Don H Msr
map-marker San Diego, California

Best Services EVER NINA CARMELLE stunning

I've been in Ms Nina Carmelle's office. What a beautiful lady with a beautiful office. Without her and her expertise and her professional team of attorneys I would have spent my Xmas on the street instead they were able to save my life. I know and I have verified Nina Carmelle's EX STEVEN SEARS who was an EX attorney who got disbarred, arrested and got JAIlED. It's disgusting to see how STEVEN SEARS out of 18 TRUMAN in IRVINE obsessed with MS NINA CARMELLE's beauty and success. Ever since he got disbarred and CRIMINALLY CONVICTED and got thrown in JAIL, he has been bashing Ms NINA CARMELLE's name all over the Internet by posting bogus Internet complaints, fake stories, fake names, even writing comments as if it's coming or written by NINA CARMELLE. Steven Sears uses and to continue $$$$Stealing clients money as stated in the State Bar of California, u can contact them at 213-765-****. Beware that Nina Carmelle has several criminal and civil restraining orders against Steven Sears/ got disbarred and his Real Estate Broker license was Revoked on October of 2008. Before you read and/or believe any Internet junk about Nina Carmelle Read RELIABLE sources to verify the TRUTH Like the article was written on Fevruary of 2007 "Eight is Enough" telling the world about that creep. Steven Sears lives with Yvonne Tran not his wife in 21 Chester in Irvine With bunch of kids Michelle Sears, Nicole Sears, Peter Sears & Kevin Sears Also lives with Gloria Lee not his wife either w a kid Ryan Sears in 12 Sutton in Irvine Also lives with Gladys Bazan with couple kids Daniel Sears & Natalie Sears in 23 E Entrada in Irvine. Steven Sears who has changed his address in his State Bar California website from 18 Truman in Irvine to 3303 Flamingo RD in Las Vegas in Nevada And post a 702 area code number instead 949-262-**** so the public get confused about his disbarment. Steven Sears has been making false statements and Using several fake stories and fake clients names so he can destroy her business and her personal life as Nina Carmelle is the only woman who REFUSED to share him among these other **** Instead of getting awarded for being such a REAL woman Steven Sears the father of THEIR child ERIC SEARS has been making false comments about Nina. Nina Carmelle is asking for PUBLIC help..!! This man is obsessed with her beauty and success. He can't leave her alone. He can't move on with his life. His ego that she stood up for herself and moved on is killing him. All his Wealth & Asset Protection Book was discontinued due to his diabarremwnt. His sign on his building in 18 Trunan "Sears Law Building" was taken down by the Orange County Sherifs department. Steven Sears is restraint from seeing his own child from Nina Carmelle without a court order due to his violence and his criminal conviction. Think of the Source every time you see or read junk about Nina Carmelle aka Nevine Carmelle.
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this nina carmelle is bad news. she worked for me for for only 3 months and all i got were *** from her psycho ex-boyfriend an attorney in santa ana by the name of garry l jones.

nevine kept ranting about her lawsuits against him and how he raped her at her office one evening.

This woman is bad news and will never stop at getting revenge against her ex garry l jones.

I had to apply for a restraining order against her. she cannot come within 100 yards of my office or home.

my wife and kids are scared of this witch. it is just out of that movie fatal attraction. Just hope she doesn't cook a rabbit in a pot.

reading about her past as a man-hooker in egypt just disgusts me. i hope she flys back to cairo and stays in her terrorist country and leaves honest americans alone.



STOP POSTING THESE DISGUSTING things about me and I will stop naming you and your clients in the lawsuits for FRAUD.

That NINA TADROUS is a really digusting person and I wish I had never fallen for her. Now she is with Stanley Bowman and can waste his time with her suckie fuckie *** and stealing money from clients.

I hope she rots in *** with her queen friends and gets back with Bill Behrndt who really liked those nights at roosevelt st in irvine with the videos and the upstairs pink room.'

glad I moved on.



