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Nissan should be embarrassed to blame its wait times on the Hurraicaines. Guess what? How many days has it been? I have been waiting for at least 15 minutes to prove i paid off my lease. I need to talk to a rep cause none of the auto options address my issue. Get some help!!now i need to type in 50 more words to submit my complaint!! I have been a customer for at least fifteen years. Great customer service. Who is the manager there? Do they know the wait time now. Who is monitoring your service level standards? I will not be leasing from Nissan again. Maybe someone could respond to me. Account # 250739****
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2013 Nissan Review

I own a nissan 2013 model np200se had a break down. Had excelant roadside assitance van was taken in. I called every day for progress an never got feed back after almost week I get answer about vehacle. I ask 4 a curtasy vehacle an was nt given 1. I'm stranded with no means of transport and expected better service owning nissan
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Faulty cvt transmission

just another discouraged[screwed] customer of a 2006 nissan murano with the same old issue transmission problems with this car. same old story it's like a broken record with a problem they[nissan] won't cover. Brought my 2006 nissan murano with the transfer case banging and was told the case is cracked and it will cost $4100.00 to fix and its not covered under the cvt warranty but if you look it is part of the transmission. So same old same old, were not paying. So here we are with a very nice looking car that is a piece of JUNK!!! HELP!!
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should have not Brought it with the transfer case banging and you could hae checked to see if it would be covered sucker born every day