't you go through the dispute department of said credit card company for a refund? Moreover, you need to contact the the fraud division of the state of Utah, summarize your issues with NMM (over promising, not performing, seemingly no real intention to address customer complaints (rather blaming it all on "restructuring" etc) and get them to open an investigation. Include a link to this site for further evidence.

I also agree a class action suit is in order! Good luck.


:upset Gosh I was thinking about doing this also. However, I would never and don't even have the means to give these people $10k. Do like Jeff said and get your money back!


We should have researched more about this NMM and have known this website that informs and educate consumers. We have been trying to dispute charged made by NMM for close to 10k in our c.card.

We have not been contacted by this Douglas Rosborough about all our inquiries and has not returned our calls. if there are more informations available that can help us get the refund from NMM, pls.

post them ASAP. Thanks.


I was a client for about 4 months. It was depressing to see every extra dollar go to their accounting company, Universal, for doing very little to bring my debt down.

I dropped out but Universal has made my life a nightmare with consistant phone calls for $5000 for services un-rendered. My income has gone down and so has my health.

But NMM (Universal) doesn't care. It sounded like a good company at first, but for now, Buy Beware!!!


I used to work there, and when I started it seemed to be a good company. That was before they started charging credit cards and hiring anyone off the streets to do sales.

I sat back and watched the company change from being customer focused to doing anything it takes to make money. they even restructured what they were paying out to their employees to save the company more money.

As far as I know most of their decent employees have moved on to better opportunities. I would not recommend them to anyone.


Thank u so much I won't be doing business with them.


Glad i have read all about this Company this is one company i will overlook,,, Wheh thanks for saving me a big headache....


I was seriously considering this company for debt consolidation etc. I guess I wont now. Thanks All


I was curious about this company so I am thankful for forums like this. It sounded to good to be true and I guess that ole' saying is true.

Companies like this should not be allowed to continue to dupe and take advantage of people. I wish there were only descent people in this world that run descent businesses but unfortunately we have to deal with low life *** of the earth that are not smart enough to make their money ligitemately so they have to *** the trusting people.


Thanks, I was pondering getting "help" from these people, glad I didn't do it, I have enouhgh problems!!

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Elmhurst, Illinois

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