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Went in and purchased brand new 2012 Rogue and since the day I drove it off the lot there has been nothing but issues with your company. I had perfect credit and they were sure to ruin it because I paid on my due date, but you guys did not process payments till you felt neccessary and then it was late on my credit report. After a while I gave up and your customer service reps are a bunch of idiots and rude to customers. The lady yelled at me...
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Anonymous Oh yes, whatever it is, it's always someone else's fault! If you mailed payments, they need to get there on or before the due date. If you pay on line, that needs to be done...

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  • Your finance company is a rip off
My son purchased an "as-is" car from Imagen Auto that had been in a terrible accident and was unsafe to drive.The frame had been poorly welded, the hoses from the radiator were literally glued to the engine...and much more. They would not return his money or help him in any way. My son suffers from Asbereger's Syndrome which is a form of autism. I explained that his condition affects his judgement and that to take his money was taking advantage...
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Nemet had a 2012 Nissan Rogue advertised for $16,000 so I made an appointment to go have a look at it, They never let me test drive it no one said hey for the price of this old car we could get you into a newer car. I purchased the 2012 Nissan Rogue in July 2016 for $16,000 and put down $5,000 and apparently I to go through Nissan and pay an ARP of 4.99% with a credit score of over 740, by the time everything was done and I was so tired of...
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