Finally the queen of fraud got stopped from her scam and got put in the jail in ORANGE COUNTY JAIL see her booking photo on youtube. she looks horrible in her prison garb and when they saw her scars from her sex change operation they put her in the women's facilities.

So, to get back in business she changes her name to:


interesting as her birth name in EGYPT was NEVINE YOUSEF a man's name.

obviously she will stop at nothing to get monies from people and now she has set up her office with her lover/boyfriend corrupt attorney STANLEY D. BOWMAN of REDONDO BEACH CA. Stanley Bowman has had numerous run in's with the law and has several times been charged and convicted in scheme to defraud homeowners who are behind on their payments. He files a bogus bankruptcy to delay the trustees sale and NINA TADROUS steps in on title to collect rents or live in the property with her transvestite queens.

Usually the property is in bad shape and lenders have to spend thousands to clean up the debris left over from her sex party romps.

STANLEY BOWMAN has been known to join in the festivities and he is usually the one to bring the booze and ***. So much for his drug rehab. What a looser!!!

Bank of America, Chase Bank and Countrywide is on to their scam.

Look up NEVINE TADROUS and see the court actions against her for loan fraud. She has several restraining orders against her and a cease and desist order from the DEPT OF REAL ESTATE.



this is the new alias of Nevine Carmelle who is now scamming homeowners out of a lawyers office in long beach. This is one of a dozen names used by the QUEEN OF FRAUD.

Stanley D. Bowman is her new partner in the homeowners loan mod scam

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Fredmullin R
map-marker Merced, California

Outstanding Nevine Carmelle services

I truly would like the universe to admire this spectacular gorgeous exotic beautiful woman. After I've read all these bogus Internet complaints against her I actually wanted to know about this woman as these reports were very vicious and it does seem like an ex lover or a scorn fan of Ms carmelle's beauty who seems like obssessed with her. So I've done my own due diligence and I didn't wanna rely on some vindictive scorn lover. So I've checked all her licenses are clean with all agencies and I've talked to several refferals of which four of them didn't even know each other and all recommended Ms Nina Carmelle to me. The most important impressive thing I've seen in dealing with this classy stylish lady is her beautiful smile. Amazing ..! She makes u feel extrmly comfortable with a big and peaceful smile on her beautiful face. after reading her story/ articles "eight is enough" was written by Theo Douglas back on February of 2007- I realized how strong awesome person she is. Gosh after all what this *** put her thru and after all her horrible experience with such a *** especially you see the follow up and realize what God had done justice .. It's just amazing that she holds up fresh like a rose and helpful friendly smilie attitude... Ms carmelle saved my life basically and my wife just adore her. Now I know who could possibly would love to ruin her reputation...!! Well Ms carmelle seems very strong and spiritual person. God definitely will and seems like has been helping her. Justice was definitely done after four years of suffering ... Read and the follow up - it's extremely interesting story. It's way better that fiction.
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I've done research about Ms Nevine Carmelle and this is nothing but fake stories against beautiful carmelle as too bad the destiny had put her with an *** ex who is not only criminally convicted and disbarred attorney but also have several criminal and civil restrainig orders against him.

This guy is a criminal himself. He would love to hurt and harm Ms Carmelle. Check out OC weekly articles called "eight is enough"

Was written by Theo Douglas.. Read the follow up five years later. It's quite amazing story. And Ms Nevine carmelle is just an extreme example of how all women and men should operate when they need to do the right thing regardless of what any financial or emotional dependence happens.

Thumbs up Ms Carmelle.


Ms Nevine carmelle ex is criminally convicted and she has criminal and civil restraining orders against him. He is a disbarred attorney and his real estate broker license was revoked due to his criminal conviction. Because ms Nevine Carmelle is clean and beautiful and have nothing against her

he is trying desperately and unsuccessfully to ruin her reputation ...

I'm the true Jackiehart and not a fake name with fake stories against stunning Ms Nevine Carmelle...

