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My 2015 Nissan Altima has been in the service shop at Nissan dealership for 34 days for a toxic smell that comes out of the AC vents and the windsheild keeos fogging up to where you cannot see out of it. The smell is so strong you can taste it on your lips. It was making my 1 year old daughter cough over and over again. The service people do not know what is wrong with the car and have not fixed it. Nissan said the smell is because of the...
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Anonymous You have a leaking heater core. What is fogging up your windshield is coolant. what you are tasting and breathing is coolant. Very easy to diagnose. Surprised that the dealer ...

I bought a 2015 Nissan Altima from CarMax - Southwest Freeway in Houston, TX on April 25, 2016. It had 13,120 miles on it and seemed like a good low mileage vehicle which was still under manufacturer warranty. On the week of August 15, 2016, I noticed that the headlight on the vehicle started leaking. So I took it to Sterling McCall Nissan to get a warranty repair done on it. When they looked into it, they told me that the headlight was leaking...
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In June of 2016 I purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima from Enterprise car sales in Longbeach, ca. A few weeks later I noticed a smokey mist coming out the cent when I turned the air off. Took it to Nissan because it was still under Warrenty. They couldn't duplicate the problem they did inform me there was a rodents nest on the engine air filter. You could imagine the horror I felt. First I talked to the enterprise store manager Phil and he said it...
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I purchased a 2015 Altima from Enterprise car sales last month. I also purchased extended warranty. When i asked what was covered the financial manager showed me this big *** cardboard with a list of things not covered. when i went online this evening i found a Nissan Extended protection plan that covers basically the whole car with 120,000mile coverage for 600 dollars cheaper than what i paid. I still haven't received anything in the mail...
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I Purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima and car had no warranty and per Stephen Painter the finance guy that's no longer employed told me I couldn't purchase an extended at the time. Now less than a year later my transmission is gone in the vehicle and no one wants to help. I called and spoke with GSM Mickey and he told me do a complaint with Nissan Corporate and don't take NO for an answer because there's some recalls on "some" of the 2013 Nissan...
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