Newport Motors - 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Review

I bought a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am.The car was fiananced and i didn"t have much time to inspect it.Long story short i put $700 down and he wanted $800 more.Well it didnt have much brake and the steering felt weird.I pulled the drivers side tire was no brake pads.It came from ohio where inspection isnt permitted but pa it is.And you can not sell a car knowing it wont pass.Well it needs two calipers,bushings,pins,tie rods,racketpinion,drums,brakes,e-brake cable,sway bar and cv joints which is going well over $800.I called ohio attorney general,and pa"s.They never sent the title for transfer nor was it signed by me but they had someone play like my power of attorney got my name on it and cant even get a tag.They made themselves look so good many others have had problems.I hope they come.afterme for posting this cause they are in so much trouble.But dont know what else to do but get back with this attorney.You buy from them be careful.
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STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS/THIEVES ..........SAME STAFF FROM NEWPORT MOTORS WHICH WAS SHUT DOWN PREVIOUS BY THE STATE AND REOPENED UNDER THIS NAME BEWAREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!i was looking for a quality preowned car and its the same crooked guys who operated NEWPORT MOTORS and went out of business and THE SAME OWNER WHICH HIDES OUT UPSTAIRS as soon as i recognized them i was no longer interested regardless of the price or deal so i left and reported them to the state. I hope they are being under investigated and will soon get locked up in jail for decieving the public and the better business bureau....the same owners tim shin, kevin and there crooked thieves operating under a new name ..
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I have heard of people like this, do you ever wonder why people act this way? I reminds me of a car salesman named schristopher gee.

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Xcite Motors: Legitimate complaints are resolved

To Sweet2th: First of all, we are Xcite Motors and we have been in business for four months. We are located at the old Newport Motors location. Just because we are located at their old location does not mean we are Newport Motors. To get to the bottom of your complaint, you need to be honest and truthful about your complaints. Secondly, you need to do some research before you slander a business. Slandering a business with false statement and accusation could land you in court with a big lawsuit. I will break it down so you can determined who really ripped you off. Obviously you have no idea. You came to Xcite Motors and told Jon that your vehicle have a bad title and you would like to traded in for another SUV straight across. You stated that you been shopping for a vehicle for the past two weeks and every dealership you went to either didn't want your trade-in or they told you it was worth $7000. For that reason, you could not buy a vehicle. Jon went and had you test drove an 01 Mercedes ML320 which was close enough in value that we might be able to workout a deal. While you test drove the vehicle, Pat went and test drove your vehicle. On the test drive, Pat noticed that you did not disclosed that the Tahoe was a 2WD, not an AWD. That was when he told you that there would be a $2000 difference. We showed you the KBB trade-in value on your vehicle. Then we had to deduct for bad title which is worth half of book value, plus it's a two wheel drive SUV. That is as straight forward as it could be. We gave you $9285 for your trade-in and that is $2285 more than what other dealership were willing to give you. We sold your vehicle at the auction for $8050. We took over $1000 loss when we sold your vehicle. We took it to the auction because we do not sell bad title vehicle. Also bank do not finance vehicle that have bad title. You are welcome to come to the dealership and I will show you the auction sold slip. So how did we rip you off? When you slander a business online, you need to fully disclosed that your vehicle have a bad title and it's a 2WD SUV. Nowhere in your complaint did you even mention that your trade-in have bad title and it"˜s a 2WD. So how honest is your complaint? Two days later, you told Pat that the gas gauge does not work and three other lights were on. He told you to bring it by and he will take a look at it. When you came by, none of the lights you complaint about were on, but he did notice that the gas gauge did not work. He offered to take it to Lynnwood Mercedes to have it fix at no cost to you. That's customer service. You said you had to go and you would be back in two hours. Two hours later, Scott Landes from Ford of Kirkland called Kevin and stated that we ripped you off. The car was unsafe. Kevin knew Scott was putting on an act in front of you so he hung up on him. Scott was just buttering you up before the killed. You thought he really cared about you and fighting for your cause. You were gullible enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book. You stated that you traded in an 01 Mercedes ML320 with 95,000 miles for $5000 at Ford of Kirkland. Is that a misprint? Cause if it is not, then someone really ripped you off. Kelly wholesale book on the vehicle is $9250 and retail is $12865. You can search nationwide on, similar Mercedes with 225,000 miles are still selling for $5000 - $6000. You should of got at least $8000 to $9000 for your trade. And they took your vehicle in for $5000. Just for your information, they turned around and retailed your trade-in to another customer. According to their title clerk, they made a nice deal selling it. Which translate in monetary terms, big profit. So who really ripped you off? Also ask yourself a question, if the Mercedes was unsafe then why did they turned around and sold it to another customer? They used the scare tactic on you and then stole your trade for nothing. That's the bottom line. The person you should be pissed off at is Scott and yourself. You let it happen so take responsibility for your own action. In closing, I think you need to re-evaluate and put some thought into who really ripped you off. All the information I stated above should help you to determined that. If you don't believe me, you can research it online. By then if you still don't get it, then I can't help you. You have posted all over the internet about your experience and tried to slander our business with untrue accusation. You posted names of uninvolved party. You have no consideration for their privacy. You would not like it if I posted your name on this posting. As a teacher by profession, parents trusted you to teach their son or daughter the ability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. And if you can not do it yourself, then I am glad my son is not in your class. XCITE MOTORS
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Newport Motors and Xcite Motors are one and the same. Same owners Tim, Kevin, Lisa,(legally different names) same managers and same employees. SAME OLD SAME OLD ***.


K, you need a pr person, call me. :)

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