He is just a loser . !! Ms Carmelle u go girl...

What an amazing woman.. she refused to b one of his loser women

Check out OCWeekly eight is enough..... That's the amazing Nina Carmelle

To make it clear for the record - Nevine carmelle never had any criminal

Record of any kind -- it's just criminals like U who is dying to have

beautiful women like Ms Carmelle's life to b ruined..

Well bad news for u... It's not working criminal and disbarred attorney...!!


My research has shown NEVINE CARMELLE to be a convicted criminal from EGYPT who has a pending deportation order from the IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS SERVICE. She was able to has the order of removal delayed because of her federal lawsuit where she claims discrimination based on her transsexual gender and ambiguous genitalia.

Because of her numerous operations and injections for hormones she has not been unable to seek employment.

Unfortunately, she has chosen a career path of real estate fraud and consumer deception. She will eventually be deported to her terrorist home country after serving a lengthy jail sentence.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-358032

Your research is coming from your anger you scorn lover. Obviously your obbssessed with her exotic beauty. I don't blame you, you've lost her as a mother for your child, and as business marketing tool. I've read "eight is enough" articles that was published on February of 2007. This guy Steven sears is such a despicable creature. Not only that he was criminally convicted and has criminal history but Aldo got disbarred for scheme to defraud his own clients. His real estate broker license was revoked.

He is hoping for Ms Carmelle to have the same history he has but it's not working.

Ms. Carmelle in dealing with her for over seven years now. She is a very honorable

person in addition to get vast knowledge of tax, legal, finance, & real estate.

Not to mention how beautiful she is.

Ms Carmelle licenses are all intact and active. She has NO criminal history of any kind. She doesn't even has a traffic ticket.

So I'm telling all perspective client that Ms Carnelle is the best!!!

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map-marker Murrieta, California

Outstanding Nina Carmelle services

Ms Nina CARMELE is a fantastic person. Gosh I've read the OCWeekly written by Theo Gouglas back in 2007. and I've also read the follow up four years later the results of what's been happening and what Ms Nina Carmelle have gone thru with this wierdo.... I've met with Ms carmalle and mr jones.. They are wonderful people defenitly very knowledgeable and honest. But I must admit that Ms Nina/ Nevine Carmelle is a stunning gorgeous woman- intelligent and really funny. She is a very solid person- every time I come to her asking for help - she has been always there for me and for my wife. it's true that one of the previous comments. U can take her word n cash it at the bank- After all this horrible experience that this **** did to her- she always kept her beautiful smile and professional attitude --- what an amazing lady. Now that I've read her story - I know now who would love to keep ruining her reputation. I respect her 10000**** times.
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I am no longer employing nina tadrous. when I discovered her shadowy past I immediately terminated her and tried to retrieve the confidential client files. I have filed charges against her and will see her prosecuted for her misdeeds.

I regret I got involved with her on a personal basis and I probably let down my guard when I had the affair.

My wife has forgiven me and I hope my children understand my moment of weakness. I will work extra hard to regain their trust.

God bless


this is the new name for the scam of ripping off homeowners. NINA TADROUS, NEVINE CARMELLE, YOSUF TADROUS, NEVINE KHALIL are all the same person.

don't be fooled.

look up the search on google. It is a sad affair of a transsexual from CAIRO EGYPT now in and out of jail for loan scams.


My family was scammed out of $4000 by this totally disgusting transsexual who claims to be this beautiful woman but really is a man in deguise ripping off homeowners with a ruse to delay eviction on mortgages.

don't fall for the smooth talk but look up nevine tadros carmelle scams on google and you will be shocked at the people ripped off in the last 12 months.

Call the department of consumer affairs and the real estate commissioner about their desist order and her criminal conviction history.

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Leiya Jta
map-marker San Juan Capistrano, California

Amazing & Impressive Nina Carmelle services

I've utilized and dealt with Nina Carmelle. What a sweet personality this lady have. She was extremely professional and definitely helpful to me and to my friends. Ms carmelle and her team of attorneys helped me tremendously. All these bogus and fake reports are nothing but jealous competitors which I don't blame them because they are losing business to her. The fact that she is getting these reports means she is very good and she is very successful at what she does. It's almost like it's a badge of honor that she is getting all this publicity. To be honest with you, if it wasn't for these reports I wouldn't have known her and I would have been in a worse position. I almost want to thank her competitor or her ex or whoever is so bothered with her success to put her outthere. My God Jennifer Lopez and other movie stars gets bad and good reviews to get more publicity. These bad reports are nothing but a scorn vendetta as I've met Ms carmelle personally and I think she is very respectful and very cute and pretty. Thank you Ms carmelle for all your help. many thanks from our friends too.
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HI LOSER!!!!I am now nina tadrous, nevine carmelle is no more. she went to jail and i am the new hotest babe in towns. Garry L Jones is still obsessed with me when i was carmelle. he cannot find me now. I will only have one man and i will not share my man. my new love is stanley d bowman. He has a big one and yours is so little. only he will like my big melons and lick me on my wetness. you saw me with my mini and no panties. look what you are missing you old ***. you cannot get errected and never can be my love.

goodbye loser!!!

the real nina tadrous LOLjavascript:ac_smilie(':grin')


I do not owe you any money your losers!!!!! LOL

You signed a contract with Garry L Jones Attorney and not me. DO NOT BOTHER ME. I will call the police on you and get a restrain order to put you in JAIL for your threats. I don't care about your lies and I am a beautiful woman who never lies like you. My new office is in Egypt not for the public and you will never find me for your loser lawsuits.

Mr Jones will sue your loser bug eyes. Good Luck liars and cheats.


Nina Carmelle and Garry Jones are very trust worthy individuals. We originally trusted an ugly old man who wrongfully accused Ms Carmelle

with these bogus allegations, however in dealing with him and search

his criminal records. It revealed that he was criminally convicted and he is a disbarred attorney.

Therefore, we would like to keep the record straight, Ms Nina Carmelle is

a sweet little thing really never seen such a funny, professional stunning woman, she is like a movie star. Attorney Garry Jones is very knowledgeable and very professional.

Good luck with your future endeavor ..!!


I have been a client of Ms. Carmelle & Mr. Jones for over five years. I couldn't have done it without their professional help at all.. they truly saved my life.

It's very obvious that all these bogus Internet Complaints made up by a ONE person Loser who obviously have nothing in life but to ruin others just like he did for himself... we know you've got aressted and you've been criminally convicted.. I guess miserory loves company..

There is absolutely NO lawsuits against Ms. Carmelle.

There is No such clients by those names that have dealt with either Ms. Carmelle or Mr. Jones.

I have checked with the Department with Real State- There is NO complaints against Ms. Carmelle

I have checked with literlly every courthouse and I found NONE agianst Mr. Jones and I found NONE against Ms. Carmelle.

We feel sorry for you

You have lost your a disbarred attorney and a criminal who lost his life basically and you are hoping to God that Ms Carmelle and Mr. Jones would lose their professional licenses like you..

Well too bad 4 u loser.

God is on Ms. Carmelle's side- Like she quoted previously. "Let the lying tongues roast in fire in the name of Jesus Christ"

Very well said Ms. Carmelle. You go girl


we lost $3000 to Nevine Carmelle and her attorney friend. We regret having trusted her with our home mortgage. Now we lost our home and are out the initial 3000 and the money she charged on our credit card without our permission. Please do not give any money to her or her sleezy lawyers.

ever since we complained to the department of real estate about her shady dealings I have been getting harrassing phone calls and now her attorney Garry Jones says he will sue us for damages. hey, we are the ones who were taken advantage of.

I looked up the bar website and Garry L jones is the one who is now suspended for one year and has a dozen pending cases against him..

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